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What Is ClickBank? Review

What Is ClickBank


ClickBank Is Not A Bank

Or Trust Company. It Is Also Not An Online Bank Click Bank Or Even A Payment Platform Like Paypal. ClickBank Is A Retail Company That Brings Vendors Of Products And Affiliate Marketers Together, So They Can Network And Help Each Other.

Basically, ClickBank Is An Online Middle Man Between Online Marketers And Online Suppliers Who Are Looking For The Affiliate’s To Help Them Sell Their Wares.

I Like To Think Of It As A Directory Like A Phone Book Is. Only This Directory Is Full Of Companies Looking For Affiliate Marketers To Promote Their “Stuff”

What Is ClickBank For

Affiliate Marketing, Bloggers, Digital Sales Companies.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

It Is A Type Of Marketing That Brings Together The Product Or Store And The Advertiser(Affiliate Marketer).  Most Of The Big Well-Known Companies Are Coming Online To Keep Up With This Ever Growing Market Of Retail Stores. Best Buy, Barnes & Nobles, Weight Watchers. The List Grows Daily.

To Break It Down Quickly. The Company Offers The Affiliate A Percentage Of All The Sales That Are Generated By A “Link” That Leads To The Products.  The Marketer Promotes The Store Or Products In My Places And Many Ways. From Websites, Social Media Even To Paid Advertising

  First, It Is Important To Understand That Affiliate Marketing Is NOT A “Get Rich Quick” Scheme. It Can Produce Passive Income, But Not Overnight. It Takes Commitment When You First Start. You Have To Build Quality Into Your Relationship With Your Followers.  It Requires Time, Commitment, And Communication To Build Your Consumer Followers.



 A Top 100 Online Retailer With 200 Million Customers, ClickBank Sells Digital Products Worldwide Created By Entrepreneurs, ClickBank Delivers Digital Lifestyle Products To Customers In 190 Countries.

ClickBank ProductsClickBank-Products

ClickBank Training


ClickBank University

What is ClickBank University

ClickBank University Is Supposed To Be A More Thorough Training For Affiliate Marketers. It Is Not Complete Enough To Produce Successful Affiliate Marketers.  If They Do Not Have Successful Affiliate Marketeers, Their Business Could Be At Risk. After All These Years In Business, They Have Finally Figured Out The Training They Provide Sucks!


Day 1:

It Took Me A Day To Find My Way Around. By The Time They Were Halfway Through The Video It Lost My Focus And I Fell Asleep But Did Remember They Told Me To Go Through The Copyright Training.

Day 2:

I Had A Hard Time Finding The Link To Login Back Into ClickBank University. I Finally Had To Put It In My Browser. I Could Not Find A Link Anywhere From My ClickBank Home Page Except The Knowledge Section.

This Is The Free Training, I Wanted The Training I Paid For. I Also Had To Navigate Back Through Links To Find Where I Left Off, It Does Not Bookmark It.

Day 3:

EFF This.  No Wonder I Could Not Understand What I Was Doing 8 years Ago?  I’m Going Home To Wealthy Affiliate The BEST Affiliate Training And Help With Affiliate Marketing There Is.

ClickBank Support

The Support Offered With The Product Was Easy To Access. They Have Live Chat And I Did Use It. They Answered Me Instantly. The Emails I Receive Also Have An Email Support Address If Needed. Is There A Community, Forum, Personal Support, Do The Owners Support It

ClickBank Price

ClickBank Is Free To Join. But If You Do Not Understand The Concepts Of Affiliate Marketing You Have To Pay For The University (Training)”                                     


                                                                                                                                    ” Clickbank University”  I joined at 50% off for 23.50 then it is $47 month

ClickBank at a Glance…

Founded In 1998 They Are A Global Marketplace In Over 190 Countries. Personally, I like Companies That have Stood The Test Of Time. Scams Come And Go, But A Reliable Company Stands Up To Its Name.

ClickBank Overview

  • Founders: Tim and Eileen Barber in 1998
  • Website: ClickBank.com
  • Training:  4 out of 10.0
  • Support:  8 out of 10
  • Website Builder: NA
  • WordPress Hosting: NA
  • Research Tools:  NA
  • Success Stories:  out of 10.0
  • Price: 9 out of 10.0
  • Starter Membership ClickBank Is Free. Their Training Is Incomplete So They Refer You To  ” Clickbank University”  I Joined At 50% Off For 23.50 Then It Is $47 Month
  • My Overall Rating is a 2 out of 10.0

ClickBank Is Not A Scam

They Would Not Have A Good Rating With The BBB If They Were A Scam. About-ClickBank


My Final Opinion Of ClickBank

Pros: Seasoned Affiliates Have Access To Many Digital Vendors At The Click Of A Button There Are Also Many Vendors At ClickBank That Do Not Care If You Have No Website To Promote From.

Cons: The Free Training Is Confusing
For New Affiliates And The Paid “University Is Not Much Better

All The Best,


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