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Are You Just Getting Started Affiliate Marketing and Having Trouble Finding Real Internet Affiliate Marketing Help? Someone to Answer Your Questions in Real Time? Not Having To Wait For Some email, sometimes longer than a Day. We Tend to lose Interest By Then.Just-Don't-Get-It

Don’t Feel Bad, You Are Not Alone. Like Most, Who Have Tried To Work Home Online You have only had Random Success. You Need To Be Making a Consistent Income To Be Able To Leave Your Job.

Have You Hit A Brick Wall?

You Just Don’t Get It! You Have Gone Over it Again and Again To No Avail. That Happens to Most Us When We’re Getting Started Affiliate Marketing..

There Are a Lot of Little Easy Steps to Perform, All of them can be a little Confusing to a Beginner. Once You Learn Them, Step By Step, They Are So Easy.

SO, If You Answered YES, I Will Show You How To Get Started.

Marketing MindsetStep-by-Step

The VERY FIRST Place to Get Started is Your Mindset. When You Are First Getting Started Affiliate Marketing It Is SO Confusing. You Have to Be Determined You are Going to get through Tough Spots.

Thoughts + Feelings = Things(Wallace Wattles)

Every Day I Get Up, and I Tell Myself Great Things! The Mind Believes What We Tell It enough, So No One Can Do This For You. I Used To Tell Myself During The Hard Day and Still Do, I AM AN AFFILIATE MARKETER. It Sure Can Change Your Mindset.Getting-Started-Affiliate-Marketing

Once You Get Accustomed To Your Business Task And Keep An Active Agenda You Will Be Fine. Make A Schedule!

That Is What Business People Do. Then You Know What You Have To Do And When It Has To Be Done. Be Organized.

Know Thyself To Be Thyself

Now That We Have Adjusted Your Mind, You Should Grab A Piece Of Paper And Go Find A Pleasant Place For Positive Thinking. Getting To Know Thyself. No One Knows You Better.

This Is YOUR Defense.

I Know Myself, I Exercise Every Day. I Also KNOW That If I Do Not Do Early In Day, I Won’t Do It. Know Thyself. Know WHEN You Would Like To Be Working And When You Work Best, So You Can Use This For Tour Benefit.

Right Now

Take -he-Stairs

Write Short Term Goals, Things You Can Achieve Easily, It’s Not All About The Money Right Now. You Are Going To Be Doing Some Massive Business Building And Training All At Once. When You Are Goal Setting Please Keep This In Mind.

I Will Tell You Right Now, You Are Not Going To Make 1000 Bucks A Month. Probably Not For 6 Months. It Could Longer Or Less Time. The More You Sow The More You Grow. In The Beginning, You Are Spreading The Word, You Could Say, Using Keyword Rich Content And Affiliate Links.

It Takes Time For The Journey To Happen.

I Would Love To Share This Blog With You. It Was Written By Kyle, One Of Our Founders And The MAN Who Does 90% Of Our Training.
He Is An Active Founder Kyle, And His Energy Is Spent Keeping Us Scam And Spam Free. And Then He Handles All Our Little Conflicts.                                                                                                                                                                                              For The Most Part, There Are Not too Many Of Them. For The Most Part. Just Click The Link, If You Would Like To Read What This Affiliate Journey Normally Looks Like.                                                                              Journey-Ahead

You Should Have On Your List Of Goals


You Have 2 Things You Need To Think About And invest In Every day.

1 Training Learn The Steps You Need To Take In The Right Order.

2 Building(Applying). Now You Have To Take What You Learned And Start Using It RIGHT AWAY!

Look At Your Goals.

If Your Goals Say You Want To Earn, Even 500 A Week The Goal Of Your Time To Invest Better Match! Nothing Is Free, You Have To Do The Work.

A Successful Business Online Requires A Few Things…


This Really Is The First Step Getting Started. This Is A Real Business, And It Takes Time And Commitment Learning It Successfully. If You Treat This Like A Real Business It Will Become One.

How Much Time Can You Commit?

If Your Answer To This Question Is As much as I can. You Are Already Setting Yourself Up For Disaster.

Don’t Be Offended. It Happened To Me

I Started Off With Unclear Goals. It Just Does Not Work! You, Will, Have Days When You Are Tired, Or You Get Stuck On A Step, And It Won’t Get Done.

Once You Start That Habit, You Are In Trouble. You, Will, Find A Reason Every Day, For Things That You Have To Do. So, If You Give Your Schedule, And Goals Some Thought You Will Already Know.
How Much Time You Have Allotted For This Program.

Now If You Have Decided You Can Commit To Learning. Let’s Go Forward.

Being Flexible

Being Flexible Is The Greatest Part About Working At Home Online. You Can Make The Schedule For Working And Training Work With YOUR Lifestyle. The Internet Doesn’t Have A Bed Time, It is Global. This Is So Flexible I Actually Put It Down For Months. I Paid MY Annual Membership Knowing I Would Be Back Soon.

Knowing Your Habits, And Setting Your Goals Will Help You Find A Flexible Schedule To Fit This In. With A Little Time Management To Keep Your New Schedule, You Will Progress.

While You Are Learning You May Try More Than One Method With Your Marketing Strategies. Be Flexible, Take Action When Something Is Not Working. There Is More Than One Way Most Times.

Training And Help

I Love Having Live Help When I Get Stuck, Don’t You? It Saves So Much Time And Frustration. Show Me How Don’t Tell Me How.

Training with the Videos you are able to go back and forth, applying your new knowledge. Videos and live chat Works so Well When You Get Started Affiliate Marketing You Will Find These Useful To Have.

Nothing Frustrates Me More Than…Not Having Anyone To Get Help From When You Are Stuck.Ever-Feel-Stuck?

Please, Before You Commit To Any Training Find Out What Kind Of Support Is Available To You. What Are They Going To Charge You For This Training?

BE Full Of Questions, I know I Was. Make A List When You Think Of Them So You Can Research Them Later. You Will Also Need A Few Tools To Operate Your New Business. Find Out If They Are Going To Provide Any Of These Business Products.

What Do I Do Now?

WHICH WAY DO I GO?Which-Way-Do I-Go?

Finding A Niche.

There Is So Much Flexibility Here, You Can Actually Earn An Income Writing About Things You LOVE! It Is Also What I Would Recommend. Pets, Kids Toys, Makeup, Books. You Are Going To Have To Be Writing About This Niche And Researching It Constantly. In Other Words, It Is Going To Be In Your Face Every day. Something You Like Or Are Interested In Is Helpful, IT Also Makes Writing Fun!

Is It A Scam?

I Could Write an Endless List, it Grows every day Of The Companies Jumping Online and Looking For Affiliate Marketers.We All Know The Internet is Here To Stay and Growing. There are Close to 4 Billion People Online Everyday.

This Is A Screenshot I Took Of How Easy It Is To Find Well Known Companies To Affiliate With. Some Popular Companies, Not Scams. Look At them Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Best Buy, Weight Watchers, Cosmetics, Even Walmart.

I  Belong To A Directory Called Rakuten. They Help Me Partner With Almost 2000 Well Known Companies, Walmart Being One Of Them.

 A Scam? A Website?

NO! It Is A Fully Functional WordPress Website With All the Right Tools (Back Office) To Operate With Ease…This Really Is The Best Way To Grow A Following Of Clients.SiteRubix-Website Builder

If You Want To Make A Successful Online Business, You Need A Website. You’re Going To Miss Out On A Lot Of Potential Income Without One.

The Fees To Sell On Other Online Sites(ebay) Are High, And There Is So Much Competition All In The Same Place. Sometimes You Had To Sell High Dollar Products And Make $2 Profit. Really?

You Follow Me?

The Good News Is,

Building Your Very Own Website Is Easy. In A Few Clicks, You Can Have Your Own Website Up And Running. It Really Is Fun, Making It Your Own, You Can Do So Much! There Are Thousands Of Styles For Websites, Depending On Your Interest.

Yes, In A Couple of Minutes Without Spending a Single Cent.

So Where Did I Get Help And A Website?

Help Me Out 24/7/365Wealthy-Affiliate -ABout-Us

Help. After 8 Years Searching , I Had No More Trust Left. What I Did Have Was A Lot Of Knowledge Of What Had to Be Taught.

Now, If I Could Just Find A Company With A Free Trial I Could Look Through It Before I Invested. I Would Know If They Had What Was Needed To Do Affiliate Marketing.

Then One Day I Ran Across Such A Company, Wealthy Affiliates. I Have Been There Ever Since. A Global Community, And One That Never Sleeps.

Whether You Are Located In North/South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Or Australia, You Are Going To Be Able To Connect And Communicate With Fellow Entrepreneurs 24 Hours A Day.

The Best


They Offer A Free 7-Day Starter Program Membership With 2 Free Websites. Free Training To Set Them Up Is Included, Something Competitors Don’t Offer.

Free Premium Members Are Allowed 50 Websites. You Can Create Websites Just BY Following Along With The Training And Can Have Several Different Niche Markets.

The Entire Site Is Dedicated To Helping You Learn, Filled With Thousands of Helpful Articles, Videos, And Information. Full Classrooms Who Are Using Live Chat And Live Video For Training. This Company Has ALL The Training Tools Available To Help You Achieve Financial Success!

Be The Change You Want!

Fake it Till You Make It

What is Stopping You?

There Has To Be Some Reason Why? I Would Love To Hear What Is Stopping You (leave a comment below).

Maybe I Can Help You. Perhaps, You To Have Been Exposed To Many Making Money Online Scams. I Can Change That Today And Get You Pointed In The Right Direction. With Training And Help You Will Be Well On Your Way To Financial Success.

Think Of It This Way.

You Are Going To Learn A Lot Here, Sometimes Your Head Will be Full of Questions. Through The Training, Self Motivation And A Huge Global Community Just Waiting To Help You. You Can’t Help But Succeed.



AND ME! Yes, I Come Attached To Your Membership, I Will Be Your Mentor. We Are A Pay It Forward Community, And We Really Do Help YOU! As Soon As You Join, I Will Be There To Greet You.                                                                                                              I Will Send You A Message From Wealthy Affiliates To Let You Know. Then I Will Follow You In Case You Need My Help.

Set Up That Profile

It Helps You, And It Helps Everyone Trying To Help You. You Understand How Hard It Is To Relate To Those Dummy Profile Head Figures. We Don’t Take You, Serious, If You Do Not Set Up A Profile.

The Truth Is?

You’ll Never Know How Much Of A Success You Can Be If You Don’t Try. With The Free 7-Day Trial, You Have NOTHING TO LOSE!

Membership Price:Join-Us

Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)

Program Premium Membership, $49/Month or $359/Year


After You Set Up Your Account I Will Automatically Give You 59% Off Your First Month. Then I Will Prove To You How Easy This Really Is.

Then What?

Personal Help From Me 🙂 And The Global Community Over a Million Users Strong. Live Chat Supports, Ongoing Topical Discussions, Training Everywhere! Video Tutorials, Certification Courses, And Live Training EVERY Friday.Global-Community

PLUS Your 2 Free Websites

A Fully Functional WordPress Sites Ready to Make Money Online. All This Free To Get You Started..

No Credit Card Required

You, Will, Not Find Training And Support Like This Anywhere! There Is A Premium Membership You Should Consider After You Feel Your Way Around And Are Ready To Commit.

Got Internet?special-offer

What is going to happen to you when you get Help and Apply The Knowledge? You’re Going to Have a Profitable Business That Can Be Run From Anywhere You Have Internet.

All The Best,



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