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What about Wealthy Affiliate Review My Experience

What About Wealthy Affiliate

Let’s Talk A Little About Wealthy Affiliate And My Personal Experience there. Wealthy Affiliate”s Is An Integrated Platform For All Levels Of Marketers! Even Marketers Who Have Never Sold The First Thing Because It Was Set Up For Your Success. It Was Set Up For The Person Who Knows Nothing But The Need To “Find A Better Way”                                                                    

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Is Really For Anyone Interested In Making Money Online.  If You Have An Internet Connection And Can Follow Directions It’s An Ideal Opportunity. The Key Here Is Applying These Training Sessions To Your Homework Project(Website).

Wealthy Affiliate’s  (WA’s) Online Marketing Training Is The BEST Ever  For Entrepreneurs Of ALL Levels.  What Counts In This Business Is Your Determination To Grow Out A Business And Go To School At Once, Hence The Training And The Website. Wealthy Affiliate Will Do The Training. I Recommend WA for:

    • Stay At Home Parents
    • Retirees Needing An Income Boost
    • Students
    • People Looking To Replace Their Income
    • People Looking To Make Extra Income
    • Business Owners Looking To Expand Their Business
    • Beginners
    • Experienced Marketers wanting to take their business to the next Level

      What You Need ~ This Community

What You Need

This Community Will Teach You How To Build A Real Income Stream, Online At Home.  What I Found Was A HUGE Community I Never Knew  Existed!  Completely Live And Interactive. A Huge Master-Mind Environment  Full Of Mentors and Like-Minded Individuals!

This IS A Global Community! WA Is Available In 194 Countries. I have Met People From All Over The World.

The Whole Community Pitches In And EVERYONE Works Together Teaching oR Training. It Is Most Certainly A Pay It Forward System And It Works Well.
You Will Learn How To Work With Major Companies Looking For Affiliate Marketers Such As Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy. The List Is And Niches Are Endless, Remember?

It Takes A Village, Though

What Sort Of Training IS Provided?

The Training Provided  Is Step By Step Or Lesson By Lesson, Covering All Aspects Of The Business In Great Detail. The System Let’s You Navigate Back And Forth Through Lessons Or Articles Allowing You To Progress At Your Own Speed. All The Training Is Current And Is Updated Frequently, So You Will Receive The Most Up To Date Online Training And Support At Wealthy Affiliate.

WA-Courses Classrooms:

Each Contains Many Training Platforms
• Getting Started

• WA Affiliate Program

• Keyword, Niche and Market Research

• Everything WordPress

• Authoring & Writing Content

• Search Engine Optimization

• Social Engagement & Marketing

• Website Development & Programming

• Local Marketing

• Video Marketing

• Email Marketing

• The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

• Pay Per Click Marketing

Certification Courses:

• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1)

• Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2)

• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money! (Level 3)

• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Master Social Engagement (Level  4)

• The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation (Level 5)

Boot Camp:

Boot Camp Training Section Shows You How To Promote The Wealthy Affiliate Program. The Boot Camp Contains Affiliate Marketing Training And Is Divided Into 7 Phases Of Training.

Each Contains Many Training Platforms Including Video
• Getting Your Business Rolling (Phase 1)

• Content Keyword And Conversions (Phase 2)

• Giving Your Site Social Value (Phase 3)

• Get Visual, Get a Brand Through Media Phase 4)

• Knowing Your Audience & Catapulting Your Referrals Phase 5)

• Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC (Phase 6)

• How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns (Phase 7)

Where Do I Start?

I Would Say By Joining, hehehe.  We Have A Free 7 Day Trial Just To Prove How Awesome We Are!

When You Do Sign Up For Your Account You Have Two Choices. You Can Start In 2  Different Directions.

If You Already Have A Passion Or Interest (Niche) Then You  Probably Have A Lot Of Ideas And Knowledge About What You Are Going To Put In Your Niche Website. Take The Certification  Course  And Turn That Interest Into A Full Time Income.

If You Are Not Sure What You Want For A Niche You Can Go Straight To Affiliate Boot Camp. Here You Will Learn How To Promote The Wealthy Affiliate Program. Build Your WA Website From There And Learn The Course.

I Would Recommend Boot Camp, You Earn While You Learn. I Can Tell You In Advance That You Will Be Talking About WA, In A Great Way!  Why Not Share All That You Are Learning  And Get Paid?

It Is Easier To Fill With Content Fast Because You Can Actually Write A Blog About All The Things You Are Learning Building Your Site.

If You Take A Good Look At This Very Site It Is The Perfect Example Of What I Am Talking About. This Website Was My First ‘Project” My Homework, You Could Say. As I Learned How To Do Things I Wrote About Them.

Now That I know How To, I Am Gradually Going Through The Site And Turning My “Homework” Into A Business. A little Edit Here And A Little Edit There. I Have Also Since Then Created My Dream Website While Following The Certification Training.

YES, I Still Follow The Training 2 Years Later. Have You Ever Red A Book Or Watched A Movie More Than Once? You Always Pick Up Something New You Did Not Catch The Last Time.

After You finish Boot Camp You Will Probably Have A Much Better  Idea Of  How To Do Affiliate Marketing And What Direction You Want To Go With All The Things You Have Learned. Now, You Can Apply ALL  This Knowledge To Build A Website Of Your Dreams!

I Made You A Your Of The Inside Of My Wealthy Affiliates Page. I Use This Video In The  Group I Mentor On Facebook. I Understand How Fast The 7 Days Goes By And IS Nice To Know Where To Go.

The Most Amazing Part

While You Are DOING The Lesson, You Are Actually Building Your Own Business. When You Finish You Will Be All Set To Start Making Money Online At Home How Cool Is That?


Global! Someone Is Always Online. Interactive Live Chat Discussions Going On Every Day, 24/7. Live Question & Answer Periods. Private Access To Community Experts, Personal Support From Me, The Co-Founders, Right Through The Community. Feel Free To Leave Your Question And It Will Be Found.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

That My Friend Depends On You. I Always Ask The Group I Mentor “Is your Business working?” If Not “Are You working Your Business?”This Is Not One Of Those Making Money Online Scams. It Is An Opportunity To Learn And Create A Business That Will Bring You Income For Many Years To Come.

Are You Willing To Commit And Apply The Lessons?

It’s Like Building A House

You Don’t Just Decide I Am Going To Build A House And It Is There Tomorrow. No, You Create Your Plan To Action, Like Purchasing The Land, Making The House Plan, Hiring The Right People, Building The Project Filling It With Content. Then…. Not Only Did You Build A House You Created A Home.

You Follow The Training, You DO The Work Pages Assigned And When You Are Through You Have A Functioning Website Ready For Making Residual Income!

Benefits Of  Wealthy Affiliate:

The Getting Started Training (Step by Step) Video Training.Tutorial’s All Over The Place. There Is Classroom Style Training And Many Courses. Being In A Global Community And Having Over1.4 million Active Member’s Strong, That Means Someone Is Always Around.The Interactive Classrooms Help You Grow.Beautifully Designed Websites . PLUS. We Bundle All The Tools That You WILL NEED To Be A Success Into An affordable Monthly Membership.You Will Not Need To Purchase Any Other Business Tools, They Are Included.

State Of The Art Secure And Fast Hosting

Access To Industry Experts & Millionaires

A Strict Spam Free Environment.

Benefits Of Wealthy Affiliate:


I Really Haven’t Found Any. If I HAD To Find A Con I would Say The Huge Community And Training Can Sometimes Get You Lost. Take Your Time, You Are Building Something That Is Going To Be A Solid Foundation For Years To Come>


Not A Scam

Wealthy Affiliate

Owners Kyle And Carson Have Been Operating WA For Over 12 Years Now.  The Membership Has Grown To Over Million Members To Date.

My Overview

  • Owners: Kyle & Carson
  • Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Training: 10.0 out of 10.0
  • Support: 9.8 out of 10.0
  • Website Builder: 9.9 out of 10.0
  • WordPress Hosting: 10.0 out of 10.0
  • Research Tools: 9.8 out of 10.0
  • Success Stories: 9.8 out of 10.0
  • Price: 10.0 out of 10.0
  • Starter Membership (free) Premium ($49 month or $59 year)
  • My Overall Rating is a 9.7 out of 10.0

Membership PRICE:

Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)

Wealthy Affiliate Offers A Free Membership With 2 Free Websites And Free Training To Set Them Up, Something Competitors Don’t Offer.

Price: Premium Membership, $49/  Month  Or $359/ Year

Premium Wealthy Affiliate Members Are Allowed 50 Websites. You Can Create Websites Just For Following Along With The Training, Or Can Have Several  Different Niche Markets. Free Trial vs. Membership

Are You Ready For A Change? 

Come Learn About All The Benefits Of Being A Wealthy Affiliate Member , We Will Teach You How To Build A Full Time Income And Brand, Right From The Comfort Of Your Home?   You have Nothing To Lose.  

It Cost $0.00 To Get Started Join Today!

If Your answer Is Yes.  You Are Going To Love This! Upon Joining I will Contact You Within The First Hour And We Will Get You Set Up And Ready To Go! I Am Always Available. 24/7.

I Have Been Working From Home For About 13 Years. I And Will Be Personal Mentor. I Don’t Have All The Answers But I Will Find Them For You, Wealthy Affiliates Has The Answers. Plus, The Largest Data Bank I have Ever Seen, Full Of Everything An Affiliate Marketer Needs To Be A Success. I Promise You That!


Learn How To Create A Successful Home Business Online. Watch As Your Training And Applications Develop Into  Long Term Residual Income.  With A Website You Created And Control!

Wealthy Affiliate Will Allow You To Do This. Your Background, Technical Knowledge Or Experience Are Irrelevant. Wealthy Affiliate  Will Teach You How You How To Start Earning Affiliate Marketing Profits. I Will Also Be There To Mentor Every Successful Step You Take. I Give You My Word.Free-Membership

Get Started Today What Are You Waiting For?    I Have A Special Bonus To Offer You. Upon Joining Your Free Membership I Will Give You An Added Bonus.  All You Have To Do It Set Up Your Profile. How Does That Sound?

You’ll Never Know How Far You Can Grow If You Never Cultivate The Seed.  You know I’m  Right.  I Said It.  Now, After You Set Up Your Account  I Will Automatically Give You 59% Off Your First Month. Then I Will Prove To You How Easy It Really Is. All The Best,                       joanne@doaffiliatemarketing.net                                                                                                                                                                                                  About-Joanne

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About Joanne

Welcome To My Site,


My Name Is Joanne,
l live In North Carolina, I Love The Warm Weather. I Moved Here 35 Years Ago. I Am A Mother Of 4 and Grand Mother Of 3, Almost 4. I Love To Garden And Survived The “Kid” Days, With A Lot Of Humming And Humor.

Do What It Takes Club

I Have Always Done Some Kind Of Work On The Side To Make Ends Meet. I Call It The Do What It Takes Club. I Knew How To Start A Business, But Having 4 Children Made It Difficult To Leave The Home. I Did Everything, From Painting And Baby-Sitting On To Selling. Anything, So My Journey Selling Began Early. Direct Sales And Multi-Level (MLM) SalesWorking-Mom

Over The Last 13 Years, I Have Learned How To Start Me Business Online. In My Early Days, I Was Constantly Online Looking For Ways To Make Money At Home.

Ways To Make Money At Home

I Started My Online Journey On ebay And Of Course, Ran Out Of “STUFF” To Sell. So I Started Shopping The Local Thrift Stores And Yard Sales.Talk About A Lot Of Work For Pennies? It Took Time, And A Lot Of Energy Just To Find Quality Stuff. Then You Had To Cart It Home, Make Sure It Worked Or Was In Selling Condition, This Meant Cleaning It. More Costs And Energy.

After You Have Accomplished All This. You Are Just Beginning. Now You Have To Write A Key Word Rich Post Describing You Stuff. Sounds Easy, Right? Well, If You Do Not Research Your Stuff, You Will Be Out Sold Every Time! Who. What, Where, And When Is This Stuff Already Been Sold And For How Much?

Drop Shipping

Next, I Tried Drop Shipping. Hahaha, I Was A Drop Shipper On ebay When Drop Shipping Wasn’t Cool. That’s How Long I Have Been Online. Now We See Drop Shipping Everywhere!

I Tried The Online Surveys, They Felt Like Such A Scam To Me. Too Much Like A Scam For Me. I Don’t Know So Many Questions And So Many Offers? It Just Felt Like Too Much For Some Points To Add Up To Ca$h. I wanted Money, I’m Very Willing To Work For It If It Makes Sense.

I Have An Etsy Shop. Only Now I Crochet Rugs For A Hobby. I Still Make Them But Do Not Rely On Them For My Income. 🙂 I Usually Buy More Yarn With The $$$. Selling For Supply And Demand Was Stressful. All These Adventures Did Alright, But I Couldn’t Retire With Them, So I was Still Looking For A Way To Work At Home Online.Buy-and-Sell

The Internet Is A Great Place To Earn A Living, You Can Too.

Finding That Little Pot Of Gold

I Always Have Been Fascinated With Affiliate Marketing Since I Ran Across It Years Ago, In That ebay Mess. This Time I Was Looking For Income. Not Just Residual Income Businesses (My Retirement Income) That I Could Do At My Computer.

All AboardResellerhub stores

My First Stop Was Joining This “New” Company. They Were Trying To Be A Drop Shipper And An Affiliate Marketing Company And Have A Pay Out Structure Like A MLM Company; All In Under One Roof, Like A Mall. I Love a Challenge.

End Results. It Did Not Work! 🙁 I Had To File 39 ‘Did Not Ship” Cases against them From Customers Who Were Going To File Against Me If I Didn’t. Talk About Stress.

I Always Try To Walk Away With The Lesson Instead Of Complaining, You could say “The Bright Side Of Things”. Mistakes Are NOT FAILURES, They Are Just Learning Stones Along The Path Of Your Journey. NEVER CALL YOURSELF A FAILURE OR YOU FAILED. You Only Fail When You Quit!

I Learned A Lot In The Few Months I Worked With These Folks. I Learned A Lot Of Ways To Find FREE Traffic. And So Many Other Things.

I Was Admin To A Group Of Interested Folks They Were Sending To Me For This New Business.  I Have Since Made This Facebook Group My Own, And I Personally Mentor Folks Who Need Help With Affiliate Marketing. What A Blessing

Next StopAWOL Academy

I Attended A “Live Webinar” By AWOL Academy. They Want You To Invest About $15,000 Dollars. And AWOL Will Offer To Finance It. I Wrote My Experience In A Review..

Here’s Your Clue

Even The Webinar At AWOL Academy Is Not Live, THAT Should Be a Clue. He Has Such A Great Up-Sell And I Wanted To Learn This So Bad. So I Purchased The 99 Dollar Program, What A WASTE O f Time And Money!

I Was Frustrated And Felt Scammed, Twice In One Year.

It’s Just A LessonTime -For-Other-Ways

When You Walk Away With The Knowledge, It’s Just A Lesson. I Gained So Much More Than Anything I Lost.  I Learned I Really Like Helping People Succeed Online.

I Learned Fast That Most Of These Companies Were Not Going To Help Me Out. Even If They Had A Great Affiliate Program, It Was Not Going To Serve Me. Their Training Was Just Too Hard To Understand For The Average Marketer, Never Mind A Beginner. Support Was Also Nowhere To Be Found.


Then I Started To Run Across More Affiliate Marketing Courses, And It Renewed That Flame. I Knew It Was Flexible Enough To Follow On My Own Rules. Setting My Own Time ALLOWED Me To Learn At My Own Pace, Without Leaving My Job Because That Was A  Problem.

Back To The Trenches

Back To My Search, Determined To Find A More Trusted Company To Help Me Out After My Last 2 Ordeals. I Was Looking At Reviews, And I Ran Across Wealthy Affiliate. All The Reviews Wealthy Affiliate Had Were Promising And Positive.AWOL-Mail

The Right Tools For The Job

A Beginner Needs The Tools Of This Trade To Be Provided. We Need To Know Things, Or I Do. I Call It The 5 W’s. Who, What, Where, Why And When Are These Tools And How To Use Them For Our Success.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Most Of These Programs Have A Great List Of Things We Need, It Can make Your Head Spin. Never Mind The Cost Of All This. How Can I Get These Tools When I Knew Nothing About Them Or What Was Best?

Wealthy Affiliate Has Been Around For Over 14 Years, They A Global, In 194 Countries. The Site Is Live And Interactive, It Is Full Of Training 24/7. Help Is Always Available,Iit’s Just A Question, Video Or Live Chat Away.


Welcome Aboard

I Joined The Free Program Offered.  They Lived Up To Their Promises And Showed Me How  To Start With Affiliate Marketing. I  Looked For Years Before I Found A Company I Could Trust. With A Community That Was Actually Teaching And Making Success Stories.

Affiliate Marketing Has A Lot Of Little Steps, They Are All Important And Once They Are Learned, Affiliate Marketing Really Is Easy.  A Beginner Needs Step By Step Lessons That They Can Go Back And Forth To. And Homework Or A Project, We All Learn Faster When We Are Physically Participating.Little-Steps

I Am Using The Premium Membership Offered At Wealthy Affiliate. Between The Step By Step Training Program, And The Pay it Forward Community. I Am Making Money Online, And You Can Make Money Online Too!

I Am Amazed At How Much I Have Learned. I Finally Understand What ClickBank Is And How To Use It, It Only Took 9 Years. I Also Found So Many Popular Companies That Are Using The Internet And Pay Commissions To Affiliates.

Endless List

Just Use Your Imagination And Your Browser, You Can Find Them. It’s Just That Easy. Try it!I Just Entered In My Browser Walmart Affiliate Program.BAM! What Do You Know Folks? Yes, Walmart Has An Program And Will Pay You.


Something For Everyone

I Found Companies For Every Kind Of Interest (Niche). There Are Cosmetics, Jewelry, Children’s Toys, Electronics, Pets. The list Is Never Ending…. I Actually Work With A Directory That Has Almost 2000 Of These Popular And One Of A Kind Companies Looking For You!Rakuten-Marketing

What Do You Love?

Every Niche Can Be A profitable One! A Niche Is Nothing More Than A Group Of People Interested In The Same Thing. Your Job In This Niche Is Going To Be “Making Friends” Gaining Followers Who Are Ready To Read Your Your Next Blog Or Promotion About This Niche Subject.

Let Me Give You An Example:

You Could Have A Niche All About Dog Training, Or Maybe The Best Doggie Diets. In This You Would Be Writing All About Dogs And How To Training Them. From Potty Training To Obeying Commands.

I Would Assume The website Would Have Affiliate Links For All Things To Help Train And Keep Your Dog Friend Safe And Obedient, Even Books You Would Recommend.

You Would Take The Same Approach With The Treats.  Only It Would Have Recipes, Good And Bad Food Choices For Your Four Legged Friends. Maybe Even How To Keep Their Teeth Clean. Then The Products To Match.

Keep n Mind That You Will Being Doing A Lot Of  Writing And Research On Your Niche, So It Really Is Very Important That It Be Something Of Interest To You Or You Will Not Enjoy It.

Reviews of the Trades Tools

I Will Share With You A Variety Of Marketing Tools, Products, And How To’s. There Are Essential Tools Needed For Successful Affiliate Marketing That Will Help Your Business Run With Ease.

I Will Be Reviewing Some Of These Companies And Writing My Experience With Them.   My Focus At Do Affiliate Marketing, Is To Help Avoid Some Of The Mistakes And Scams I Have Run Into Along My Journey. If You Get Stuck I Will Help You, I Promise. I Help Others Because I Remember Wanting Help So Bad And There Was None.Affiliate-Marketing-Tools

I Invite You All To Come Along

You’ll Be Amazed At What You Can Learn With A Couple Of Months Working Through The Lessons And Applying Them To Your Homework Project(Website). I Started Without Any Affiliate Marketing Knowledge And No Personal Mentor.

Now, I Am  Writing My Own Blogs On 2 Websites. I Also Mentor Folks In A Facebook Group Group And Help If Anyone Is Stuck Trying To Affiliate Market.

Since I Found This Course, I Am Learning Something New Every Day..
I love Sharing Information. You Can Make Money Online, I Will Help You. I Promise. Get Stuck And Try Me. I Now Have Access To The largest Data Bank There Is, And It Is All About How To Make Money Online At Home.


I Can Help You To Turn Your Interest Into A Lucrative Passive Income website.

Click Here

To Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Education. WE Do Have A Free 7 Days Membership Just So You Can Check Us Out!  We Are That Confident.

If You Ever Need A Hand Or Have Any Questions. Feel Free To Leave Them Below.  I Will Be More Than Happy To Help You Out.

All The Best,

joanne@doaffiliatemarketing.net All-the-Best

This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info

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Step By Step Boot Camp Wealthy Affiliate Way

Step By Step

Through Boot Camp Wealthy Affiliate Way. ………… I Have Been Involved In The Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Study Course. It Is A Global Community Online, So There Is ALWAYS Help Available! My Focus During This Marketing Course Is To Become A Better Affiliate Marketer And Mentor

I Needed Help With My Affiliate Marketing Goals.



Follow My Lead

I Decided To Join The Boot Camp In Wealthy Affiliate And Follow The Lessons To Build A Website. So Far It Has Been Easy, I Have Not Run Into Too Many Problems. . I Am On Phase 2 Lesson 1

Let Me Recap What I Have Accomplished Following Lessons 1-10 In Phase One Of Boot Camp.


  • Watch A Video That Walks Through WA’s Affiliate Program.
  • Learn How To Pick A Target Audience And Choose A Direction With It (Folks Searching for YOU).
  • Purchase A Domain
  • Built The Website, There Is A Walk Through Video
  • Set Up WordPress Back Office
  • Activate Any Plugins And Delete Any Dummy/Hello Pages.
  • Set Up Site For SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Add a Privacy Policy And A Disclosure Compliance
  • Create An About Me, Or About Us Post.
  • Create Your Initial Menu Structure.
  • Research In Your Jaxxy Keyword Tool And Start A Keyword List., Save At Least Five To Start. There Is No Set Amount.
  • Write A Review.Choosing A Direction Discuss Financial Goals With Colleagues And Mentors. Boot-Camp



This IS The BEST Online Course.Now, Take A Moment And Review Your Work And All You Have Accomplished. At  This Point All The lessons In Phase 1 Of Boot Camp ARE Completed Except To Publish Your First Blog!.

It Is Scaring You Publishing The First Post(About Me)?  A Lot Of Folks Stop Here For Fear Of Not Being Good Enough. It Gets Easier.

In The Beginning

You Can Go Into Your WordPress Back Office And Edit Your Post As Many Times As You Want. Just Take That Step And Get It Published, Remember Step By Step And You WILL Reach Your Goal.

Keep In Mind That During This Project You Really Will Be Multi-Tasking. You Will Be Performing 2 Functions At Once while You Are In The Building Stage.

Step By StepStep-By-Step

YES, AT FIRST it IS A Lot Of Work You Are Going To School And Building An Online Business, All At Once! Don’t Worry, It Will Pay off! What You Do Not Realize Is That You Are Building A Steam Of Income For Many Years To Come.

You Are Doing A Lot Of Things That Are Going To Put You In Automation. You Will Be Able to Take A Month Or More Off And Still Be Earning A Living. The More You Write Content Rich Blogs With Your Affiliate Links The More That “Audience” Finds You.

Only Time And Working Hard For The First 6 Months, Is Going Get You There. Complete Focus And No Complaining Is What You Need To Do For the Next 6 Months.

Each Boot Camp Phase Contains About 10 Lessons Most include A Video
• Getting Your Business Rolling (phase 1)

• Content Keyword And Conversions (phase 2)

• Giving Your Site Social Value (phase 3)

• Get Visual, Get A Brand Through Media (phase 4)

• Knowing Your Audience & Catapulting Your Referrals (phase 5)

• Bing, Yahoo, & The Power Of PPC (phase 6)

• How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns (phase 7)


Ever Feel stuck?

Too Much Information? SEO? QRS? Now I Need SEO Marketing Help? Is There A Hotline for AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR THE FRUSTRATED? Yes, There Is A HOTLINE! The Live 24/7 Chat Is The BEST! When You Are Global, It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere 🙂

Yes, You Will Get Stuck You Will Also Be Rather Impressed With How FAST HELP Comes! I Mentioned Live Chat, But There Is Also Another Way To Get Fast Live Help.

Every Lesson Has A Question Area At The Bottom Of It In, JUST In Case, You Get Stuck. If You Are On A Lesson And Do Not Understand It, Ask, Someone, Is Always Available to Help.

One More Way To Get Help Is Research In The Search Bar. The Data Base Here Is The Largest I Have Ever Seen! You, Will, Be Sure To Come Away With A Lot of Knowledge. HELP Is EVERYWHERE To Be Found! All These Other Places That You Have To Email And Wait Several Hours Or A Day. By Then, You Usually Lose Interest. It’s Just A Fact.

What You Are Doing Is No Different Than A Person Who Is Going To School To Learn A Trade. You are already Way Ahead Of Them.Okay, This IS Different, But In A Great Way!

Why, You May Ask?WHY

The Number 1 Reason


MONEY!  It Is A Fact that Getting An Education Is EXPENSIVE! We See It Everyday Student Loans For Tuition Gone Bad. Then There Are Supplies. After ALL That Money, They Do Not Provide You With All You Need To Learn? Now You Have To Go Out And Purchase Books, Notebooks, Pens And Pencils And All The Necessary Things Your Trade Course Requires.

SURE They Will Let You Have A Student Loan And Borrow Money That Can Take Years To Pay Off.  Now, You Are Fresh Out Of School With Your TRADE And The Baggage Of A “Loan” On Your Back.


                    The Wealthy Affiliate Way

Yes, Learning, And Training For Your Marketing Trade Does Cost A Tuition. It Is $49 A Month That Equals $11.06 A Week.Wealthy-Affiliate -ABout-Us

We like To Call It A Membership, We Are All Members Of This Huge Global Community. In Reality, It Is One Of Those “Master Mind Clubs” You Read About.

What Supplies Will You Need?

You, Will, Need A Variety Of Marketing Tools And Products To Help You On This Journey Called Freedom.

The First Thing You Need Is A Website.

Now You Need A Domain.

Your Membership Gives You Access To 50 SiteRubix Domains For Your Websites. Some Of You Already Have Domains That You Love That Are Just Not Working For You. WAIT, Don’t Leave Them Behind! You Can Transfer Domains To One Of These WA Websites And Not Use Your SiteRubix. That Is Perfectly Fine Also.

The Last Thing You Are Going To Need

If You Want To Be A Blogger With An Online Business Is A Writing Platform Or Content Builder. Your Membership Supplies You With This Also.

It’s A Great Writing Platform Set Up For The Marketer With A Great Selection Of Tools. It Can Spell Check, Make Links, Add images And Symbols Or Color…. Plus More.

AND,Yeah!The Best Part!

All Of These Tools Are Needed To Do This Course, And They Are ALL Provided In Your Membership.The BEST PART is You Do Not Have to Invest in ANY Other Start-Up Costs. Your $359 A Year Membership Comes With Everything You Need To Get Started.

Now Becomes A Business Expense, You Are In Business.This Membership IS Necessary For You To Keep Up With All The Newest Affiliate Changes And How To Do Them To Stay On Top Of Your Business.

In Reality, You Could Not Pay A Month’s “Rent” On A Brick And Mortar Business With The Small Costs Associated With Your Membership. It  Makes Me Feel Grateful To Have Found Affiliate Marketing And Wealthy Affiliate’s.


Unlike That Poor Fella That Choose The Other Direction And Has So Many Business Expenses Attached  Before They Even Begin. The Trade School Person Has Not Even Began To Build A Business. They Probably Now Need Funding To Start Their Actually Business And Have a Student Loan Needing Paying..


Try The Free 7-Day Trial, You Have $0 To Lose

I Invite You To The Try Free 7 Day Trial Free, Take The Chance And Learn, Invest In Your Future. I Will Be Your Mentor Every Step Of The Way. Step By Step until We Reach Your Financial Goals.

All The Best,



This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info

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