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What Is A Niche Marketing?

Before We Discuss What Is A Niche Marketing We Have To Know What A Niche Is.


A Group Of Individuals (Audience) Who Have The Same Interest. It Is Usually Narrowed Down To Something Specific. Most Are Looking To Solve A Problem They Have. In Reality, Though, Any Topic With An Audience Can Be Turned Into A Niche.

A Niche Marketing

A Marketing Plan That Narrows Down One Particular Section Of A Very Big Market. Niche Marketing Targets Consumers On Specific Platforms. Groups(Niches) That Have Like Interest In The Use Of These Targeted (Keywords) Products Or Services.

Niche Marketing Is That Big Marketing Picture, Broken Down Into Many Pieces. Put In Everyday Terms. Niche Marketing Is The business Of Promoting Products Or Services To A Smaller Part Of A Big Market.

Can I Find Enough To Write About?

But Jaaxy Keyword Tool Makes This So Easy. At One Glance, I Can Find A Lot Of Important Figures I Need To Know When Decision Making. Niche Marketing Involves Keyword Searching And Research For Words To Write About That People Search For.

What Is A Niche Marketing?

It Is A”Money Word” !!!!!!! HaHaHa, Can We Start This Blog Off With Some Fun? I Am An Affiliate Marketer And Work Out Of A Niche. Sometimes I Joke With My friends And Call Keywords Relating To My Niche, My Money Words.

Niche Marketers Use “Keywords” To Promote Their Online Business. They Check By Seeing How Many Folks Are Searching The Internet For This Keyword.

These Keywords Are Used Blogging And Advertising. Many Keywords Will Be Used In This Same Niche Market. Bloggers Use Different Keywords For Every New Blog They Write.


My Favorite Money Word Tool!



The Average Number of Searches That The Keyword Receives In A Month


Potential Visits To Your Site If You Achieve First Page Ranking In The Search Engines.

Looking at these Titles, They start off the same. They both get Searches (2968), and an Audience (505). So what Is The Big difference?

We will talk more about these numbers later, and why I choose What is a Niche Market. If all this interest you, figuring out a niche for your marketing is the first step.

Find Your Niche

Identify Your interests Or Passions

You, Will, Be Writing And Promoting This Niche With Blogs, Ads, And Reviews. It Makes The Job Fun When The Topic Is Something You Are Interested In. Following Your Passion Is My Recommended Option, It Is Easier To Stay Involved.

For Some Reason, If Your Passion Is Not Profitable, You Might Want To Rethink. Pick A Niche That Has Better Chances To Make You Money, Still, Try To Find A Topic That Interest You. You Will Enjoy Research And Learning About It.

Breaking It Down

Health, This Is A Huge Industry And Falls Into Many Categories. Health Is Not A Specific Enough Target, Especially If You Are A beginner. You, Will, Be Competing With Over 400 First Pages.

You Need To Break That Down Into Smaller Categories, Like Weight Loss, Exercises, Or Healthy Living.Then Break It Down Some More. We Are Going To Use Health Gluten-Free In The Search Example.

Now We Will Do A Search For The Term Health Gluten-Free. On This Page, You Can Now See Suggested Keywords For Health Gluten-Free. To The Right On This Picture, You Can Also See That Jaaxy Offers Suggestions To Help Get You Pointed In The Right Direction.

These Are Only A Couple Of The Great Features Here At Jaaxy.

The More Specific You Are The Better. So Whatever Direction You Plan Break It Down Into The Smallest Pieces You Can. Now Check The Avg Column. You Want There To Be At Least 100 Searches, The More, The Better.

Check On Your Competition, The Lower The QSR, The Better. Now To Begin Your Niche Marketing Adventure, Using All This Keyword Information You Have Learned.

I Think You Understand What I Am Talking About. You Can Even Break These Down Into Smaller Pieces For A Specific Niche Product. Identify Problems That You Can Solve.

The Most Profitable Niches Usually Resolve Problems. See How To Break That Down? We Took The Category Health And Will Focus Our Health Niche To A Smaller Audience Interested Gluten-Free Living.

Then We Break That Down To An Even Smaller Number Who Are Looking For Recipes. This Niche Could Be All About The Health Benefits Of A Gluten-Free Diet And RECIPES Will Fit Nicely Into This Niche.

Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes Gets More Traffic, It Also Has More Competition 131 Compared To Only 20 Other Competitors For Health Benefits Gluten-Free Diet. But 131 Is Still Not A Bad Stat Number In The Affiliate Marketing Business.

There Is Enough To Write About With Recipes In The Gluten-Free Category.

Can You Still Rank For Your Keywords?

Research Your Competition. Competition Isn’t Really A Bad Thing, It Shows You That You’ve Found A Profitable Niche..


Figure Out How To Stand Out In The Crowd. Remember My Money Words I Said I Would Talk About Later?

Let Me Help You Understand The Jaxxy Keyword Tool And Why My Title Is “What Is A Niche Marketing? They Both Get The Same Amount Of Searches And traffic. Now Let’s Look At The Big Difference.


Quoted Search Results It Is Your Competition. It Is The Number Of Competitors RANKED In Google With This Keyword. Now, Do You Understand why I choose The Second Phrase? The First Phrase On The List I Am Competing With 267 Google Ranked Pages Versus Only 22 With The Second Phrase.


Search Engine Optimization A Score Ranked On Traffic & Competition. On A Scale Of 1-100, The Higher The Score The More Likely Your Chances Of Getting This Keyword First-Page Ranked. The First Phrase On The List Is A 53 In SEO Versus 91 With The Second Phrase.

What Is A Niche Marketing Would Not Have That Many Searches If Everyone Knew That? That Creates Solving That Problem We Talked About Earlier. Most Searches Are Looking To Solve Something.

“What Is A Niche Marketing”

Would Not Have That Many Searches If Everyone Knew That. That Creates Solving That Problem We Talked About Earlier. Most Searches Are looking To “Solve Something”.

Create An Offer Using Quality Keyword Research For Your Niche. It’s Easy To Outrank Your Competition When You Are Creative. Be Your Unique Self, For Your Audience, And Watch How It Grows.

Jaxxy Is A Keyword Search Tool Provided By Wealthy Affiliate,I Use It All The Time. It Is My Favorite, It Has All The Info I Need At A Glance. I’m Not Surprised. It Was Developed By Affiliate Marketers For Affiliate Marketing Use.

Profiting From Your Niche

Now We Need Our Products Or Services. More Research Because You Can Do Niche Marketing In Many Ways. I Have Even Run Across Niche Marketers Who Earn An Income Reading Books On Youtube. That Is How Flexible Niche Marketing Can Be.

Maybe You Like The Idea Of Being A Drop Shipper, I Searched The Internet For Drop Ship + Gluten-Free. I Did A Second Search Using Affiliate Programs + Gluten-Free. Look Into Some, Join Them Go Through Products And Pick Some Products To Consider For Your Niche.

In Going With Our Gluten-Free Theme, One Could Join Some Book Program And Use Cookbooks Or E books Relating To Benefits Of Gluten-Free Eating.

Or Maybe You Would Like To Try This Affiliate Business I keep Talking About And Want To Learn it.

You Should Now Have A Better Idea Of What Niche You’re Going To Promote. Have You Narrowed Your List Down To A Single Topic? You Now Have The Information You Need To Choose A Niche.

Your Next Step

Set Up Your Website For The Niche You’re Promoting. Use A Great Keyword Tool To Guide Your Traffic To The Pages In Your Site. Blogging Quality Content To Your Site Can Get A Lot Of (Free) Traffic. You Can Also Use Paid Advertising If That Is In Your Budget.

There Are Many Ways To Do Niche Marketing And Just As Many Ways To Promote Your Niche Markets To Be Profitable. Marketing Is Easy. There Are So Many Paths You Can Take It Can Seem Confusing.

I Can Not Recommend To You Enough How How Life Changing It Is To Get The Complete Online Marketing Training You Need. You Can Become A Success With Any Online Business Path You Decide To Take.

Today’s Economy

Even Family’s With 2 Incomes Sometimes Struggle Financially.


Go To Work, To Make Money, To Buy Food, To Have Energy

To Go To Work. To Buy Food, To Have Energy To…….GO TO WORK TO BUY FOOD… Parents Want To Be Home With Their Children, Earning An Income While Still Being A Parent. I Can Not Imagine Raising A Family Today.

Niche Marketing Is Flexible

Break This Vicious Cycle And Work Home Online, Or Anywhere You Have An Internet Connection. Your Work Time Will Add Up Instead Of Disappearing At The End Of The Week.

Your “JOB” Is Adding Content To Your Website. Content Grows Like Seeds In A Garden. The More Seeds/CONTENT You Plant, The More Plants You’ll Grow/AUDIENCE.

You Can Also Make Your Own Hours This Way. If You Are Forced To Work 2 Jobs, Please, Let One Be At Home For Your Future.

I Noticed At An Early Age That It Is Just Human Nature To Talk About Products Or Services We Have Used Or Are Interested In. If You Go Out To Eat And The Food Is Awesome, You Tell A Friend. If The Service Was Good Or Bad, You Tell Them.

I Searched For Over 8 Years Before I Found A Company That Lived Up To its Promises. They Really Do Help You With Affiliate Marketing. Anyone Can Do Niche Marketing With The Online Marketing Training Course, provided At Wealthy Affiliate.

The Training Provided Is Helpful To Anyone Who Is Trying To Make A Living With A Website. They Teach You How To Promote A Website To Earn n Income. You Don’t Have To Be An Affiliate Marketer Or Promote Their Program. This Program Will Help Any Online Marketer Wanting To Grow Their Niche Income.

Wealthy Affiliate Is A Leader

In The Training Industry. They Want To Prove It To You And Offer A Free Starter Program To Get You Started In The Right Direction.

Thanks Again For Your Visit, Feel Free To Leave Me A Question Or Comment. I’d Love To Hear From You.

All The Best,


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