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What Is Site Rubix About? Website Builder Review

What Is Site Rubix About?

It’s About Building Beautiful Websites Using Powerful Technology. Then Learning How Yo Work Home Online Using The Website To Earn A Living. SiteRubix Can Take You To A New Level By Allowing You To Turn Your Passion Into A Thriving Internet Business.

Site Rubix is a Free Website Builder Powered By Wealthy Affiliate.com Which Provides You With Website Support And Help To Turn Your Site Into Something Profitable. If you Ever Tried Building A Website Elsewhere? I HAVE, You Run Into Many Problems Both Technical And Being New.

Stunning Websites

SiteRubix Is A Website Builder, That Has Taken All Technical Aspects Out Of Building A Website. Creating A Website With SiteRubix Allows You To Be Up And Running Within Minutes, It’s That Easy.

Your Site Comes Equipped With WordPress, A Free Publishing Software And Content Management System (CMS), Thousands Of Plugins And Templates Power This Simple Interface, Allowing You To Create Your Own Beautiful Fully Functioning Websites. I Call Word Press My Back Office. You Can Operate Your Site From Here Writing Content, Adding Images, And Links. Very Easy To Use.

Who Is It For?

1. Businesses

Most Businesses Use A Website Of Some Kind, It’s How We Do Business In This Generation. They Are Businesses With Other Activities Going On. They Need A Website That Is Easy To Navigate And Maintain. They Have A Business To Run, There Are Many On This List. I Like To Think Of The Internet As Our New Yellow Pages. We All Reach For The Internet When We Are Searching For Something. I See More And More Brick And Mortar Businesses With Websites Every Day.

2. Causes

There Are So Many Organizations Out There Promoting Some Kind Of Cause, Whether It Is A Cure For Sickness To Keeping The Water Clean. Then There Is Politics And Religion. With The Arrival Of The Internet, These Are Having A Global Effect.

3. Ordinary Folks.

People Who Have Interesting Hobbies They Want To Share. Some Family’s Have A Site They Share With Pictures And Celebrations Within The Family Structure.

4. People Who Want To Work Home Online.

A Lot Of Stay At Home Parents Have The Desire To Learn How To Stay Right At Home With Their Children And Earn A Living. I Think That Is How It SHOULD BE. The Retired Community Is Also Looking To Add Some Extra Income To The Budget. They Are Also Fascinated With This Computer Internet Stuff, Especially Those That Learn How To Use The Computer.

5. Affiliate Marketers

Wealthy Affiliates Gives You 50 Of These Free Websites In Your Membership Package And All The Tools Necessary To Turn Them Into A Profitable Website. Plus Unlimited Training And Support To Get Your Website Off The Ground! All The Training Is Step By Step Tutorials And Videos. You Really Can Click A Few Links And Have A Website Up And Ready In Minutes.

No Outside Cost

Everything You Will Need Is “Bundled” Into Your Membership! We Want You To Have The Tools And Training To Be A Success. It Only Makes Sense.

6. Promoting A Product Or Service

There Are Over 4 Billion People Online And Regardless Of The Topic, A Website Is A Perfect Solution For Promoting These Topics. Regardless of Whether Or Not You Are Interested In Affiliate Marketing.

The Membership At Wealthy Affiliate Provides You Will ALL The Training You Need To Make An Online Business Thrive. The Website Looks Stunning And Navigates With Ease And Efficiency.

You, Will, Have Access To:

* Training And Live Support

* A Website That Is Hosted By WordPress

* 2 Great Keyword Tools From Wealthy Affiliate And Jaaxy

* A Word Press Office(Back Office). Building A Website

Building A Website On Site Rubix Is So Easy…

I Just Built One And I Am Going To Show You How I Did. That’s How Easy It Is. I Love Gardening, It Is A Hobby.

Site Rubix Link<

Begin By Logging Into Your Wealthy Affiliate Account. Go To Your Site Rubix Link And Click it.

The Picture Below Is Where You Will End Up


We Are Going To Use Our Free Domain.You Have 2 Other Choices, Though. You Can Buy A Domain Or If You Already Own A Domain You Want To Use You Can. That Is Going To Take You To The Next Step.

  • 2:

    Choose A Domain Name For Your Website. You Can See I Put In mysecrestgarden.


Enter A Title. I Put Garden Seeds Plants With Tools And Tips


Pick A Theme, Choose Carefully Because One More Click And You Have Site! But Do Not Worry If You Are Not Happy With Your Theme. You Can Change It In Just A Click. I could have deleted this site, But for now, I won’t. I am a veteran organic gardener and Love it! I Will use it. There are 48 more websites with my membership.

Fix That Theme

Let’s Do It.

Go Back To Your WA Dashboard And Click Your Site Rubix Link. From There Login To Your New Site. To The Left Of Your Screen Under The Appearance Tab Click Themes.

It Brings You To A Theme Page With Your Theme. To The Top Left, You Will See A Tab To ADD NEW. Clicking This Will Bring To A Page Full Of Themes. I Did Not Like The Ones Presented, So I Searched Using The Term Garden. Follow Along Step By Step And Change To Your New Theme.                                                                       

Gardening Is My Loved Hobby. But Helping People Work Home Online, It’s My Passion. I Tried To Learn To Affiliate Marketing For Many Years. There Are So Many Of Us Trying To Make It On One Little Check, And It Is Not Working! People Who Want To Retire In A Couple Of Years And Not Struggle. If You Are One Of Those People This Could Be for You. But My Passion Is To Teach Affiliate Marketing To Others Who Have Been Scammed And Spammed To No Avail.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

All The Training Is Step By Step. Learning How To Make An Income From Your New Site Is Just As Easy. My Advice For Success. Follow The Training And APPLY What You Learn.


Devote The Time For The Next 90 Days, You Will Make A Lot Of Changes. Then It All Starts To Flow And Get Easier. Make it THROUGH THE CURVE Folks.

Today’s Technology

Some Of You May Already Have A Website. They Have All Come So Far In Website Building You Can Make One Anywhere That Quick. I Made One On Wix A While Back It Is Just As Easy As This One.

There Was One Difference,

I Never Clicked That Purchase Button. WHY? I Looked At The Prices And Decided Not To, It Was Going To Cost Me 20 – 30 $$ A Month. That is Not A Bad Price, I Was Not Sure How To “Work” A Website To Make It Worth The Purchase

If You Are Going To “Pay For A Site” Why Not Instead Pay For A Membership? Especially One That Has All The Benefits Of Being A Member.Other Than The Necessary Tools.

But MOST Important Comes With The Instruction Manual To “Show You How To Run Your Back Office, SEO ,And Plugins


Wealthy Affiliate Community

We Want You To Build Your Website Into Something Incredible, Something Beautiful. To Do This, You Need To Have Instant Support, Coaching, And Help When YOU Need It!

Get feedback on your website from experienced Internet entrepreneurs and build something that is an extension of your imagination. There is nothing better than having friendly people available to help you at each step of the way. You are not alone with Site Rubix and the Wealthy Affiliate community in your corner!

Then I Found The Best Training And Site Rubix And Forgot About it Until I Started Writing This Review. But, u The Money” When A Person Invest In A Product It Most Often Comes With An Instruction Manual. Why Should Your Website Be Any Different?

Site Rubix Overview

Owners: Wealthy Affiliate<
Website: SiteRubix.com<
Training: 10 out of 10.0
Support: 10 out of 10
Website Builder: 9 out of 10.0
WordPress Hosting: 10 out of 10.0
Success Stories: 10 out of 10.0
Price: 10 out of 10.0
Starter Membership (free) Requires a Wealthy Affiliate Account: Free, Premium ($49 month or $359 year)
My Overall Rating is a 9.9 out of 10.0                                                                      I looked For So Long For Help With Affiliate Marketing, I Was Ready To Give Up!

If You Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free to Comment And I Will Answer The Best I can.

Thanks Again For Visiting Do Affiliate Marketing.

All The Best


This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info Please Read My Disclosure For More Info

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