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Are Royalty Free Pictures Free Use Images?

Are Royalty Free Pictures Free Use Images?

No, Not All Royalty Free Pictures Are Free images. We All Know That Using Content From Other Websites is a BIG NO NO! You Could Get In Trouble Doing This, Even Sued. It is a Copyright Infringement.

Definition Of Copyright:

Thank You, Merriam- Webster: The Exclusive Legal Right To Reproduce, Publish, Sell, or Distribute The Matter And Form Of Something.

A Form Of Intellectual Property Protection For Original Works Of Authorship. Copyright Laws Include Music, Books, Paintings, Photos, Even Live Performances.



Example Number 1: You Can Not Go To A “Concert” And Record The Artist, Or Burn Their CD’s Then Sell The Artist Work. You Can Not Do This With Movies, Books, Or Music. This Law Also Includes Images.

Another Example, I Am An Affiliate Marketer, You Can Not Go On A Person’s Website And Copy Their Article, Blog Or Whatever Term You Call It And Use It Like It Is Yours. That Is A Copyright Violation.

Nobody Wants To Spend Money On Buying Photos To Use On Their Site.  It Can Be Pricey, And There Is No Need When There Are So Many Great Sources Of Beautiful Images, Free.

So, How Do You Know If A “Free Image” Website Is Safe To Use Or Not? Carefully Read The Terms Of Service, Review And Read The Licensing Terms To Avoid Any Issues.



In Everyday Terms,  This Means That Once A License Fee Is Paid, The Images May Be Used Freely Many Times Without Paying Additional Royalty Fees.  Most Images Have A  License Attached.

Creative Commons License

A Collection Of Licenses For Intellectual Property Online. These Licenses Allow The Authors/Owner To Communicate Which Rights They Reserve, And Which Rights They Waive.  Read The License,  You Are Looking For CCO.

Creative Commons Zero (CCO) – This License Is Essentially In The Public Domain And Is Free To Use, Change And Re-Distribute Any Way You Want.

If The License Says “Public Domain”

This License Means The Creative Works Belong Or Are Available To The Public As A Whole, And Therefore Not Subject To Copyright. These Images Should Be Safe To Use.

Why Should I Even Use Pictures?

Free Images

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words... By Nature We Are Visual And Images Attract Our Attention Instantly.  Why Do Children Like Picture Books?  For The Same Reason Adults Like Pinterest And Instagram So Much. They Are All Pictures.

Your Site Just Doesn’t Look That Good Without Pictures.  Pictures help A Blogger’s Site By Breaking Up All That Writing.  The Ending Result Is The Page Being Easier To Read, And This Will Help Keep Your Followers From Bouncing Off The Page

Other Sources Of Images

There Are Plenty Of Sources Of Free Images, You Just Have To Be Creative And Do A Little Searching.

  • #1 Take Your Own And Edit Them. Most Phones And Tablets These Days Take Beautiful Photos. If, You Have Any Ideas For Your Site, And You Can Take A Picture To Use, Try It. Upload The Picture And See What It Looks Like.
  • #2 Screen Shots. I Take A Lot Of Screenshots Of My Work When I Am Trying To Show Something. You Can See This In My Blogs. These Are Just As Simple. All Devices Are A Little Different So I Would Suggest Googling How To Take A Screenshot Using Whatever Device You Have.
  • #3 There Are A Lot Of Companies That Offer Free Images. I Am Going To List Some Of Them For You:
  • ifeofpix
  • Pixabay
  • publicdomainarchive
  • pexels
  • Wikimedia Commons.

    All You Have To Do Is READ The Terms If You Are Interested In Any Of Them.   I Will Not Be Recommending Any Because I Would Be Lying To You, I Use The Free Use Images Finder At Wealthy Affiliate.

    Free Use Images Are Very Important To Your Affiliate Marketing Business. You Can Also Do A Quick Google Or Bing Search For Free Images, That Is How I Find Free Images When I Need Them. There Are Pages Of Companies Offering Free Use Images.

    Another Way Is To Search On Google And Bing Free Images, Just Change The Settings. You, Will, Have To Filter Out The Non-Free Use Images. There Will Be A Lot Fewer Images, But Better Safe Than Sorry. Bing And Google Are Very Similar


    Enter Your Search. When Your Bing Page Loads The Images Will Have To Be Filtered So We Only Have Access To Free Images.Bing free images

    When Here, Click Images, Then To The Right Of The Screen Where It Is Starred, Click Filter. This Gives You Many To Choose,  Be Safe And Click The Free Domain. Google Is Just This Easy Also, Let’s Go There.

    Bing free images

    How To Find Them On Google.

    In The Image Below I Googled Free Images Search In The Bar, But You Could Put Anything You Are Looking For. Try it, Pets, Plants, Moons, Even Money, ANYTHING.  Next, click The Image’s Link.

    The Next Link You Want Is Tools, The One With The Purple Star. Click It And The Menu Will Drop Down Adding More Filters For Your Search.

    Google free images

    This Is The One You Want, It Says “Labeled For Reuse” The Top Image I Found Using This Google Feature Just So I Could Show You More.

    Google free images

    To Find Information About An Image On Google Click The Visit Button. Take Note Do Not Use The Other Images, Without Checking, They May Not Be Free. Click The Visit Button.


    Visit Here, And You Can Get A Little Information About This Picture. You, Will. Find Choices Of The Sizes, The Attributes, Even Url’s Using This Image.

    Don’t Forget Size Is Important If You Make Your Image Too Large It Will Slow Down Your Site. I Picked 256 For The Image On Top.

    After You Find Your Free Image If It Is Bigger Than You Like After You Load It, Do Not Worry. You Still Have A Couple Of Editing Options Before You Publish Your Blog.

    My Computer Runs On Windows And Is Equipped With 3D Paint. I Can Crop And Reduce An Image Here So Quickly. Hit The Crop Button, Use The Slide Bar To Reduce And Click Done, Then Save. It Literally Takes Less Than A Minute.

    There Should Be Another Chance To Edit In Your Writing Editor. There Is At SiteRubix. If Your Website Is Using WordPress, You Can Also Go Into Your Media File There And Resize Your Picture.

    Royalty free


    I Like Free

    At Wealthy Affiliate, We Have Free Images Available To Us In Our Membership. WE Also Have a Free 7-Day Trial Membership, So Feel free to Come Try It Out. So It’s Never A Problem For Me. It Makes Doing Business Easier. The Founders Were Already Successful Affiliate Marketers When The Program Was Created, And The Founders Here Knew That Copyright Is An Issue And Provided A Way For You To Achieve Success Without Getting In Trouble.

    I Like Having Everything In One Place While I Am Working. The Pictures Below Are Actually This Exact Blog  I Am Writing At The Moment.  I Sign In To My Wealthy Affiliate Site I Have A Whole Office Of Links To The Left Of Me.

    I Clicked The SiteRubix Tab. Once There I Clicked The Content Tab, This Will Take You To Your Writing Platform Where You Rough Draft Your Blog. If You Have Images You Took You Can Click The Star To Load Them. If You Do Not Have An Image And Want To Find A Safe One Click The Search And Put Some Ideas In. It Works Just Like The Google Images We Talked About Without All The Filtering, It Has Already Been Taken Care Of. Wealthy Affiliate


    I Hope This Helps Some Of  You New Affiliates To Find Free Pictures To Use. If You Have Any Questions Or Thoughts, Please Leave A Comment Below And I Will Be Sure To Get Back To You.

    All The Best,


    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read MyRead My Disclosure For More Info

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