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Welcome To My Site,


My Name Is Joanne,
l live In North Carolina, I Love The Warm Weather. I Moved Here 35 Years Ago. I Am A Mother Of 4 and Grand Mother Of 3, Almost 4. I Love To Garden And Survived The “Kid” Days, With A Lot Of Humming And Humor.

Do What It Takes Club

I Have Always Done Some Kind Of Work On The Side To Make Ends Meet. I Call It The Do What It Takes Club. I Knew How To Start A Business, But Having 4 Children Made It Difficult To Leave The Home. I Did Everything, From Painting And Baby-Sitting On To Selling. Anything, So My Journey Selling Began Early. Direct Sales And Multi-Level (MLM) SalesWorking-Mom

Over The Last 13 Years, I Have Learned How To Start Me Business Online. In My Early Days, I Was Constantly Online Looking For Ways To Make Money At Home.

Ways To Make Money At Home

I Started My Online Journey On ebay And Of Course, Ran Out Of “STUFF” To Sell. So I Started Shopping The Local Thrift Stores And Yard Sales.Talk About A Lot Of Work For Pennies? It Took Time, And A Lot Of Energy Just To Find Quality Stuff. Then You Had To Cart It Home, Make Sure It Worked Or Was In Selling Condition, This Meant Cleaning It. More Costs And Energy.

After You Have Accomplished All This. You Are Just Beginning. Now You Have To Write A Key Word Rich Post Describing You Stuff. Sounds Easy, Right? Well, If You Do Not Research Your Stuff, You Will Be Out Sold Every Time! Who. What, Where, And When Is This Stuff Already Been Sold And For How Much?

Drop Shipping

Next, I Tried Drop Shipping. Hahaha, I Was A Drop Shipper On ebay When Drop Shipping Wasn’t Cool. That’s How Long I Have Been Online. Now We See Drop Shipping Everywhere!

I Tried The Online Surveys, They Felt Like Such A Scam To Me. Too Much Like A Scam For Me. I Don’t Know So Many Questions And So Many Offers? It Just Felt Like Too Much For Some Points To Add Up To Ca$h. I wanted Money, I’m Very Willing To Work For It If It Makes Sense.

I Have An Etsy Shop. Only Now I Crochet Rugs For A Hobby. I Still Make Them But Do Not Rely On Them For My Income. 🙂 I Usually Buy More Yarn With The $$$. Selling For Supply And Demand Was Stressful. All These Adventures Did Alright, But I Couldn’t Retire With Them, So I was Still Looking For A Way To Work At Home Online.Buy-and-Sell

The Internet Is A Great Place To Earn A Living, You Can Too.

Finding That Little Pot Of Gold

I Always Have Been Fascinated With Affiliate Marketing Since I Ran Across It Years Ago, In That ebay Mess. This Time I Was Looking For Income. Not Just Residual Income Businesses (My Retirement Income) That I Could Do At My Computer.

All AboardResellerhub stores

My First Stop Was Joining This “New” Company. They Were Trying To Be A Drop Shipper And An Affiliate Marketing Company And Have A Pay Out Structure Like A MLM Company; All In Under One Roof, Like A Mall. I Love a Challenge.

End Results. It Did Not Work! 🙁 I Had To File 39 ‘Did Not Ship” Cases against them From Customers Who Were Going To File Against Me If I Didn’t. Talk About Stress.

I Always Try To Walk Away With The Lesson Instead Of Complaining, You could say “The Bright Side Of Things”. Mistakes Are NOT FAILURES, They Are Just Learning Stones Along The Path Of Your Journey. NEVER CALL YOURSELF A FAILURE OR YOU FAILED. You Only Fail When You Quit!

I Learned A Lot In The Few Months I Worked With These Folks. I Learned A Lot Of Ways To Find FREE Traffic. And So Many Other Things.

I Was Admin To A Group Of Interested Folks They Were Sending To Me For This New Business.  I Have Since Made This Facebook Group My Own, And I Personally Mentor Folks Who Need Help With Affiliate Marketing. What A Blessing

Next StopAWOL Academy

I Attended A “Live Webinar” By AWOL Academy. They Want You To Invest About $15,000 Dollars. And AWOL Will Offer To Finance It. I Wrote My Experience In A Review..

Here’s Your Clue

Even The Webinar At AWOL Academy Is Not Live, THAT Should Be a Clue. He Has Such A Great Up-Sell And I Wanted To Learn This So Bad. So I Purchased The 99 Dollar Program, What A WASTE O f Time And Money!

I Was Frustrated And Felt Scammed, Twice In One Year.

It’s Just A LessonTime -For-Other-Ways

When You Walk Away With The Knowledge, It’s Just A Lesson. I Gained So Much More Than Anything I Lost.  I Learned I Really Like Helping People Succeed Online.

I Learned Fast That Most Of These Companies Were Not Going To Help Me Out. Even If They Had A Great Affiliate Program, It Was Not Going To Serve Me. Their Training Was Just Too Hard To Understand For The Average Marketer, Never Mind A Beginner. Support Was Also Nowhere To Be Found.


Then I Started To Run Across More Affiliate Marketing Courses, And It Renewed That Flame. I Knew It Was Flexible Enough To Follow On My Own Rules. Setting My Own Time ALLOWED Me To Learn At My Own Pace, Without Leaving My Job Because That Was A  Problem.

Back To The Trenches

Back To My Search, Determined To Find A More Trusted Company To Help Me Out After My Last 2 Ordeals. I Was Looking At Reviews, And I Ran Across Wealthy Affiliate. All The Reviews Wealthy Affiliate Had Were Promising And Positive.AWOL-Mail

The Right Tools For The Job

A Beginner Needs The Tools Of This Trade To Be Provided. We Need To Know Things, Or I Do. I Call It The 5 W’s. Who, What, Where, Why And When Are These Tools And How To Use Them For Our Success.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Most Of These Programs Have A Great List Of Things We Need, It Can make Your Head Spin. Never Mind The Cost Of All This. How Can I Get These Tools When I Knew Nothing About Them Or What Was Best?

Wealthy Affiliate Has Been Around For Over 14 Years, They A Global, In 194 Countries. The Site Is Live And Interactive, It Is Full Of Training 24/7. Help Is Always Available,Iit’s Just A Question, Video Or Live Chat Away.


Welcome Aboard

I Joined The Free Program Offered.  They Lived Up To Their Promises And Showed Me How  To Start With Affiliate Marketing. I  Looked For Years Before I Found A Company I Could Trust. With A Community That Was Actually Teaching And Making Success Stories.

Affiliate Marketing Has A Lot Of Little Steps, They Are All Important And Once They Are Learned, Affiliate Marketing Really Is Easy.  A Beginner Needs Step By Step Lessons That They Can Go Back And Forth To. And Homework Or A Project, We All Learn Faster When We Are Physically Participating.Little-Steps

I Am Using The Premium Membership Offered At Wealthy Affiliate. Between The Step By Step Training Program, And The Pay it Forward Community. I Am Making Money Online, And You Can Make Money Online Too!

I Am Amazed At How Much I Have Learned. I Finally Understand What ClickBank Is And How To Use It, It Only Took 9 Years. I Also Found So Many Popular Companies That Are Using The Internet And Pay Commissions To Affiliates.

Endless List

Just Use Your Imagination And Your Browser, You Can Find Them. It’s Just That Easy. Try it!I Just Entered In My Browser Walmart Affiliate Program.BAM! What Do You Know Folks? Yes, Walmart Has An Program And Will Pay You.


Something For Everyone

I Found Companies For Every Kind Of Interest (Niche). There Are Cosmetics, Jewelry, Children’s Toys, Electronics, Pets. The list Is Never Ending…. I Actually Work With A Directory That Has Almost 2000 Of These Popular And One Of A Kind Companies Looking For You!Rakuten-Marketing

What Do You Love?

Every Niche Can Be A profitable One! A Niche Is Nothing More Than A Group Of People Interested In The Same Thing. Your Job In This Niche Is Going To Be “Making Friends” Gaining Followers Who Are Ready To Read Your Your Next Blog Or Promotion About This Niche Subject.

Let Me Give You An Example:

You Could Have A Niche All About Dog Training, Or Maybe The Best Doggie Diets. In This You Would Be Writing All About Dogs And How To Training Them. From Potty Training To Obeying Commands.

I Would Assume The website Would Have Affiliate Links For All Things To Help Train And Keep Your Dog Friend Safe And Obedient, Even Books You Would Recommend.

You Would Take The Same Approach With The Treats.  Only It Would Have Recipes, Good And Bad Food Choices For Your Four Legged Friends. Maybe Even How To Keep Their Teeth Clean. Then The Products To Match.

Keep n Mind That You Will Being Doing A Lot Of  Writing And Research On Your Niche, So It Really Is Very Important That It Be Something Of Interest To You Or You Will Not Enjoy It.

Reviews of the Trades Tools

I Will Share With You A Variety Of Marketing Tools, Products, And How To’s. There Are Essential Tools Needed For Successful Affiliate Marketing That Will Help Your Business Run With Ease.

I Will Be Reviewing Some Of These Companies And Writing My Experience With Them.   My Focus At Do Affiliate Marketing, Is To Help Avoid Some Of The Mistakes And Scams I Have Run Into Along My Journey. If You Get Stuck I Will Help You, I Promise. I Help Others Because I Remember Wanting Help So Bad And There Was None.Affiliate-Marketing-Tools

I Invite You All To Come Along

You’ll Be Amazed At What You Can Learn With A Couple Of Months Working Through The Lessons And Applying Them To Your Homework Project(Website). I Started Without Any Affiliate Marketing Knowledge And No Personal Mentor.

Now, I Am  Writing My Own Blogs On 2 Websites. I Also Mentor Folks In A Facebook Group Group And Help If Anyone Is Stuck Trying To Affiliate Market.

Since I Found This Course, I Am Learning Something New Every Day..
I love Sharing Information. You Can Make Money Online, I Will Help You. I Promise. Get Stuck And Try Me. I Now Have Access To The largest Data Bank There Is, And It Is All About How To Make Money Online At Home.


I Can Help You To Turn Your Interest Into A Lucrative Passive Income website.

Click Here

To Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Education. WE Do Have A Free 7 Days Membership Just So You Can Check Us Out!  We Are That Confident.

If You Ever Need A Hand Or Have Any Questions. Feel Free To Leave Them Below.  I Will Be More Than Happy To Help You Out.

All The Best,

joanne@doaffiliatemarketing.net All-the-Best

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About Joanne Batters

I have been living in N. Carolina fr 35 years love to Garden and grow flowers here. Living in the same house for 26 years there are thousands of flowers here. I am an Online Affiliate Marketer working from Home. Raising 4 children always required me to Work from Home, who afford day care for a tribe? Now they are grown and gone and I am almost retired, or from my day job. I will always be an affiliate Marketer, I love what I do.
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