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What is Job Security? I Hate My Job

What Is Job Security? Why Do I Hate My Job?

What Is Job Security To You? I think It Is A Question We All Ask Ourselves. Job Security Has A Different Meaning To Each Of Us Individually, According To Our Lifestyles.

Are You Searching For Answers Like WHY DO I HATE MY JOB? Hating Your Job Is More Of An Issue To Most Folks That Job Security Is.


Job Security Is A Belief

A Belief That A Person Keeps Their Job Without Becoming Unemployed. You Run Into Problems If You Hate Your Job.It Is Very Difficult To Motivate Yourself To Keep A Job You Hate. Most Often, We Do Not Apply Our Whole Self Or, Our Best Version. In A Job We Do Not Like Eventually We Leave, Even Secure Jobs

Also Keep In Mind That A Shift In Our Economy Can Change Everything, FAST!

Not A Promise

In The Blink Of An Eye, Even Jobs That We Think Are Secure Can Fail. It Was Not That Long Ago That A Lot OF People Lost Homes And Jobs. All This Was Cause By A Couple Of Big Business’s Falling Hard.

Times Have Changed, Products And Services Have Become Obsolete In Some Of Yesterday’s Industries. A Few Years Ago EVERY Gas Station Had A Pay Phone, Remember? Where Did They Go? Gas Station Pay Phones Have All Benn replaced By Cell phones Coming Into Technology.

Do You Think Secure Folks Lost Their Jobs? Do You Think The Folks That Continued Their Education Adjusted Faster?  Successful People Never Stop Learning.

Money Vs. Health

There Is A Lot Of Evidence Showing The Impact That Job Insecurity Stress Is Damaging To Our Health. IT Often Occurs When The Employee Cannot Cope With The Stress Or Demands Of A Job.We Want To Believe We “Are A Valuable Part Of The Team.

Job Security In A Stressful Environment Can Lead To Loss Of Production. Leading To Even More Problems And Lowered Self-Esteem. All Jobs That Challenges Your Abilities Can Cause Stress, So Pick A Career AND Company You Love.

When You Hate Your Job

When You Hate Your Job, It Affects So Many Aspects Of Your life, Mental, Emotional, And Physical. From Your Family To Your Health. I Speak This From Experience. I Have Worked In A Very Stressful Job For The Last 22 Years. When My Children Were Young, It Was That Required I Work Every Sunday.

Now The Children Are Gone, And All I Know About Sunday’s Is Working. After 22 years, Of Service, They No Longer Want Me On  Sunday? I Feel Kind Of Lost. Private Sector Job Security  At It’s Best, Is All I Can Say.


Because Of Fear Of Losing My Job, I Always Complied. My Children Always Knew Mommy Was Going To Come Home “Tired” And Crabby On Sunday. We Don’t Have Any Special Sunday Memories.

I Remember Days Being At The Job With My Heart Pounding Out Of My Chest. Thinking To Myself, Don’t Drop Dead Here.Job Security Is All About Your Reality Of The Situation.

Does Job Security Really Exist?

Job Security Is Perceived By Ourselves And Stems From
Our Inner Thoughts Or Feelings. Are These Fears Related To Your Performance Or Management? Can You Be Replaced? Do You Have Feelings Or Fears That You Can?

Are You A Source Of Light And Positivity At Work, Or Are You Draining The People Around You? Some Jobs Are Stressful For Seemingly Stupid Reasons.The Race To Get Ahead, Poor Management And Idle Gossip, Are Many Of The Influences In The Work-Place.

Job Insecurity

A Situation Where A Person With A Job Would Have A High Chance Of Becoming Unemployed. Private Sector Jobs Are Generally Believed To Offer Lower Job Security.

Does Job Security Matter?

Fear Of Losing One’s Job Has Been Linked To Both Physical And Mental Health. The Stress And Anxiety Associated With Job Insecurity Can Have Detrimental Effects On You. If You Find Yourself In This Position, Do Not Ignore It.

Ask Yourself

What Does The Job Security Look Or Feel Like In My Work Environment? Try To Take A Look At The Situation And See What You Can Learn.  Is it Your Performance? Is it Bad Management?

Do Not Ignore Your Intuition, If You Have A “Gut Feeling” About Something. Chances Are You Are Probably Right About Your Feelings. Use This Evaluation For A Positive Stepping Stone To Change Your Life.

Is It Your Performance, Can It Be Improved?  Can It Be Discussed With Management And Resolved? Again.  Job Security Means Different Things To Different People,  Everyone Has A Different Lifestyle.

A Quick word of advice

If It Is Poor Management, RUN… Do It NOW!  Do Not Waste Time, It Has A Way Of Creeping Up On You. I Can Testify To This 22 Years Later. If You Are Not Happy And Nothing Is Going To Change, Make Your Move.


Start To Look For Another Job? Update Your Resume And Just Start Looking At What Else Is Out There. You Don’t Have To Make Any Commitment,s Just Look And See If There Are Other Opportunities You May Be Interested In.

When You Have Other Options, You Don’t Feel Stuck Or So Stressed, Enabling You To Work Better. You Feel Happier, And This Helps You, Mentally, Emotionally, And Physically.

I have found That Many Times A Negative Situation In Life Is Just A Push To Help Us Make A Change, Not A Bad Thing.  A Way To Rethink The Plan And Change It To A More Positive Lifestyle.


Does Your Present Job Have A Solution You Can Work On Together? Are You Going To Make These Changes, Or Are They?  If This Is Not An Option, Can You Dedicate Some Time? Right At Home On The Internet.

Investigate Your Options

Start Looking At Other Jobs, And Small Businesses Opportunities You May Find A New Interest. Are There Any Courses You Could Take? Do You Have A Passion You Always Wanted To Peruse?

NOW Take Action.

Going Over My Position And My Options, I Made A Plan And Took Action. I Choose To Get On The Internet And Learn How To Work Home Online. I Started With ebay in 2007, It Was Also The First Interest I Ever Had For A Computer.I Have Stayed Online All These Years Making Extra Money.


I Never Left My Job, I Always Considered My Online Business Extra Money Until Recently. I Am So Ready To Retire, After 22 Years, And I Am Thinking I Can Not Live On That! I Am Finally Doing The Right Thing.

Re- Educating Myself. My Only Regret Ts Not Doing It Sooner. Don’t Make My Mistake.

The Way We Do Business Is Changing Rapidly, We See So Many Stores That Have Been Around For Decades Folding. The Internet Has Changed Everything! They Just Can Not Compete With The Internet.;

There Are Also Just As Many Companies Keeping Up With The Times And Changing The Way They Do Business To Succeed In Today”s Economy. I Decided To Follow Their Example And Find Out How They Are Succeeding.

What Are These Companies Doing That Is Different?

They Are Coming On The Internet And Making Their Presence Known. They Understand There Are About 4 Billion Prospective Customers Online Every Day.

But How You May Ask?

These Big Companies Are Coming Online With A Website And They Are Using Affiliate Marketers To Bring Them The Business. Big Companies Are Offering To A Pay A Commission To Affiliates Who Bring Them Customers And Sales To Their Website.

Are You Interested In Continuing Your Education To Learn A New Trade? There Are A Lot Of Options When You Are Thinking Level Headed Instead Of Stressed. Try Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone By Changing Everything You Ever Believed About Work.

Be The Change You Want!


Start Spending Time Learning A New Trade For Yourself.  THAT Is Job Security, No One Appreciates Your Work More Than You Do. You Can Get Online Marketing Training at Wealthy Affiliate And Learn A Whole New Career Without Even Leaving Your Home.


I Am So Grateful I Never Lost Interest In Learning Affiliate Marketing. I Realize The Internet Changes Everything!  It Gives Us Freedom The Freedom To Pursue A New Career.


Most Of Us Want Freedom Over Job Security.  Deep In Our Hearts, We Know There Is More To Life Than Working Almost Every Day For Another Man’s Reward. Why Are We Fulfilling Another Man’s Dream Before Our Own?


Why Are We Letting A Job Come Before Life? Why Do We Live, To Go To Work, To Get Food, To Live, To Go To Work, To Get Food?

Some Folks In Those Insecure Jobs Are Also Just Making Ends Meet. The Thought Of Working 2 Jobs, Or Going Back To School Usually Stops Us From Taking Action.

We Still Have Freedom, We Are Free To Learn Right In Our Own Home And Build An Online Business With Wealthy Affiliates

I See The Finish Line.

When All Is Said And Done At The End Of The Day, You Are Responsible For Your Jon Freedom And Security. I Took This Freedom Seriously And Took Action On It. I Followed Those Big Companies With This Affiliate Thing And Learned How.

They Are ALL Using Affiliate Marketers!

You Can Find An Affiliate Program For Just About Anything, Try It. In Your Search Browser Put Affiliate Program, Then Your Interest. Example Affiliate Program + Cosmetics, Or Affiliate Program + Weight Loss

First, I Was Skeptical About Finding The Right Help With Affiliate Marketing. After Being Scammed Again, I Found Wealthy Affiliate. I Looked For Years And Could Never Find Help That Was Complete.

I Was Actually Looking For Information About Another Company And Found Them. I Joined The Free Program. I Started Learning And Working A Little Bit Every Day.

Doing The lessons

I Got Stuck More Than Once, But Everyone There Is So Eager To Help I Pushed Through The Lessons. You Can’t Help But Be A Success In This Pay It Forward Community. I Also Decided To Stay And Joined Their Community.

Doing The lessons And building My Website, Then Sharing And Helping Others Do The Same.

I Am Proud To Be A Part Of Wealthy Affiliates Global Community.

Thank You Wealthy Affiliate, You Make The Entire Community Feel Important And Successful With All The Help You Provide.

We All Know, That When A Person Feels Happy They Feel Loved. When A Person Feels Loved, They Feel SECURE. Now THAT Is Job Security! Being In A Community That Wants You To Succeed And They Prove It Every day With Their Action.

All The Best,


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