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How To Start A Home Business Affiliate Marketing

Starting A Home Business

One Of The Most Convenient Ways To Start A Home Business Is To Learn To Affiliate Marketing. Create An Affiliate Marketing Business At Home,  Working Online. This Is A Flexible Business, Allowing You To Work On Your Time / Place Schedule. All You Need Is An Internet Connection To Work.                                                                                                 

To Make This Happen,  Invest The Time And Effort

The First Thing To Think About Is Your Internet Activity And A Schedule.  Not Everybody Likes Being On The Internet. Some Find It Frustrating To Navigate Online. Some Folks Are Also Not Interested In Reading And Research.

Do You Have The Time?

This, In My Opinion, Is Honestly The Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself. When I first Started Learning, I Devoted My “Extra Time” To Learning. This Just Does Not Work! You Have To Commit And MAKE A Schedule.  Just Like You Would For A JobOor School. Then Be Determined To Keep On Schedule.


You, Will, Be Going To School And Working Part-Time. The First Few Months Are Going To Test You. The First Time You Get Stuck, Work Through It. The More You Stick With It The More Determined You Will Be.

Just Remember Any Time We Learn Something New It Is Scary. Remember Learning To Ride A Bike, Or Go Up Stairs? How Intimidating It Was! Then It Becomes Second Nature, And We Do These Without Thinking About It.

To Succeed At Affiliate Marketing, There Are A Lot Of Little Steps.  They Are All Important, But They Are Not Hard. If You Are Willing To Put In The Time And Effort, You Will Succeed. If You Treat This Like A Real Business, It Becomes One.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

1. What Is Involved?

Ask Yourself A Few Key Questions To Get Pointed In The Right Direction. You Need To Know What Niche To Target  BEFORE  You Build Your Site. What Am I Already Doing? What Do I Love…My Passion? Can I Turn My Passion Or Career Into A Niche?

I Can Not Express How Important It Is To Get Proper Training. You Will Need An Affiliate Network And Affiliate Products. That Was Confusing When I First Started.

Many Affiliate Networks Exist, Some Are Well-Known Companies Like Amazon, And Best Buy. You May Have Heard Of ClickBank, They Have Been Around A Long Time.  All The Big Companies These Days Use Affiliate Marketers,  DANG! Even Walmart Uses Them.                                                                                                                                                                                         


These Are The Networks(Directory),  In These Networks, You Will Find Products.  In The Process Of Building Your Home Business, You Will Use More Than One Of These Networks In Your Niche.

For Example, Let Us Say Your “Niche” Is All About Cameras. You May Want To Use The Cameras From Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon As Your Affiliate Networks.


Most Of Them Also Offer Training, But The Training Is Usually Based Around Their Company Policy And Products.

Be Organized For Efficiency

I Really Do Recommend Making A Spreadsheet To Keep All Your Affiliate Links And Passwords Together. This Will Keep Them All In One Place, And You Will Be Able To See All Of Them At The Same Time, While You Are Working. You, Will, Have A Few, Note What Kind Cf Customer Support You Get.

When I First Started Training, I Used A Spread Sheet To Monitor My Activity And Projects. Keeping Track Of My Hours Invested, I Made Sure To Invest At Least A 40 Hour Week. That’s A Work Week, In The Business World. If You Want To Start Off Part-Time, I suggest You Try For 20.

Whatever Works Best For You. Keeping You On Track And Organized Will Help You Work And Learn Faster And Easier.

2. Choose A Niche

A Niche For My Passion?

Don’t Be Scared Of The Word Niche.  A Niche Is Only A Group Of People Interested In The Same Thing. The Niche You Choose Must Have Enough Topics And Depth To Be Able To Write Content For.

Don’t Worry, Most Do.

You Are Going To Be Filling Your Blog With 50-100 Blogs, So This Is Important. Can You Talk About This Passion All Day?  Is There An Interest In Your Niche? You Have To Know A Couple Of Things:

A. Is this Niche Very Popular?

You, Will, Be Competing With Established Marketers Who Are Competitive. This Can Be Discouraging For A Beginner OR A Great Challenge For An Experienced Affiliate Marketer Who Understands The Marketing Business.

All You Need Is Great Training, And A Great Mentor(Me), Oh, And Product. You Will Reap Residual Rewards And Freedom Again.

B: Are There Affiliate Products Or Programs Available For My Niche?

I Am 99.9% Positive There Are!  Again, Remember All The Well Known Companies Who Are For Affiliate Marketers.

3. Build A Website

If, You’re New To All This, The Easiest Way To Set Up A Site Is By Using Word Press. If You Choose To Use SiteRubix, Through The Wealthy Affiliate Program, You Will Be Provided A Domain And Hosting. Then You Set Up Your Word Press Website.

I Wrote About This In My What Is Site Rubix Review, So I Won’t Repeating        Myself.                                           

4. Produce Quality Content

The Content You Create Must Be Relevant To Your Niche To Keep Your Audience Coming Back.  Write Interesting And Engaging Blogs And Product Reviews.

If You Are Building A Site That Has The Potential For Information That Will Never Age And Remain Useful For Your Audience, You Have The Opportunity To Create What Is Known As Evergreen Content.

Did You Actually Use The Product And Get Results? Then Share Your Personal Experience. Reviews Are A Great Way To Build Your credibility Online.This Can Be An Effective Way Of Selling Products To Your Audience.

 It Is Also Useful To Address Common Problems Or Questions Of Interest, To Your Target Audience. If You Have Used The Products Or Service, This Will Be Easy To Do. .

Another Way Of Producing Quality Content Is How To’s. Teach Them Something About Your Product Or Service By Showing Them How To Use What You Offer.                                                                                                                                                                          

You Can Tell Them How,  But Showing Them How Is Better.  Use Images And Screen Shots, Keep Your Audience Engaged. Then They Will Stay On Your Website, They Are Interested.



Directing People (Audience) To You Merchants Site With Affiliate Links.  Free Traffic, Paid Traffic, Organic Traffic, PPC?? There Are Many Ways To Gain An Audience. Especially These days.

There Is So Much To Be Gained By Using Social Networks Like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit. They Are Full Of Potential Followers And Consumers.

There Are So Many Ways To Get Free Traffic. Learn Them, One Way At A Time.  Then Start Applying Them.

Join One, Pinterest Or Instagram, Learn The Rules Gain The Followers, Then Repeat. These Are All Great Ways Of Becoming The Authority In Your Niche, Thus Growing Your Followers And Traffic.

Find A High Traffic Site And Write A “Guest Post” This Would Be Great. It Would Put You In Front Of Some High Traffic. It Would Be Best In A Similar Niche, And You Could Share Some Traffic From This.

Don’t Forget To Create That Email List

By Encouraging Your Audience To Sign Up For Your Updates. You Can Then Push Your Content To This Audience Via Email And Also Direct Them To Your Affiliate Offers.


Most Important,

Just Use Basic SEO Techniques.  Make Sure You Learn Effective SEO. Research Keywords You Are Writing About. Organic Traffic Is The Most Important Traffic Source For Your Growth Over Time. When Creating Content, Use Terms Relevant To Your Niche.

If You Have Money To Invest And Feel This Will Speed Your Growth, You Could Pay For Advertising. Invest In Google Adwords Or The Social Media Network, Most Of These Sites Also Have Paid Advertising.

6. Promote Products

Following All The Steps Above You Are Already Promoting Your Brand And Products.  Affiliate Marketing Takes A Little Time To Grow, Be Patient. Do Not Quit When You Are “3 Feet From Gold”.

It Is No Different From A Real Business. Most Businesses Do Not Make A Profit In Their First Year. It Will Not Take You A Year, Maybe Take You Several Months.

Just Keep In Mind, You Will Be Going To School, Then Working A Part Time Job, ALL AT ONCE!  All This By Following The Step By Step Lesson and The Applying This Lesson To Your Website.                                                                    

Do You Think You Would Like To Start A Home Business In Affiliate Marketing?

 I Highly Recommend  Joining Wealthy Affiliate, They Have A 14-Year-Old Global Community. The Community Is Active 24/7 (Global) Providing All The Help With Affiliate Marketing You Need In One Place. This Company is a leader in this industry!

Next Year You Will Feel Very Comfortable If You Keep at it. You, Will, Know How To Work At Home Online And You Should Be Seeing Some Income By Then Also. Commit For A Year, Start Learning Your Home Business Today. In A Year You Will Be Glad You Did, When You Evaluate Your Time Versus Your Income.

All The Best,


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