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Reduce Picture Size Free Photo Picture Editor

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Pictures Are A Great Way To Break Up All The Text When You Are Blogging For Your Website. Sometimes Though, They Tend To Slow Down Your Site, Causing Your Visitors To Leave. Reduce Picture Size, And You Will Most Likely See Your Page Speed Improve, Leading To More Traffic, And Better Ranking Of Your Site.

I Mean Slide Show. Have You Ever Clicked On One Of Those “Slide Show” Sites That Makes You Go Through A Bunch Of Pages, Instead Of A Couple? Slide Show This Is Already A Clue That The Site Is Going To Show You Images. You Get Up There, And EVERY PAGE Takes FOREVER To Load, After A Few Pages Of Waiting You Leave.

There Can Be Many Factors That Cause Your Website To Be Slow. There Is A Way To Check On Some of it Google Page-Speed Insights. I Use This Tool Often, Especially After I Publish A New Blog.

Speed Test your Internet Site. The time It Takes Your Website To Upload Is Important For Your Traffic And Page Rank. If It Takes A Long Time For Your Website To Load, It Causes People To Lose Interest And Leave(Bounce Rate).

Page Rank

One Of The Ways That Google And Bing Measure The Importance Of Your Website Page Is To Give Every Search Result A Score. The Higher Your Score(Rank), The Higher It Will Appear In Search Results. If Folks Leave Your Page, It Lowers This Score. You Can Find This Tool By Putting Google Page Speed In Your Browser It Is Free.

Page Speed

At Wealthy Affiliates, I Have This Tool, Right On My SiteRubix, We Are Spoiled. I Can Stay Right In My Back Office Working And Have The Information I Need In Front Of Me. SiteRubix Is A Website Builder That Comes In Our Wealthy Affiliates Membership.

In The Picture Above

The Posts With The Yellow Darts Could Be Faster. They Are Interfering With Mobile Devices. Mobile Devices Load Faster With Smaller Pictures. If You Are Working From A Laptop Or Desktop Please Take A Moment To Look At Your Site On A Phone To Get A Better Idea Of What Your Website Looks Like To Them.

Go To Page Speed Insights And Run This Quick Test On Your Site. Page Speed Insights Shows You The Things That Could Be Slowing Down Your Site.They Also Offer Suggestions To Help Speed Up Your Website If It Needs It.

Optimize Your Images…

This Problem Occurs When Your Visitor Has To Download The Original File. If The File Is A Large File, It Will Slow Down The Load Time On Your Website. There Are Tools To Reduce File Size.

Those Of You That Are New On This journey Would Like An Easy Way To Fix This Without All The jpeg, Gif, Png, SEO, and RANK Talk., We Are New To This! Just SHOW Me How Even If I Do Not Understand. Teach Me By Showing Me, Then You Can Explain Why.


Let’s Focus On A FREE And Easy Way To Help Beginners Reduce Picture Size Without All The Complicated Details. You Can Find Them FREE! And Keep More Of Your Profits. The Affiliate Marketing Business Has Enough Business Expenses.

Another Reason I Love Wealthy Affiliate Is My SiteRubix. It Also Has A Picture Editor, Included In My Membership With Free Pictures. Please, Be Aware That Not All Pictures Are Free For Use, We’ll Talk More About That Later.

Even If You Do Not Have A Wealthy Affiliate Membership, There Is Still Free Access To Edit Your pictures. If You Have A Computer You Probably Run On Windows, So We Will Want To focus On Editing In Windows.


One Of My Post How to Start A Home Business, Had This Image And It Was Too Big, It Looked Huge On My Blog. To Find This Information For Your Free Images, Go To The File Your Image Is In, Then Right Click, Then Click Properties.

Look At That Number 73.2 KB. That is the Amount Of File Space This Image Uses. We Are Going To Reduce.

Paint For Windows

Do You Have A Computer That Operates With Windows? Then You Already Have It On Your Computer. It Is Easy To Use AND, It’s FREE. You Can Reduce The Picture Size Here In A Couple Of Clicks.

You Can Do A Lot Up Here Like Cutting Out What You Do Not Want To Be In Your Image. Paint Can Also Highlight Things In Different Colors, Outline Information, Or Paint On Your Free Images. The Paint Editor Can Even Erase Objects You Do Not Want To Be In Your Image.

Always Make A Copy

Save Your Original Image, If You Do Not Like The New Image You Created, Starting Over Is Not A Problem. Go To Your Image File, Right Click Your Image, Then You Want To Click Copy. Then Re-Paste The Copy, That Is The Easiest Way To Save Your Original Images.

Go Back To Your Copy And Right-Click It. This Time You Will Click The OPEN WITH Tab, Not The Open Tab. When You Mouse Over The Open With Tab, It Will Offer You The Choice Of Paint, Right Click It. After You Load Your Image In The Editor, Click The Resize Button. Here You Can Reduce Your Picture.


There Are A Couple Of Ways To Reduce The Picture Size Using Paint. In This Example, I Choose To Reduce The Picture From 100 to 50.% The Height And Width will Both Reduce When You Change One Of The Options For Reducing Your Image Size.

In the Image Below

You Can See This. Don’t Forget To Click OK To Make The Change, Before You Save Your Picture.

Try A Few, Experiment, Get To Know This Free Tool You Have Right On Your Computer. Another Way To Save Your Original Is, When You Close The Program, It Will Allow You To Save Or Save AS. Click The Close It, AND Save As, Then Rename It, That Way You Have Your New Image And Your Original.

Just Copy And Save The Image You Made, Save It. Now Without Getting All Into That Detail, Let Us Take Another Look At Our Properties, And See What Size Our File Is.

Reduced Properties reduced 28.0 KB Wasn’t That Easy?

You Can Do The Same Thing Using The Pixels Tab Under The Paint Editor. I Won’t Show That Example. I Will Leave That One For You Try It Now That You Know Where It Is. Let Me Show You How To Reduce Picture Size By Dropping From The Image.

On A Previous Post, I Had A Picture But Again, It Was Large, And I Did Not Need All Of It To Make My Point, So I Cropped It. It Was So Easy To Do. I Made A Copy Of My Image And Opened It In The Paint Editor.

Then I Clicked The Crop Tab (Black Circle). When You Click This, You Will See Little Points Around Your Image. These Are What You Use To Cut Your Image, Or Cropping. In My New Image, You See, I Took The Right Side Off The Image. Now The Size Is Smaller, But Still Showing The Point I Was Making.

You Can Draw And Circle Objects Or Highlight Them Just Like The Photo Above. I Put A Red Square Around The Section Of My Image So You Can See Where To Find The Link. Click On A Shape And Outline It In Any Color. Don’t Forget To Save Your Original Copy.

The Last Thing I Am Going To Show You Quickly, How To Erase In Editor. Looking Back At The Image, You Click The Eraser I Have A star Around It TO Help You Find It. This Is Great When You Want To Take Writing Off An Image.

See My Example Below.

The Image Looks So Much Better

The Top Of This Image Had Writing On It, It Made The Paragraph Hard For The Reader, So I Clicked That Eraser Tab And Removed It. The Top Image Is What I Started With The After. This Bottom Image Looks So Much Better.


I Hope These Tips About Editing You Images Has Helped. I Encouraged You To Try The Paint Editor Make Some Copies Of Your Favorite Pictures, Be Creative.

I Only Touched On Some Basic Things You Can Do With Windows Paint Editor. Some Computers Have Paint 3D. This Is Another Great Free Way To Reduce Picture Size To Fit Your Needs, Fast And FREE!. I’m All About Fast AND FREE!

Free Pictures.

Just Let Me Remind You Again. You should Not Just Take Any Images Or Copy Them From Somewhere Online To Use On Your Sites. Not All Pictures Are Free Copyright Issues Are Involved Just Like A Book Or Music, It Belongs To The Person Who Created The Image.

Some Of Them Are Free, And Some Are Not. The Images That Are Not Free, Google Does Not Like On Your Website. It Is One Of Those Score Rank Things Again. There Are A Lot Out There. There Is One Called pixabay, It Is Easy To Use, If You Have Just Found Yourself In This Situation, With The Knew knowledge You Have Learned.

Wealthy Affiliate Also Provides You With A Source Of Free Images For Your Use Right In Your Membership Bundle. Save Your Money And Invest In Yourself, Learning To Affiliate Market, Using SiteRubix From Wealthy Affiliate. Your Membership Provides You With SiteRubix Where You Will Find Your Free Pictures And Yet Another Free Image Editor. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer Reduces File Sizes For Images Within Your WordPress Office.

All The Best,


This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info

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