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MY Awol Academy Review

Welcome To My AWOL Academy Review

You, Will, Learn What I Know About AWOL Academy From My experience With Them, The Products They Offer, And About My Experience With Them.

Let’s Get Started!  The Products That AWOL Provides Are Training, Mentoring, And Their Affiliate Program.

Proceed With Caution

The Products Offered Here Come With A High Price Tag And Numerous Up-Sells! I Came Across AWOL In A Youtube Commercial. He Was Slamming Other Financial Guru For Flashing Their Shiny Cars And Selling Us A Pipe Dream!

AWOL Academy At A Glance…

  • Owners: Kameron George & Keala Kanae
  • Website: http://www.awolacademy.com/
  • Training: 3 out of 10.0
  • Support: 1 out of 10
  • Website Builder: NA out of 10.0
  • WordPress Hosting: NA out of 10.0
  • Research Tools: NA out of 10.0
  • Success Stories: 3 out of 10.0
  • Price: 0 out of 10.0
  • Starter Membership Price:  $39.95 Per Month
  • Up-Sells:
  • $99;  $297;   $997;   $997;   $3497;   $9997 One-Time
  • My Overall Rating is a Rating 3 out of 10.0

Who Is AWOL Academy For?

Someone Who Has A Lot Of Money To Invest. They Should Also Be Familiar With MLM. The Program Is Designed To Sell AWOL Academy’s Affiliate Program. Recruiting For Their Program, It Looks Like Multi-Level Marketing.

I Can Assure You It Is Also Not Easy To Sell The Average Person This Program.  The Average Person Just Can Not Afford To Invest Over 15 Thousand Dollars.

AWOL Academy Prices & Training

1. Pro Academy

  • $99
  • Beginner
  • It’s A Step-By-Step Program That Teaches You How To Create Sales Funnels. This Is The First Product Offered, The One I Purchased

2. Inbox Academy

  • $297
  • Beginners / Intermediate
  • The Basics Of Email,

3. Conversion Academy

  • $997
  • Intermediate / Advanced
  • Conversion

4. Traffic Academy

  • $997
  • Intermediate / Advanced
  • All About Traffic And Social Media It Doesn’t Have Training On How To Rank For Google Search

5. Masters Academy

  • $3497
  • Advanced
  • Online Marketing In The long Term And The Creation Of Wealth
  • Mindset Training And Wealth Strategies, Taxes Investments
  • Exclusive Techniques From The “Masters”
  • Access To Top-Notch Information From Top-Level Internet Marketers

6. AWOL Elite

  • $9997
  • Advanced
  • The Highest Level At AWOL Academy
  • Access To All The Training Plus, A 2-Hour Weekly Webinar
  • Mentoring From The Mastermind Group

    How I Got Involved With AWOL

    I Found AWOL On Youtube One Evening While Listening To An Audio-book. Youtube Works Hard To Deliver Ads Based On What You Watch So I See A Lot Of Affiliate Ads. He Is A Great Salesman And Caught My Attention.

I Clicked The Link You Know The One. Where They Get Your Email Address In Exchange For An Ebook. The Ebook Was Informative, Giving Me Just Enough Information To Attend The Live Webinar.

“The Live Webinar”

Here’s Your Clue I Wrote This Experience In My About Me Page, So I Won’t Bore You Repeating Myself. To Make A Long Story Short I Purchased The $99 Program They Offered Called Pro Academy.

I Started Doing The Training And Immediately Felt Disappointed. The Training Is Usually A Video They Have You Watch, Then They Ask You 1 Question You’re Supposed To Answer Before You Go Forward.

By The 3rd Video, I Was Becoming Insulted. I Have Been In Sales All My Life And I Can Tell When An Up-Sell Is Being Played Out.                                               

I’m Not  Stupid

How Many Times Are You Going To Teach Me The Same Thing? I Noticed All The Lessons I Had Gone Through So Far Where The SOS.

How Many Times Are You Going To Show Me The Same Old Stuff And Then Try To Up-Sell Me? How About Showing Me How To Make The Web Pages You Want Me To Analyze And Scale.

How Much Money You Got?

EVERY QUESTION They Had Asked Me So far Was All About My Money? I Started In The Fourth Lesson And Then Stopped To Re-Evaluate This Program. After This Video, They Want Me To Schedule A Call From A Coach.

No Thank You

All You Have Done So Far Is Ask About My Money. They Have Very Aggressive Sales Tactics And Will Burn Up Your Email, More Than 3 Some Days. They Have Recently Started Sending Me Text Messages, About Once A Week.

AWOL Academy Support

The Support I Was Offered With The Product Was Not Good. I Can Not Access The Product I Paid $99 For. I Have Sent 2 Emails Already, Asking For Help. They Told Me They Fixed The Problem. I Still Can Not Access The Product.

When I Tried To Get To My Product It Locked Me Out Telling Me I Have To Finish The Lesson. You know, The One They Want To Call Me And Coach Me. Coach Me Out Of My Money. This High Priced Product, You Will Never Sell Me.

AWOL Academy Affiliate Price

Here Is Your Sign!

The Commission Structure: You Sign Up For The Affiliate Program, Which Costs $39.95 Per Month. The Training They Provide Is All For Promoting AWOL Academy;

When You Get A Referral, You Earn 30%,.When The Person Below You Gets A referral, You Earn 3% Of This Purchase. This Is Multi-Level Marketing(MLM).

Call It What It Is …

MLM And Affiliate Marketing Kind Of Rolled Up In One. You Should Think Twice Before Joining AWOL. I Lost Quite A Bit Of Money With A Company Trying To Do A Similar Program. They Were Trying To Combine Drop Shipping And Affiliate Marketing Together.

Some Marketing Programs Are Just Not Meant To Work Together.

Benefits:?  The Only Way This Program Was A Benefit Is If You Are Trying To Help Others Avoid Wasting Their Money With Constant Promises Of Success. AWOL Wants To Upsell Their Next Package. So I Wrote This Review
To Warn Others Who Are Interested In AWOL Academy.

They Charge You 39.99 A Month For Their Affiliate Program! That sends up ALL my Scam flags. I Have Noticed The Training Based All On PAID Advertising. I’d Rather Be Taught How To Get Organic(Free) Traffic With Proper SEO Techniques And Creating Quality Content.

All In All, From Start To Finish The Training Program Costs You Over $15,000. You Can Tell By Now That I Don’t Recommend This Program Unless Money Is Not A Problem For You.


The Up-Sell Is Extremely High $$$. The Payout Structure Resembles MLM.  After I Joined, I  Did Some Research And Found Out The Course Was Originally Called Project A W O L. They Got Into A Legal Dispute With Another Company And Changed The Name To AWOL Academy.

My Final Opinion of AWOL Academy

I Do Not Think AWOL Academy Is A Scam. I Do Believe They Have An Extremely High Up-Sell!  High Enough To Offer You Financing With A Very Aggressive Sales Team.  Then They Want To Charge You For Their Affiliate Program.

The Best Affiliate Training Programs I Have Found Have Offer You A Free Trial To Join. Most Of Them Also Have A Basic Training Platform, Some Of Their Training Is Hard To Follow, Especially If You Are New To Affiliate Marketing.

Many Have Great Affiliate Products You Can Use In Your Business AFTER you Learn The Business.  How Can You Build A Profitable Business If You Don’t Know How?  It Leaves You Discouraged, And You Quit.

Following The Courses, At The Best Affiliate Program, I Have Ever Found, I Finally Understand ClickBank. Now I Know What To Do With All Those Offers.

14 Years of Success

While I Was Debating If AWOL Was Worth Any More Investing, I Ran Across An Older Company.  I Have Learned So Much There I Never Left, And Forgot All About  AWOL Academy Until I Had To Write A Review In Training.

I Believe You Should Try My #1 Recommended Program For Affiliate Marketing Beginners.  They Have Taught The Necessary Steps Involved To Be A Success!

That’s My Experience With AWOL Academy. They Have Extremely High Up-sells. In Order To Succeed, You Have To Buy Into These High Up-Sells And It Is Going To Be Very Hard To Promote If You Are Not An Experienced Marketer.

Have You Made Money From This Affiliate Program? I’d Love To Hear From You. Whether Did The AWOL Training System Work For You Or Not. Feel Free To Leave Your Thoughts In The Comments Below.

All The Best,


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About Joanne Batters

I have been living in N. Carolina fr 35 years love to Garden and grow flowers here. Living in the same house for 26 years there are thousands of flowers here. I am an Online Affiliate Marketer working from Home. Raising 4 children always required me to Work from Home, who afford day care for a tribe? Now they are grown and gone and I am almost retired, or from my day job. I will always be an affiliate Marketer, I love what I do.
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  1. So many people have a bridge to sell Joanne. the more expensive they are the less buyers you need to make half a million.
    personally I have not heard of AWOL.
    Clickbank is ok. I looked at clickbank university but never bought it.
    I promote a couple of clickbank programs, but getting more serious with all my promotions now.
    Doing more through research and better (I hope) writing.

    • I stumbled across AWOL on youtube. You Know they serve Us adds according to our history. So it made sense. I do believe that Awol is just a big sales funnel and the only one’s really Profiting are the top exec’s. I have been a member of ClickBank since I did not know”How to do it”. When I came back to Affiliate Marketing and understood clickbank I decided to keep it for the reason. I Like to try products and services to write a review So I did Click Bank.

  2. Jo – I was thinking of signing up for this program, so I am glad i did some more research and found your review.
    It does sound very much like a MLM, and if they are only promoting their affiliate program, no it’s not for me.
    You say you atarted the training and you were insulted, but if you knew nothing about sales would you still be?
    now thinking about it – to have to pay to promote the program doesn’t make sense, if they want the exposure why not allow it for free.
    Could you recommend a program – not MLM- which will allow you to join their affiliate program for free.
    many thanks

    • They Felt like MLM and I could not believe they wanted to offer me a Loan to pay them 15000? and that does not include the monthly fee to promote them. I was very glad to have many Online years experience and know that they are not supposed to be charging us. They need us to Promo for them. It sent up all my red flags. And Then Wealthy Affiliate Saved the day. I also do have a great place that has almost 2000 companies looking for Affiliate Marketers. Here you go Phil. I love this place a lot of great Companies https://cli.linksynergy.com

  3. I want to thank you, and everyone like you, who take the time to review these products to help people to make the right decision in which program to choose. I find Clickbank a very good affiliate marketplace even though I never went into their courses (Wealthy Affiliate have the best ones) I still use their affiliate products and i will definitely look into your other recommendation you showed to Phil.

    • Your comment sounds like my thought. I also have a ClickBank account but do not use it for training Or My affiliate tools. I am not fond of most of the promo’s there either, they look like a scam. ClickBank may tell you how to do it, but Only Wealthy Affiliate bundles all the business tools we need to be a success into a membership package AND then teach us how to use them to be successful. When a newbie begins they do not realize they need webs, domains, hosting, picture, keyword tools, writing platform, email center, all these are necessary to do our business. The benefits of being a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member are endless,

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