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Ways To Make Money At Home – Work Home Online

There Are So Many Ways To Make Money At Home.


You Just Have To Be Creative. You Can Make A Little Bit Of Extra Money, Or You Can Turn It Into A Full-Time Income. Yes, Work Home Online Using What You Already Are Doing, Or What You Love For Extra Income.

Come On, let’s Think of A Few.

Build A Website          

It Really Is Easier Than You Think. Most Website’s These Days Are Fully Automated, So Even A Beginner Can Use Them. There Are Affiliate Marketing Programs For Almost Any Niche You Can Think Of.

Pick A Niche.

Don’t Be Intimated By A Niche. A Niche Is Nothing More Than A Group Of Like-Minded People Interested In The Same Thing. Nature, Pets, Self-Help. Child Care, And Products For Kids, Pet Care, And Pet Products, I Think You Get What I Am Saying.

Things You May Already Be Doing

    • Babysitting

      Many Parents Are Looking For Lower Cost And A More Home Like Environment For Their Children Instead Of Daycare. If You Have Your Own Children At Home, This Is The Perfect Alternative To Putting Your Own Children In Daycare To Go Yo Work.

      Check Your Schedule

      Before You Even Consider Babysitting, Look At Your Schedule. Is Babysitting Realistic? Or Are You Up To Your Neck In Activities With Your Own Children?

      You Don’t Need Any Special Training, Most Anyone Can Babysit. But, You Should Learn CPR Training. It Makes You More Attractive To Your Prospective Clients.

      what’s Involved In babysitting?

      Make Sure, You Have Contact Numbers For The Parents Or Guardians. Know Where The First Aid Kit Is, You Never Know When You’ll Need It. Think About How You’ll Keep Them Entertained, Find Out What Kinds Of Activities Their Child Likes And Plan Activities.

      Decide What To Charge?

      The Price Can Depend Upon A Few Things, Like How Many Children You’re Looking After, The Child’s Age. What Time Of Day Or Week? Will You Be Doing Activities With Them, Or Are They Sleeping? Use Your Judgment, But It Helps To Have A Starting Figure In Mind.

      Affiliate Idea:

      You can gain a lot of knowledge from your clients. Build your Site, You Can Have A Message Area With A Calendar For Your Local Clients To Schedule Important Dates To Remember Or Vacations They May Be Taking.

      Then You Could Have A Blogging Area On Your Site That You Could Blog On And Promote Affiliate Links. It Can Be Anything You Enjoy, Educational Toys, Or Books, Children’s Health Or Crafts, Anything.

      Read Children’s Books

      You Can Read Children’s Books, Write A Review About Them And If They Sell You Would Be Paid. It Doesn’t Get Easier Than That. You Can Affiliate Out Of Alibris Books, Walmart, Any Program You Can Interface With Your Affiliate Niche.

    • Pet Sitting/Dog Walking/Grooming

      Dog And Pet Owners Are Always In Need Of Someone To Walk Their Dog, Or Pets sit Overnight When They Have To Be Away From Their Pets. Some People Have Cats Or Horses That Need To Be Fed And Checked On. Or If You Have The Skills Washing, Grooming And Even Training Animals Is Another Opportunity.

      Affiliate Plans:

      Build Your Website, Narrowing Down Your Focus, Pets Is A Huge Niche. Maybe Just Dog Clothing And Toys. Yes, Pet Clothing Is A BIG Industry. I Once Had Hens, And My Friend Would Send Me Pictures Of Chickens In Clothing. LOL

    • Tutoring

    There Is Always A Need For Tutors, Do You Have Some Skills In Curriculum Courses? There Are Many Kinds Of Tutoring, For All Ages From Elementary To College Students, Even Helping Foreign People Learn Correct English.

    All From The Comfort Of Your Home, Or Find One Of The Many Opportunities To Tutor Online. Technology Now Allows Tutoring To Be Done Online Through Video Conferencing Over The Internet.

    This Also Opens Up The Global Community Because You Can Work With People Across Time Zones.

    Affiliate Way:

    If You Have Already Taken Your Business Online For Global Purposes. You Can Join Some Affiliate Programs With Digital Software. You Can Review And Write About What Is Working And Review Some Of These Products.

  • Crafting/Sewing

Consider This, You Can Make Handcrafted Items And Sell Them In Local Resale Shops Or Sell Your Handmade Products On Etsy.

You Could Sew From Your Home If You Are A Good Seamstress Doing Alterations For Clients. My Sister Built A Nice Income From Home Doing This All Her Life. She Actually Has A Shop On Her Property. Shop Owners Like Her Will Also Pay You To Sew For Them, From Your Home.

Build Up A Trust With Some Local Tailors. They Need To Know You Are Going To Alter The Clothing Properly. If you have a Sewing Machine, Make A Portfolio Of Your Work To Show Them.

  • Gardening

Another Great Way To Make Some Money At Home. If you grow Flowers, Herbs or Vegetables, You Can Sell The Extra. I Have Sold All My Flower Bulbs, And Extra Vegetables This Way Many Times.

I Have Sold Bulbs And Seeds Like This, Online. Using ebay And My Local Yard Sale Sites. While I Am Thinning And Cleaning Flower Beds, I Decide What I Am Going To Sell.

If You’re Already Starting Your Own Plants From Seed, Grow A Few Extra. If You’re Already Saving Your Own Seeds, Package Up Some Of Your Seeds. Sell Bulbs And Tubers If You’re Growing Plants Like Lilies Or Hostas.

  • Direct Sales

    Host Parties At Your Home To Get Discounts And A Little Cash, Or Become An Independent Sales Rep Yourself To Make Even More Money. Many Of Them Offer Online Shops That You Can Set Up Under Your Profile Name.

Some Of The Most Popular Companies Are Tupperware, Avon, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, or Thirty-One Gifts. There Are So Many Companies Selling Books, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Clothing(Leggings) …. Candles. This Is An Endless List!

  • Surveys

There Are Tons Of Sites Online That Pay You To Fill Out Surveys. I Can’t Tell You Much About This, Even Though I Tried Them A Couple Of Times. It Felt Like A Vicious Circle, All Of A Sudden, I Have Email Coming From All Kinds Of Survey Companies, And It Seemed Like So Much Information For Some Points, And A Lot Of Points Are Needed To Turn Into Cash. Just My Opinion.

  • Writing

If Your Good At Writing, There Many Writing Opportunities Out There On And Off-Line. You Can Get Paid To Write Blogs And Articles, For Magazines, Newspapers, New Letters for Large Companies, Or Even Other Bloggers.

Become An Affiliate, Bloggers Do Well In This Arena Because Writing Just Comes Naturally To Them.

    • Have an eBay “Garage Sale”

Open Up A Shop On ebay, It’s Free To Join, Take A Few Pictures Of Your Items And Let The Garage Sale Begin. Start By Gathering All The Things You No Longer Want From Your Home.

Everything- Indoor And Outdoor Furniture, Electronics, Housewares, Tools, Clothing, Toys Just About Anything You No Longer Use. Including Broken Items, People Often Buy These For Parts.


I Can’t Tell You How Many Times I Have Found Money In The Pockets Of Things In My Resell Pile. Put Some Effort Into It If You Really Want To Sell Your Things. Clean It And Check It. It’s The First Thing That People Are Going To Notice.

Buying Stuff From Thrift Shop’s And Reselling May Pay Some Bills, But It’s Also A Lot Of Work. Finding The Products Is Just The Beginning, They Must Be Cleaned And Checked And Ready For Sale.

Instead, You Could Use The Profit To Invest In Inventory. You Can Find A Reputable Wholesaler Or Drop Shipper To Invest In Some Products With. Don’t Feel Limited To ebay, There Are Many Places To List From These Days. One Of My Favorites Is Bonanza.

It Is Nice Though To Be Able To Set Your Own Hours And Come And Go On Your Income Goals Has You Please. No Matter What Platform You decide To Try Online.

  • Affiliate Marketing

You Make Money Online By Promoting Other Businesses’ Products And Services, And They Pay You A Commission. We All Know This, The Internet Is Here To Stay! All The Big Franchise Companies Want A Piece Of The Pie.

What Are They Doing?

How Are They Doing This?

They Are Growing Their Online Business Presence And Sales Using Affiliates. Go Online And Look. Walmart, Kay Jewelry, Amazon, Best Buy, Now Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page And Look Through The Info.

You, Will, Find A Link That Says Affiliates, Or Affiliate Program. This Is Where You Go To Get Your Affiliate Code And Find Out Their Policy And Payouts. Would It Not Be A Better Idea To Learn How To Start Something Now That Will Pay You Well Into The Future?

Affiliate Marketing Is My Favorite Way To Make Money At Home. You Make Your Own Time. I Would Say It Is Flexible Enough To Do Part-Time Around Another Job Until It Gets Going.

Most Successful Marketers Use Website And Write Blogs, Some Have A Single Squeeze Page And Build Emails List From It. There Are Different Ways You Can Promote Your Products.

When You First Get Started, It Is A Little Confusing. Not Hard, Just A Lot Of Little Steps. The Good News Is That When You Are Finished, A Lot Of Your Duties Will Be Automated.

It’s One Of Those Businesses That Grows With Time. That Means The More Consistent You Are, The More Your Followers Will Grow And Convert Into Sales Or Commissions.

When You Create A Website With Pages Full Of Content, They Travel The Internet Endlessly. It Also Means You Can Work Anywhere You Have An Internet Connection.


It Also Means Your Work Does Not Disappear After You Stop. After Your Business Is Established, It Can Operate On Auto-Pilot. This Is A Business That Works For You 24/7 So You Don’t Have too. You Will Be Able To go on vacation And Still Earn Income.


This Is What Is Needed To Be Able To Start Something That You Can Retire With, Having Residual Income Flowing In. All Those Commissions, No Matter How Small Add Up To Profit.

Wealthy Affiliates

Is The Best Training Platform I Have Ever Encountered. It Is A Global Community With Over 900.000 Active Members. The Site Is Live And Interactive At All Times, So Help Is Always Available. There Are Live Chats, Live Videos, Several Classrooms, Plus All The Tools You Need To Get Started!

You Will Not Have To Pay For Other Services. You, Will, Have Access To Websites, Domains, Keywords Tools, Everything You Need To Work Home Online Will Be Provided. While You Are Learning, You Are At The Same Time Building Your Niche Website And Learning How To Promote It To Make A Full-Time Income.

All The Best,


This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info.

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