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Step By Step Boot Camp Wealthy Affiliate Way

Step By Step

Through Boot Camp Wealthy Affiliate Way. ………… I Have Been Involved In The Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Study Course. It Is A Global Community Online, So There Is ALWAYS Help Available! My Focus During This Marketing Course Is To Become A Better Affiliate Marketer And Mentor

I Needed Help With My Affiliate Marketing Goals.



Follow My Lead

I Decided To Join The Boot Camp In Wealthy Affiliate And Follow The Lessons To Build A Website. So Far It Has Been Easy, I Have Not Run Into Too Many Problems. . I Am On Phase 2 Lesson 1

Let Me Recap What I Have Accomplished Following Lessons 1-10 In Phase One Of Boot Camp.


  • Watch A Video That Walks Through WA’s Affiliate Program.
  • Learn How To Pick A Target Audience And Choose A Direction With It (Folks Searching for YOU).
  • Purchase A Domain
  • Built The Website, There Is A Walk Through Video
  • Set Up WordPress Back Office
  • Activate Any Plugins And Delete Any Dummy/Hello Pages.
  • Set Up Site For SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Add a Privacy Policy And A Disclosure Compliance
  • Create An About Me, Or About Us Post.
  • Create Your Initial Menu Structure.
  • Research In Your Jaxxy Keyword Tool And Start A Keyword List., Save At Least Five To Start. There Is No Set Amount.
  • Write A Review.Choosing A Direction Discuss Financial Goals With Colleagues And Mentors. Boot-Camp



This IS The BEST Online Course.Now, Take A Moment And Review Your Work And All You Have Accomplished. At  This Point All The lessons In Phase 1 Of Boot Camp ARE Completed Except To Publish Your First Blog!.

It Is Scaring You Publishing The First Post(About Me)?  A Lot Of Folks Stop Here For Fear Of Not Being Good Enough. It Gets Easier.

In The Beginning

You Can Go Into Your WordPress Back Office And Edit Your Post As Many Times As You Want. Just Take That Step And Get It Published, Remember Step By Step And You WILL Reach Your Goal.

Keep In Mind That During This Project You Really Will Be Multi-Tasking. You Will Be Performing 2 Functions At Once while You Are In The Building Stage.

Step By StepStep-By-Step

YES, AT FIRST it IS A Lot Of Work You Are Going To School And Building An Online Business, All At Once! Don’t Worry, It Will Pay off! What You Do Not Realize Is That You Are Building A Steam Of Income For Many Years To Come.

You Are Doing A Lot Of Things That Are Going To Put You In Automation. You Will Be Able to Take A Month Or More Off And Still Be Earning A Living. The More You Write Content Rich Blogs With Your Affiliate Links The More That “Audience” Finds You.

Only Time And Working Hard For The First 6 Months, Is Going Get You There. Complete Focus And No Complaining Is What You Need To Do For the Next 6 Months.

Each Boot Camp Phase Contains About 10 Lessons Most include A Video
• Getting Your Business Rolling (phase 1)

• Content Keyword And Conversions (phase 2)

• Giving Your Site Social Value (phase 3)

• Get Visual, Get A Brand Through Media (phase 4)

• Knowing Your Audience & Catapulting Your Referrals (phase 5)

• Bing, Yahoo, & The Power Of PPC (phase 6)

• How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns (phase 7)


Ever Feel stuck?

Too Much Information? SEO? QRS? Now I Need SEO Marketing Help? Is There A Hotline for AFFILIATE MARKETING FOR THE FRUSTRATED? Yes, There Is A HOTLINE! The Live 24/7 Chat Is The BEST! When You Are Global, It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere 🙂

Yes, You Will Get Stuck You Will Also Be Rather Impressed With How FAST HELP Comes! I Mentioned Live Chat, But There Is Also Another Way To Get Fast Live Help.

Every Lesson Has A Question Area At The Bottom Of It In, JUST In Case, You Get Stuck. If You Are On A Lesson And Do Not Understand It, Ask, Someone, Is Always Available to Help.

One More Way To Get Help Is Research In The Search Bar. The Data Base Here Is The Largest I Have Ever Seen! You, Will, Be Sure To Come Away With A Lot of Knowledge. HELP Is EVERYWHERE To Be Found! All These Other Places That You Have To Email And Wait Several Hours Or A Day. By Then, You Usually Lose Interest. It’s Just A Fact.

What You Are Doing Is No Different Than A Person Who Is Going To School To Learn A Trade. You are already Way Ahead Of Them.Okay, This IS Different, But In A Great Way!

Why, You May Ask?WHY

The Number 1 Reason


MONEY!  It Is A Fact that Getting An Education Is EXPENSIVE! We See It Everyday Student Loans For Tuition Gone Bad. Then There Are Supplies. After ALL That Money, They Do Not Provide You With All You Need To Learn? Now You Have To Go Out And Purchase Books, Notebooks, Pens And Pencils And All The Necessary Things Your Trade Course Requires.

SURE They Will Let You Have A Student Loan And Borrow Money That Can Take Years To Pay Off.  Now, You Are Fresh Out Of School With Your TRADE And The Baggage Of A “Loan” On Your Back.


                    The Wealthy Affiliate Way

Yes, Learning, And Training For Your Marketing Trade Does Cost A Tuition. It Is $49 A Month That Equals $11.06 A Week.Wealthy-Affiliate -ABout-Us

We like To Call It A Membership, We Are All Members Of This Huge Global Community. In Reality, It Is One Of Those “Master Mind Clubs” You Read About.

What Supplies Will You Need?

You, Will, Need A Variety Of Marketing Tools And Products To Help You On This Journey Called Freedom.

The First Thing You Need Is A Website.

Now You Need A Domain.

Your Membership Gives You Access To 50 SiteRubix Domains For Your Websites. Some Of You Already Have Domains That You Love That Are Just Not Working For You. WAIT, Don’t Leave Them Behind! You Can Transfer Domains To One Of These WA Websites And Not Use Your SiteRubix. That Is Perfectly Fine Also.

The Last Thing You Are Going To Need

If You Want To Be A Blogger With An Online Business Is A Writing Platform Or Content Builder. Your Membership Supplies You With This Also.

It’s A Great Writing Platform Set Up For The Marketer With A Great Selection Of Tools. It Can Spell Check, Make Links, Add images And Symbols Or Color…. Plus More.

AND,Yeah!The Best Part!

All Of These Tools Are Needed To Do This Course, And They Are ALL Provided In Your Membership.The BEST PART is You Do Not Have to Invest in ANY Other Start-Up Costs. Your $359 A Year Membership Comes With Everything You Need To Get Started.

Now Becomes A Business Expense, You Are In Business.This Membership IS Necessary For You To Keep Up With All The Newest Affiliate Changes And How To Do Them To Stay On Top Of Your Business.

In Reality, You Could Not Pay A Month’s “Rent” On A Brick And Mortar Business With The Small Costs Associated With Your Membership. It  Makes Me Feel Grateful To Have Found Affiliate Marketing And Wealthy Affiliate’s.


Unlike That Poor Fella That Choose The Other Direction And Has So Many Business Expenses Attached  Before They Even Begin. The Trade School Person Has Not Even Began To Build A Business. They Probably Now Need Funding To Start Their Actually Business And Have a Student Loan Needing Paying..


Try The Free 7-Day Trial, You Have $0 To Lose

I Invite You To The Try Free 7 Day Trial Free, Take The Chance And Learn, Invest In Your Future. I Will Be Your Mentor Every Step Of The Way. Step By Step until We Reach Your Financial Goals.

All The Best,



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