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What Is ClickBank? Review

What Is ClickBank


ClickBank Is Not A Bank

Or Trust Company. It Is Also Not An Online Bank Click Bank Or Even A Payment Platform Like Paypal. ClickBank Is A Retail Company That Brings Vendors Of Products And Affiliate Marketers Together, So They Can Network And Help Each Other.

Basically, ClickBank Is An Online Middle Man Between Online Marketers And Online Suppliers Who Are Looking For The Affiliate’s To Help Them Sell Their Wares.

I Like To Think Of It As A Directory Like A Phone Book Is. Only This Directory Is Full Of Companies Looking For Affiliate Marketers To Promote Their “Stuff”

What Is ClickBank For

Affiliate Marketing, Bloggers, Digital Sales Companies.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

It Is A Type Of Marketing That Brings Together The Product Or Store And The Advertiser(Affiliate Marketer).  Most Of The Big Well-Known Companies Are Coming Online To Keep Up With This Ever Growing Market Of Retail Stores. Best Buy, Barnes & Nobles, Weight Watchers. The List Grows Daily.

To Break It Down Quickly. The Company Offers The Affiliate A Percentage Of All The Sales That Are Generated By A “Link” That Leads To The Products.  The Marketer Promotes The Store Or Products In My Places And Many Ways. From Websites, Social Media Even To Paid Advertising

  First, It Is Important To Understand That Affiliate Marketing Is NOT A “Get Rich Quick” Scheme. It Can Produce Passive Income, But Not Overnight. It Takes Commitment When You First Start. You Have To Build Quality Into Your Relationship With Your Followers.  It Requires Time, Commitment, And Communication To Build Your Consumer Followers.



 A Top 100 Online Retailer With 200 Million Customers, ClickBank Sells Digital Products Worldwide Created By Entrepreneurs, ClickBank Delivers Digital Lifestyle Products To Customers In 190 Countries.

ClickBank ProductsClickBank-Products

ClickBank Training


ClickBank University

What is ClickBank University

ClickBank University Is Supposed To Be A More Thorough Training For Affiliate Marketers. It Is Not Complete Enough To Produce Successful Affiliate Marketers.  If They Do Not Have Successful Affiliate Marketeers, Their Business Could Be At Risk. After All These Years In Business, They Have Finally Figured Out The Training They Provide Sucks!


Day 1:

It Took Me A Day To Find My Way Around. By The Time They Were Halfway Through The Video It Lost My Focus And I Fell Asleep But Did Remember They Told Me To Go Through The Copyright Training.

Day 2:

I Had A Hard Time Finding The Link To Login Back Into ClickBank University. I Finally Had To Put It In My Browser. I Could Not Find A Link Anywhere From My ClickBank Home Page Except The Knowledge Section.

This Is The Free Training, I Wanted The Training I Paid For. I Also Had To Navigate Back Through Links To Find Where I Left Off, It Does Not Bookmark It.

Day 3:

EFF This.  No Wonder I Could Not Understand What I Was Doing 8 years Ago?  I’m Going Home To Wealthy Affiliate The BEST Affiliate Training And Help With Affiliate Marketing There Is.

ClickBank Support

The Support Offered With The Product Was Easy To Access. They Have Live Chat And I Did Use It. They Answered Me Instantly. The Emails I Receive Also Have An Email Support Address If Needed. Is There A Community, Forum, Personal Support, Do The Owners Support It

ClickBank Price

ClickBank Is Free To Join. But If You Do Not Understand The Concepts Of Affiliate Marketing You Have To Pay For The University (Training)”                                     


                                                                                                                                    ” Clickbank University”  I joined at 50% off for 23.50 then it is $47 month

ClickBank at a Glance…

Founded In 1998 They Are A Global Marketplace In Over 190 Countries. Personally, I like Companies That have Stood The Test Of Time. Scams Come And Go, But A Reliable Company Stands Up To Its Name.

ClickBank Overview

  • Founders: Tim and Eileen Barber in 1998
  • Website: ClickBank.com
  • Training:  4 out of 10.0
  • Support:  8 out of 10
  • Website Builder: NA
  • WordPress Hosting: NA
  • Research Tools:  NA
  • Success Stories:  out of 10.0
  • Price: 9 out of 10.0
  • Starter Membership ClickBank Is Free. Their Training Is Incomplete So They Refer You To  ” Clickbank University”  I Joined At 50% Off For 23.50 Then It Is $47 Month
  • My Overall Rating is a 2 out of 10.0

ClickBank Is Not A Scam

They Would Not Have A Good Rating With The BBB If They Were A Scam. About-ClickBank


My Final Opinion Of ClickBank

Pros: Seasoned Affiliates Have Access To Many Digital Vendors At The Click Of A Button There Are Also Many Vendors At ClickBank That Do Not Care If You Have No Website To Promote From.

Cons: The Free Training Is Confusing
For New Affiliates And The Paid “University Is Not Much Better

All The Best,


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Are Royalty Free Pictures Free Use Images?

Are Royalty Free Pictures Free Use Images?

No, Not All Royalty Free Pictures Are Free images. We All Know That Using Content From Other Websites is a BIG NO NO! You Could Get In Trouble Doing This, Even Sued. It is a Copyright Infringement.

Definition Of Copyright:

Thank You, Merriam- Webster: The Exclusive Legal Right To Reproduce, Publish, Sell, or Distribute The Matter And Form Of Something.

A Form Of Intellectual Property Protection For Original Works Of Authorship. Copyright Laws Include Music, Books, Paintings, Photos, Even Live Performances.



Example Number 1: You Can Not Go To A “Concert” And Record The Artist, Or Burn Their CD’s Then Sell The Artist Work. You Can Not Do This With Movies, Books, Or Music. This Law Also Includes Images.

Another Example, I Am An Affiliate Marketer, You Can Not Go On A Person’s Website And Copy Their Article, Blog Or Whatever Term You Call It And Use It Like It Is Yours. That Is A Copyright Violation.

Nobody Wants To Spend Money On Buying Photos To Use On Their Site.  It Can Be Pricey, And There Is No Need When There Are So Many Great Sources Of Beautiful Images, Free.

So, How Do You Know If A “Free Image” Website Is Safe To Use Or Not? Carefully Read The Terms Of Service, Review And Read The Licensing Terms To Avoid Any Issues.



In Everyday Terms,  This Means That Once A License Fee Is Paid, The Images May Be Used Freely Many Times Without Paying Additional Royalty Fees.  Most Images Have A  License Attached.

Creative Commons License

A Collection Of Licenses For Intellectual Property Online. These Licenses Allow The Authors/Owner To Communicate Which Rights They Reserve, And Which Rights They Waive.  Read The License,  You Are Looking For CCO.

Creative Commons Zero (CCO) – This License Is Essentially In The Public Domain And Is Free To Use, Change And Re-Distribute Any Way You Want.

If The License Says “Public Domain”

This License Means The Creative Works Belong Or Are Available To The Public As A Whole, And Therefore Not Subject To Copyright. These Images Should Be Safe To Use.

Why Should I Even Use Pictures?

Free Images

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words... By Nature We Are Visual And Images Attract Our Attention Instantly.  Why Do Children Like Picture Books?  For The Same Reason Adults Like Pinterest And Instagram So Much. They Are All Pictures.

Your Site Just Doesn’t Look That Good Without Pictures.  Pictures help A Blogger’s Site By Breaking Up All That Writing.  The Ending Result Is The Page Being Easier To Read, And This Will Help Keep Your Followers From Bouncing Off The Page

Other Sources Of Images

There Are Plenty Of Sources Of Free Images, You Just Have To Be Creative And Do A Little Searching.

  • #1 Take Your Own And Edit Them. Most Phones And Tablets These Days Take Beautiful Photos. If, You Have Any Ideas For Your Site, And You Can Take A Picture To Use, Try It. Upload The Picture And See What It Looks Like.
  • #2 Screen Shots. I Take A Lot Of Screenshots Of My Work When I Am Trying To Show Something. You Can See This In My Blogs. These Are Just As Simple. All Devices Are A Little Different So I Would Suggest Googling How To Take A Screenshot Using Whatever Device You Have.
  • #3 There Are A Lot Of Companies That Offer Free Images. I Am Going To List Some Of Them For You:
  • ifeofpix
  • Pixabay
  • publicdomainarchive
  • pexels
  • Wikimedia Commons.

    All You Have To Do Is READ The Terms If You Are Interested In Any Of Them.   I Will Not Be Recommending Any Because I Would Be Lying To You, I Use The Free Use Images Finder At Wealthy Affiliate.

    Free Use Images Are Very Important To Your Affiliate Marketing Business. You Can Also Do A Quick Google Or Bing Search For Free Images, That Is How I Find Free Images When I Need Them. There Are Pages Of Companies Offering Free Use Images.

    Another Way Is To Search On Google And Bing Free Images, Just Change The Settings. You, Will, Have To Filter Out The Non-Free Use Images. There Will Be A Lot Fewer Images, But Better Safe Than Sorry. Bing And Google Are Very Similar


    Enter Your Search. When Your Bing Page Loads The Images Will Have To Be Filtered So We Only Have Access To Free Images.Bing free images

    When Here, Click Images, Then To The Right Of The Screen Where It Is Starred, Click Filter. This Gives You Many To Choose,  Be Safe And Click The Free Domain. Google Is Just This Easy Also, Let’s Go There.

    Bing free images

    How To Find Them On Google.

    In The Image Below I Googled Free Images Search In The Bar, But You Could Put Anything You Are Looking For. Try it, Pets, Plants, Moons, Even Money, ANYTHING.  Next, click The Image’s Link.

    The Next Link You Want Is Tools, The One With The Purple Star. Click It And The Menu Will Drop Down Adding More Filters For Your Search.

    Google free images

    This Is The One You Want, It Says “Labeled For Reuse” The Top Image I Found Using This Google Feature Just So I Could Show You More.

    Google free images

    To Find Information About An Image On Google Click The Visit Button. Take Note Do Not Use The Other Images, Without Checking, They May Not Be Free. Click The Visit Button.


    Visit Here, And You Can Get A Little Information About This Picture. You, Will. Find Choices Of The Sizes, The Attributes, Even Url’s Using This Image.

    Don’t Forget Size Is Important If You Make Your Image Too Large It Will Slow Down Your Site. I Picked 256 For The Image On Top.

    After You Find Your Free Image If It Is Bigger Than You Like After You Load It, Do Not Worry. You Still Have A Couple Of Editing Options Before You Publish Your Blog.

    My Computer Runs On Windows And Is Equipped With 3D Paint. I Can Crop And Reduce An Image Here So Quickly. Hit The Crop Button, Use The Slide Bar To Reduce And Click Done, Then Save. It Literally Takes Less Than A Minute.

    There Should Be Another Chance To Edit In Your Writing Editor. There Is At SiteRubix. If Your Website Is Using WordPress, You Can Also Go Into Your Media File There And Resize Your Picture.

    Royalty free


    I Like Free

    At Wealthy Affiliate, We Have Free Images Available To Us In Our Membership. WE Also Have a Free 7-Day Trial Membership, So Feel free to Come Try It Out. So It’s Never A Problem For Me. It Makes Doing Business Easier. The Founders Were Already Successful Affiliate Marketers When The Program Was Created, And The Founders Here Knew That Copyright Is An Issue And Provided A Way For You To Achieve Success Without Getting In Trouble.

    I Like Having Everything In One Place While I Am Working. The Pictures Below Are Actually This Exact Blog  I Am Writing At The Moment.  I Sign In To My Wealthy Affiliate Site I Have A Whole Office Of Links To The Left Of Me.

    I Clicked The SiteRubix Tab. Once There I Clicked The Content Tab, This Will Take You To Your Writing Platform Where You Rough Draft Your Blog. If You Have Images You Took You Can Click The Star To Load Them. If You Do Not Have An Image And Want To Find A Safe One Click The Search And Put Some Ideas In. It Works Just Like The Google Images We Talked About Without All The Filtering, It Has Already Been Taken Care Of. Wealthy Affiliate


    I Hope This Helps Some Of  You New Affiliates To Find Free Pictures To Use. If You Have Any Questions Or Thoughts, Please Leave A Comment Below And I Will Be Sure To Get Back To You.

    All The Best,


    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read MyRead My Disclosure For More Info

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Reduce Picture Size Free Photo Picture Editor

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Pictures Are A Great Way To Break Up All The Text When You Are Blogging For Your Website. Sometimes Though, They Tend To Slow Down Your Site, Causing Your Visitors To Leave. Reduce Picture Size, And You Will Most Likely See Your Page Speed Improve, Leading To More Traffic, And Better Ranking Of Your Site.

I Mean Slide Show. Have You Ever Clicked On One Of Those “Slide Show” Sites That Makes You Go Through A Bunch Of Pages, Instead Of A Couple? Slide Show This Is Already A Clue That The Site Is Going To Show You Images. You Get Up There, And EVERY PAGE Takes FOREVER To Load, After A Few Pages Of Waiting You Leave.

There Can Be Many Factors That Cause Your Website To Be Slow. There Is A Way To Check On Some of it Google Page-Speed Insights. I Use This Tool Often, Especially After I Publish A New Blog.

Speed Test your Internet Site. The time It Takes Your Website To Upload Is Important For Your Traffic And Page Rank. If It Takes A Long Time For Your Website To Load, It Causes People To Lose Interest And Leave(Bounce Rate).

Page Rank

One Of The Ways That Google And Bing Measure The Importance Of Your Website Page Is To Give Every Search Result A Score. The Higher Your Score(Rank), The Higher It Will Appear In Search Results. If Folks Leave Your Page, It Lowers This Score. You Can Find This Tool By Putting Google Page Speed In Your Browser It Is Free.

Page Speed

At Wealthy Affiliates, I Have This Tool, Right On My SiteRubix, We Are Spoiled. I Can Stay Right In My Back Office Working And Have The Information I Need In Front Of Me. SiteRubix Is A Website Builder That Comes In Our Wealthy Affiliates Membership.

In The Picture Above

The Posts With The Yellow Darts Could Be Faster. They Are Interfering With Mobile Devices. Mobile Devices Load Faster With Smaller Pictures. If You Are Working From A Laptop Or Desktop Please Take A Moment To Look At Your Site On A Phone To Get A Better Idea Of What Your Website Looks Like To Them.

Go To Page Speed Insights And Run This Quick Test On Your Site. Page Speed Insights Shows You The Things That Could Be Slowing Down Your Site.They Also Offer Suggestions To Help Speed Up Your Website If It Needs It.

Optimize Your Images…

This Problem Occurs When Your Visitor Has To Download The Original File. If The File Is A Large File, It Will Slow Down The Load Time On Your Website. There Are Tools To Reduce File Size.

Those Of You That Are New On This journey Would Like An Easy Way To Fix This Without All The jpeg, Gif, Png, SEO, and RANK Talk., We Are New To This! Just SHOW Me How Even If I Do Not Understand. Teach Me By Showing Me, Then You Can Explain Why.


Let’s Focus On A FREE And Easy Way To Help Beginners Reduce Picture Size Without All The Complicated Details. You Can Find Them FREE! And Keep More Of Your Profits. The Affiliate Marketing Business Has Enough Business Expenses.

Another Reason I Love Wealthy Affiliate Is My SiteRubix. It Also Has A Picture Editor, Included In My Membership With Free Pictures. Please, Be Aware That Not All Pictures Are Free For Use, We’ll Talk More About That Later.

Even If You Do Not Have A Wealthy Affiliate Membership, There Is Still Free Access To Edit Your pictures. If You Have A Computer You Probably Run On Windows, So We Will Want To focus On Editing In Windows.


One Of My Post How to Start A Home Business, Had This Image And It Was Too Big, It Looked Huge On My Blog. To Find This Information For Your Free Images, Go To The File Your Image Is In, Then Right Click, Then Click Properties.

Look At That Number 73.2 KB. That is the Amount Of File Space This Image Uses. We Are Going To Reduce.

Paint For Windows

Do You Have A Computer That Operates With Windows? Then You Already Have It On Your Computer. It Is Easy To Use AND, It’s FREE. You Can Reduce The Picture Size Here In A Couple Of Clicks.

You Can Do A Lot Up Here Like Cutting Out What You Do Not Want To Be In Your Image. Paint Can Also Highlight Things In Different Colors, Outline Information, Or Paint On Your Free Images. The Paint Editor Can Even Erase Objects You Do Not Want To Be In Your Image.

Always Make A Copy

Save Your Original Image, If You Do Not Like The New Image You Created, Starting Over Is Not A Problem. Go To Your Image File, Right Click Your Image, Then You Want To Click Copy. Then Re-Paste The Copy, That Is The Easiest Way To Save Your Original Images.

Go Back To Your Copy And Right-Click It. This Time You Will Click The OPEN WITH Tab, Not The Open Tab. When You Mouse Over The Open With Tab, It Will Offer You The Choice Of Paint, Right Click It. After You Load Your Image In The Editor, Click The Resize Button. Here You Can Reduce Your Picture.


There Are A Couple Of Ways To Reduce The Picture Size Using Paint. In This Example, I Choose To Reduce The Picture From 100 to 50.% The Height And Width will Both Reduce When You Change One Of The Options For Reducing Your Image Size.

In the Image Below

You Can See This. Don’t Forget To Click OK To Make The Change, Before You Save Your Picture.

Try A Few, Experiment, Get To Know This Free Tool You Have Right On Your Computer. Another Way To Save Your Original Is, When You Close The Program, It Will Allow You To Save Or Save AS. Click The Close It, AND Save As, Then Rename It, That Way You Have Your New Image And Your Original.

Just Copy And Save The Image You Made, Save It. Now Without Getting All Into That Detail, Let Us Take Another Look At Our Properties, And See What Size Our File Is.

Reduced Properties reduced 28.0 KB Wasn’t That Easy?

You Can Do The Same Thing Using The Pixels Tab Under The Paint Editor. I Won’t Show That Example. I Will Leave That One For You Try It Now That You Know Where It Is. Let Me Show You How To Reduce Picture Size By Dropping From The Image.

On A Previous Post, I Had A Picture But Again, It Was Large, And I Did Not Need All Of It To Make My Point, So I Cropped It. It Was So Easy To Do. I Made A Copy Of My Image And Opened It In The Paint Editor.

Then I Clicked The Crop Tab (Black Circle). When You Click This, You Will See Little Points Around Your Image. These Are What You Use To Cut Your Image, Or Cropping. In My New Image, You See, I Took The Right Side Off The Image. Now The Size Is Smaller, But Still Showing The Point I Was Making.

You Can Draw And Circle Objects Or Highlight Them Just Like The Photo Above. I Put A Red Square Around The Section Of My Image So You Can See Where To Find The Link. Click On A Shape And Outline It In Any Color. Don’t Forget To Save Your Original Copy.

The Last Thing I Am Going To Show You Quickly, How To Erase In Editor. Looking Back At The Image, You Click The Eraser I Have A star Around It TO Help You Find It. This Is Great When You Want To Take Writing Off An Image.

See My Example Below.

The Image Looks So Much Better

The Top Of This Image Had Writing On It, It Made The Paragraph Hard For The Reader, So I Clicked That Eraser Tab And Removed It. The Top Image Is What I Started With The After. This Bottom Image Looks So Much Better.


I Hope These Tips About Editing You Images Has Helped. I Encouraged You To Try The Paint Editor Make Some Copies Of Your Favorite Pictures, Be Creative.

I Only Touched On Some Basic Things You Can Do With Windows Paint Editor. Some Computers Have Paint 3D. This Is Another Great Free Way To Reduce Picture Size To Fit Your Needs, Fast And FREE!. I’m All About Fast AND FREE!

Free Pictures.

Just Let Me Remind You Again. You should Not Just Take Any Images Or Copy Them From Somewhere Online To Use On Your Sites. Not All Pictures Are Free Copyright Issues Are Involved Just Like A Book Or Music, It Belongs To The Person Who Created The Image.

Some Of Them Are Free, And Some Are Not. The Images That Are Not Free, Google Does Not Like On Your Website. It Is One Of Those Score Rank Things Again. There Are A Lot Out There. There Is One Called pixabay, It Is Easy To Use, If You Have Just Found Yourself In This Situation, With The Knew knowledge You Have Learned.

Wealthy Affiliate Also Provides You With A Source Of Free Images For Your Use Right In Your Membership Bundle. Save Your Money And Invest In Yourself, Learning To Affiliate Market, Using SiteRubix From Wealthy Affiliate. Your Membership Provides You With SiteRubix Where You Will Find Your Free Pictures And Yet Another Free Image Editor. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer Reduces File Sizes For Images Within Your WordPress Office.

All The Best,


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What is Job Security? I Hate My Job

What Is Job Security? Why Do I Hate My Job?

What Is Job Security To You? I think It Is A Question We All Ask Ourselves. Job Security Has A Different Meaning To Each Of Us Individually, According To Our Lifestyles.

Are You Searching For Answers Like WHY DO I HATE MY JOB? Hating Your Job Is More Of An Issue To Most Folks That Job Security Is.


Job Security Is A Belief

A Belief That A Person Keeps Their Job Without Becoming Unemployed. You Run Into Problems If You Hate Your Job.It Is Very Difficult To Motivate Yourself To Keep A Job You Hate. Most Often, We Do Not Apply Our Whole Self Or, Our Best Version. In A Job We Do Not Like Eventually We Leave, Even Secure Jobs

Also Keep In Mind That A Shift In Our Economy Can Change Everything, FAST!

Not A Promise

In The Blink Of An Eye, Even Jobs That We Think Are Secure Can Fail. It Was Not That Long Ago That A Lot OF People Lost Homes And Jobs. All This Was Cause By A Couple Of Big Business’s Falling Hard.

Times Have Changed, Products And Services Have Become Obsolete In Some Of Yesterday’s Industries. A Few Years Ago EVERY Gas Station Had A Pay Phone, Remember? Where Did They Go? Gas Station Pay Phones Have All Benn replaced By Cell phones Coming Into Technology.

Do You Think Secure Folks Lost Their Jobs? Do You Think The Folks That Continued Their Education Adjusted Faster?  Successful People Never Stop Learning.

Money Vs. Health

There Is A Lot Of Evidence Showing The Impact That Job Insecurity Stress Is Damaging To Our Health. IT Often Occurs When The Employee Cannot Cope With The Stress Or Demands Of A Job.We Want To Believe We “Are A Valuable Part Of The Team.

Job Security In A Stressful Environment Can Lead To Loss Of Production. Leading To Even More Problems And Lowered Self-Esteem. All Jobs That Challenges Your Abilities Can Cause Stress, So Pick A Career AND Company You Love.

When You Hate Your Job

When You Hate Your Job, It Affects So Many Aspects Of Your life, Mental, Emotional, And Physical. From Your Family To Your Health. I Speak This From Experience. I Have Worked In A Very Stressful Job For The Last 22 Years. When My Children Were Young, It Was That Required I Work Every Sunday.

Now The Children Are Gone, And All I Know About Sunday’s Is Working. After 22 years, Of Service, They No Longer Want Me On  Sunday? I Feel Kind Of Lost. Private Sector Job Security  At It’s Best, Is All I Can Say.


Because Of Fear Of Losing My Job, I Always Complied. My Children Always Knew Mommy Was Going To Come Home “Tired” And Crabby On Sunday. We Don’t Have Any Special Sunday Memories.

I Remember Days Being At The Job With My Heart Pounding Out Of My Chest. Thinking To Myself, Don’t Drop Dead Here.Job Security Is All About Your Reality Of The Situation.

Does Job Security Really Exist?

Job Security Is Perceived By Ourselves And Stems From
Our Inner Thoughts Or Feelings. Are These Fears Related To Your Performance Or Management? Can You Be Replaced? Do You Have Feelings Or Fears That You Can?

Are You A Source Of Light And Positivity At Work, Or Are You Draining The People Around You? Some Jobs Are Stressful For Seemingly Stupid Reasons.The Race To Get Ahead, Poor Management And Idle Gossip, Are Many Of The Influences In The Work-Place.

Job Insecurity

A Situation Where A Person With A Job Would Have A High Chance Of Becoming Unemployed. Private Sector Jobs Are Generally Believed To Offer Lower Job Security.

Does Job Security Matter?

Fear Of Losing One’s Job Has Been Linked To Both Physical And Mental Health. The Stress And Anxiety Associated With Job Insecurity Can Have Detrimental Effects On You. If You Find Yourself In This Position, Do Not Ignore It.

Ask Yourself

What Does The Job Security Look Or Feel Like In My Work Environment? Try To Take A Look At The Situation And See What You Can Learn.  Is it Your Performance? Is it Bad Management?

Do Not Ignore Your Intuition, If You Have A “Gut Feeling” About Something. Chances Are You Are Probably Right About Your Feelings. Use This Evaluation For A Positive Stepping Stone To Change Your Life.

Is It Your Performance, Can It Be Improved?  Can It Be Discussed With Management And Resolved? Again.  Job Security Means Different Things To Different People,  Everyone Has A Different Lifestyle.

A Quick word of advice

If It Is Poor Management, RUN… Do It NOW!  Do Not Waste Time, It Has A Way Of Creeping Up On You. I Can Testify To This 22 Years Later. If You Are Not Happy And Nothing Is Going To Change, Make Your Move.


Start To Look For Another Job? Update Your Resume And Just Start Looking At What Else Is Out There. You Don’t Have To Make Any Commitment,s Just Look And See If There Are Other Opportunities You May Be Interested In.

When You Have Other Options, You Don’t Feel Stuck Or So Stressed, Enabling You To Work Better. You Feel Happier, And This Helps You, Mentally, Emotionally, And Physically.

I have found That Many Times A Negative Situation In Life Is Just A Push To Help Us Make A Change, Not A Bad Thing.  A Way To Rethink The Plan And Change It To A More Positive Lifestyle.


Does Your Present Job Have A Solution You Can Work On Together? Are You Going To Make These Changes, Or Are They?  If This Is Not An Option, Can You Dedicate Some Time? Right At Home On The Internet.

Investigate Your Options

Start Looking At Other Jobs, And Small Businesses Opportunities You May Find A New Interest. Are There Any Courses You Could Take? Do You Have A Passion You Always Wanted To Peruse?

NOW Take Action.

Going Over My Position And My Options, I Made A Plan And Took Action. I Choose To Get On The Internet And Learn How To Work Home Online. I Started With ebay in 2007, It Was Also The First Interest I Ever Had For A Computer.I Have Stayed Online All These Years Making Extra Money.


I Never Left My Job, I Always Considered My Online Business Extra Money Until Recently. I Am So Ready To Retire, After 22 Years, And I Am Thinking I Can Not Live On That! I Am Finally Doing The Right Thing.

Re- Educating Myself. My Only Regret Ts Not Doing It Sooner. Don’t Make My Mistake.

The Way We Do Business Is Changing Rapidly, We See So Many Stores That Have Been Around For Decades Folding. The Internet Has Changed Everything! They Just Can Not Compete With The Internet.;

There Are Also Just As Many Companies Keeping Up With The Times And Changing The Way They Do Business To Succeed In Today”s Economy. I Decided To Follow Their Example And Find Out How They Are Succeeding.

What Are These Companies Doing That Is Different?

They Are Coming On The Internet And Making Their Presence Known. They Understand There Are About 4 Billion Prospective Customers Online Every Day.

But How You May Ask?

These Big Companies Are Coming Online With A Website And They Are Using Affiliate Marketers To Bring Them The Business. Big Companies Are Offering To A Pay A Commission To Affiliates Who Bring Them Customers And Sales To Their Website.

Are You Interested In Continuing Your Education To Learn A New Trade? There Are A Lot Of Options When You Are Thinking Level Headed Instead Of Stressed. Try Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone By Changing Everything You Ever Believed About Work.

Be The Change You Want!


Start Spending Time Learning A New Trade For Yourself.  THAT Is Job Security, No One Appreciates Your Work More Than You Do. You Can Get Online Marketing Training at Wealthy Affiliate And Learn A Whole New Career Without Even Leaving Your Home.


I Am So Grateful I Never Lost Interest In Learning Affiliate Marketing. I Realize The Internet Changes Everything!  It Gives Us Freedom The Freedom To Pursue A New Career.


Most Of Us Want Freedom Over Job Security.  Deep In Our Hearts, We Know There Is More To Life Than Working Almost Every Day For Another Man’s Reward. Why Are We Fulfilling Another Man’s Dream Before Our Own?


Why Are We Letting A Job Come Before Life? Why Do We Live, To Go To Work, To Get Food, To Live, To Go To Work, To Get Food?

Some Folks In Those Insecure Jobs Are Also Just Making Ends Meet. The Thought Of Working 2 Jobs, Or Going Back To School Usually Stops Us From Taking Action.

We Still Have Freedom, We Are Free To Learn Right In Our Own Home And Build An Online Business With Wealthy Affiliates

I See The Finish Line.

When All Is Said And Done At The End Of The Day, You Are Responsible For Your Jon Freedom And Security. I Took This Freedom Seriously And Took Action On It. I Followed Those Big Companies With This Affiliate Thing And Learned How.

They Are ALL Using Affiliate Marketers!

You Can Find An Affiliate Program For Just About Anything, Try It. In Your Search Browser Put Affiliate Program, Then Your Interest. Example Affiliate Program + Cosmetics, Or Affiliate Program + Weight Loss

First, I Was Skeptical About Finding The Right Help With Affiliate Marketing. After Being Scammed Again, I Found Wealthy Affiliate. I Looked For Years And Could Never Find Help That Was Complete.

I Was Actually Looking For Information About Another Company And Found Them. I Joined The Free Program. I Started Learning And Working A Little Bit Every Day.

Doing The lessons

I Got Stuck More Than Once, But Everyone There Is So Eager To Help I Pushed Through The Lessons. You Can’t Help But Be A Success In This Pay It Forward Community. I Also Decided To Stay And Joined Their Community.

Doing The lessons And building My Website, Then Sharing And Helping Others Do The Same.

I Am Proud To Be A Part Of Wealthy Affiliates Global Community.

Thank You Wealthy Affiliate, You Make The Entire Community Feel Important And Successful With All The Help You Provide.

We All Know, That When A Person Feels Happy They Feel Loved. When A Person Feels Loved, They Feel SECURE. Now THAT Is Job Security! Being In A Community That Wants You To Succeed And They Prove It Every day With Their Action.

All The Best,


This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info


What Is A Niche Marketing?

Before We Discuss What Is A Niche Marketing We Have To Know What A Niche Is.


A Group Of Individuals (Audience) Who Have The Same Interest. It Is Usually Narrowed Down To Something Specific. Most Are Looking To Solve A Problem They Have. In Reality, Though, Any Topic With An Audience Can Be Turned Into A Niche.

A Niche Marketing

A Marketing Plan That Narrows Down One Particular Section Of A Very Big Market. Niche Marketing Targets Consumers On Specific Platforms. Groups(Niches) That Have Like Interest In The Use Of These Targeted (Keywords) Products Or Services.

Niche Marketing Is That Big Marketing Picture, Broken Down Into Many Pieces. Put In Everyday Terms. Niche Marketing Is The business Of Promoting Products Or Services To A Smaller Part Of A Big Market.

Can I Find Enough To Write About?

But Jaaxy Keyword Tool Makes This So Easy. At One Glance, I Can Find A Lot Of Important Figures I Need To Know When Decision Making. Niche Marketing Involves Keyword Searching And Research For Words To Write About That People Search For.

What Is A Niche Marketing?

It Is A”Money Word” !!!!!!! HaHaHa, Can We Start This Blog Off With Some Fun? I Am An Affiliate Marketer And Work Out Of A Niche. Sometimes I Joke With My friends And Call Keywords Relating To My Niche, My Money Words.

Niche Marketers Use “Keywords” To Promote Their Online Business. They Check By Seeing How Many Folks Are Searching The Internet For This Keyword.

These Keywords Are Used Blogging And Advertising. Many Keywords Will Be Used In This Same Niche Market. Bloggers Use Different Keywords For Every New Blog They Write.


My Favorite Money Word Tool!



The Average Number of Searches That The Keyword Receives In A Month


Potential Visits To Your Site If You Achieve First Page Ranking In The Search Engines.

Looking at these Titles, They start off the same. They both get Searches (2968), and an Audience (505). So what Is The Big difference?

We will talk more about these numbers later, and why I choose What is a Niche Market. If all this interest you, figuring out a niche for your marketing is the first step.

Find Your Niche

Identify Your interests Or Passions

You, Will, Be Writing And Promoting This Niche With Blogs, Ads, And Reviews. It Makes The Job Fun When The Topic Is Something You Are Interested In. Following Your Passion Is My Recommended Option, It Is Easier To Stay Involved.

For Some Reason, If Your Passion Is Not Profitable, You Might Want To Rethink. Pick A Niche That Has Better Chances To Make You Money, Still, Try To Find A Topic That Interest You. You Will Enjoy Research And Learning About It.

Breaking It Down

Health, This Is A Huge Industry And Falls Into Many Categories. Health Is Not A Specific Enough Target, Especially If You Are A beginner. You, Will, Be Competing With Over 400 First Pages.

You Need To Break That Down Into Smaller Categories, Like Weight Loss, Exercises, Or Healthy Living.Then Break It Down Some More. We Are Going To Use Health Gluten-Free In The Search Example.

Now We Will Do A Search For The Term Health Gluten-Free. On This Page, You Can Now See Suggested Keywords For Health Gluten-Free. To The Right On This Picture, You Can Also See That Jaaxy Offers Suggestions To Help Get You Pointed In The Right Direction.

These Are Only A Couple Of The Great Features Here At Jaaxy.

The More Specific You Are The Better. So Whatever Direction You Plan Break It Down Into The Smallest Pieces You Can. Now Check The Avg Column. You Want There To Be At Least 100 Searches, The More, The Better.

Check On Your Competition, The Lower The QSR, The Better. Now To Begin Your Niche Marketing Adventure, Using All This Keyword Information You Have Learned.

I Think You Understand What I Am Talking About. You Can Even Break These Down Into Smaller Pieces For A Specific Niche Product. Identify Problems That You Can Solve.

The Most Profitable Niches Usually Resolve Problems. See How To Break That Down? We Took The Category Health And Will Focus Our Health Niche To A Smaller Audience Interested Gluten-Free Living.

Then We Break That Down To An Even Smaller Number Who Are Looking For Recipes. This Niche Could Be All About The Health Benefits Of A Gluten-Free Diet And RECIPES Will Fit Nicely Into This Niche.

Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes Gets More Traffic, It Also Has More Competition 131 Compared To Only 20 Other Competitors For Health Benefits Gluten-Free Diet. But 131 Is Still Not A Bad Stat Number In The Affiliate Marketing Business.

There Is Enough To Write About With Recipes In The Gluten-Free Category.

Can You Still Rank For Your Keywords?

Research Your Competition. Competition Isn’t Really A Bad Thing, It Shows You That You’ve Found A Profitable Niche..


Figure Out How To Stand Out In The Crowd. Remember My Money Words I Said I Would Talk About Later?

Let Me Help You Understand The Jaxxy Keyword Tool And Why My Title Is “What Is A Niche Marketing? They Both Get The Same Amount Of Searches And traffic. Now Let’s Look At The Big Difference.


Quoted Search Results It Is Your Competition. It Is The Number Of Competitors RANKED In Google With This Keyword. Now, Do You Understand why I choose The Second Phrase? The First Phrase On The List I Am Competing With 267 Google Ranked Pages Versus Only 22 With The Second Phrase.


Search Engine Optimization A Score Ranked On Traffic & Competition. On A Scale Of 1-100, The Higher The Score The More Likely Your Chances Of Getting This Keyword First-Page Ranked. The First Phrase On The List Is A 53 In SEO Versus 91 With The Second Phrase.

What Is A Niche Marketing Would Not Have That Many Searches If Everyone Knew That? That Creates Solving That Problem We Talked About Earlier. Most Searches Are Looking To Solve Something.

“What Is A Niche Marketing”

Would Not Have That Many Searches If Everyone Knew That. That Creates Solving That Problem We Talked About Earlier. Most Searches Are looking To “Solve Something”.

Create An Offer Using Quality Keyword Research For Your Niche. It’s Easy To Outrank Your Competition When You Are Creative. Be Your Unique Self, For Your Audience, And Watch How It Grows.

Jaxxy Is A Keyword Search Tool Provided By Wealthy Affiliate,I Use It All The Time. It Is My Favorite, It Has All The Info I Need At A Glance. I’m Not Surprised. It Was Developed By Affiliate Marketers For Affiliate Marketing Use.

Profiting From Your Niche

Now We Need Our Products Or Services. More Research Because You Can Do Niche Marketing In Many Ways. I Have Even Run Across Niche Marketers Who Earn An Income Reading Books On Youtube. That Is How Flexible Niche Marketing Can Be.

Maybe You Like The Idea Of Being A Drop Shipper, I Searched The Internet For Drop Ship + Gluten-Free. I Did A Second Search Using Affiliate Programs + Gluten-Free. Look Into Some, Join Them Go Through Products And Pick Some Products To Consider For Your Niche.

In Going With Our Gluten-Free Theme, One Could Join Some Book Program And Use Cookbooks Or E books Relating To Benefits Of Gluten-Free Eating.

Or Maybe You Would Like To Try This Affiliate Business I keep Talking About And Want To Learn it.

You Should Now Have A Better Idea Of What Niche You’re Going To Promote. Have You Narrowed Your List Down To A Single Topic? You Now Have The Information You Need To Choose A Niche.

Your Next Step

Set Up Your Website For The Niche You’re Promoting. Use A Great Keyword Tool To Guide Your Traffic To The Pages In Your Site. Blogging Quality Content To Your Site Can Get A Lot Of (Free) Traffic. You Can Also Use Paid Advertising If That Is In Your Budget.

There Are Many Ways To Do Niche Marketing And Just As Many Ways To Promote Your Niche Markets To Be Profitable. Marketing Is Easy. There Are So Many Paths You Can Take It Can Seem Confusing.

I Can Not Recommend To You Enough How How Life Changing It Is To Get The Complete Online Marketing Training You Need. You Can Become A Success With Any Online Business Path You Decide To Take.

Today’s Economy

Even Family’s With 2 Incomes Sometimes Struggle Financially.


Go To Work, To Make Money, To Buy Food, To Have Energy

To Go To Work. To Buy Food, To Have Energy To…….GO TO WORK TO BUY FOOD… Parents Want To Be Home With Their Children, Earning An Income While Still Being A Parent. I Can Not Imagine Raising A Family Today.

Niche Marketing Is Flexible

Break This Vicious Cycle And Work Home Online, Or Anywhere You Have An Internet Connection. Your Work Time Will Add Up Instead Of Disappearing At The End Of The Week.

Your “JOB” Is Adding Content To Your Website. Content Grows Like Seeds In A Garden. The More Seeds/CONTENT You Plant, The More Plants You’ll Grow/AUDIENCE.

You Can Also Make Your Own Hours This Way. If You Are Forced To Work 2 Jobs, Please, Let One Be At Home For Your Future.

I Noticed At An Early Age That It Is Just Human Nature To Talk About Products Or Services We Have Used Or Are Interested In. If You Go Out To Eat And The Food Is Awesome, You Tell A Friend. If The Service Was Good Or Bad, You Tell Them.

I Searched For Over 8 Years Before I Found A Company That Lived Up To its Promises. They Really Do Help You With Affiliate Marketing. Anyone Can Do Niche Marketing With The Online Marketing Training Course, provided At Wealthy Affiliate.

The Training Provided Is Helpful To Anyone Who Is Trying To Make A Living With A Website. They Teach You How To Promote A Website To Earn n Income. You Don’t Have To Be An Affiliate Marketer Or Promote Their Program. This Program Will Help Any Online Marketer Wanting To Grow Their Niche Income.

Wealthy Affiliate Is A Leader

In The Training Industry. They Want To Prove It To You And Offer A Free Starter Program To Get You Started In The Right Direction.

Thanks Again For Your Visit, Feel Free To Leave Me A Question Or Comment. I’d Love To Hear From You.

All The Best,


This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info

How To Start A Home Business Affiliate Marketing

Starting A Home Business

One Of The Most Convenient Ways To Start A Home Business Is To Learn To Affiliate Marketing. Create An Affiliate Marketing Business At Home,  Working Online. This Is A Flexible Business, Allowing You To Work On Your Time / Place Schedule. All You Need Is An Internet Connection To Work.                                                                                                 

To Make This Happen,  Invest The Time And Effort

The First Thing To Think About Is Your Internet Activity And A Schedule.  Not Everybody Likes Being On The Internet. Some Find It Frustrating To Navigate Online. Some Folks Are Also Not Interested In Reading And Research.

Do You Have The Time?

This, In My Opinion, Is Honestly The Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself. When I first Started Learning, I Devoted My “Extra Time” To Learning. This Just Does Not Work! You Have To Commit And MAKE A Schedule.  Just Like You Would For A JobOor School. Then Be Determined To Keep On Schedule.


You, Will, Be Going To School And Working Part-Time. The First Few Months Are Going To Test You. The First Time You Get Stuck, Work Through It. The More You Stick With It The More Determined You Will Be.

Just Remember Any Time We Learn Something New It Is Scary. Remember Learning To Ride A Bike, Or Go Up Stairs? How Intimidating It Was! Then It Becomes Second Nature, And We Do These Without Thinking About It.

To Succeed At Affiliate Marketing, There Are A Lot Of Little Steps.  They Are All Important, But They Are Not Hard. If You Are Willing To Put In The Time And Effort, You Will Succeed. If You Treat This Like A Real Business, It Becomes One.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

1. What Is Involved?

Ask Yourself A Few Key Questions To Get Pointed In The Right Direction. You Need To Know What Niche To Target  BEFORE  You Build Your Site. What Am I Already Doing? What Do I Love…My Passion? Can I Turn My Passion Or Career Into A Niche?

I Can Not Express How Important It Is To Get Proper Training. You Will Need An Affiliate Network And Affiliate Products. That Was Confusing When I First Started.

Many Affiliate Networks Exist, Some Are Well-Known Companies Like Amazon, And Best Buy. You May Have Heard Of ClickBank, They Have Been Around A Long Time.  All The Big Companies These Days Use Affiliate Marketers,  DANG! Even Walmart Uses Them.                                                                                                                                                                                         


These Are The Networks(Directory),  In These Networks, You Will Find Products.  In The Process Of Building Your Home Business, You Will Use More Than One Of These Networks In Your Niche.

For Example, Let Us Say Your “Niche” Is All About Cameras. You May Want To Use The Cameras From Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon As Your Affiliate Networks.


Most Of Them Also Offer Training, But The Training Is Usually Based Around Their Company Policy And Products.

Be Organized For Efficiency

I Really Do Recommend Making A Spreadsheet To Keep All Your Affiliate Links And Passwords Together. This Will Keep Them All In One Place, And You Will Be Able To See All Of Them At The Same Time, While You Are Working. You, Will, Have A Few, Note What Kind Cf Customer Support You Get.

When I First Started Training, I Used A Spread Sheet To Monitor My Activity And Projects. Keeping Track Of My Hours Invested, I Made Sure To Invest At Least A 40 Hour Week. That’s A Work Week, In The Business World. If You Want To Start Off Part-Time, I suggest You Try For 20.

Whatever Works Best For You. Keeping You On Track And Organized Will Help You Work And Learn Faster And Easier.

2. Choose A Niche

A Niche For My Passion?

Don’t Be Scared Of The Word Niche.  A Niche Is Only A Group Of People Interested In The Same Thing. The Niche You Choose Must Have Enough Topics And Depth To Be Able To Write Content For.

Don’t Worry, Most Do.

You Are Going To Be Filling Your Blog With 50-100 Blogs, So This Is Important. Can You Talk About This Passion All Day?  Is There An Interest In Your Niche? You Have To Know A Couple Of Things:

A. Is this Niche Very Popular?

You, Will, Be Competing With Established Marketers Who Are Competitive. This Can Be Discouraging For A Beginner OR A Great Challenge For An Experienced Affiliate Marketer Who Understands The Marketing Business.

All You Need Is Great Training, And A Great Mentor(Me), Oh, And Product. You Will Reap Residual Rewards And Freedom Again.

B: Are There Affiliate Products Or Programs Available For My Niche?

I Am 99.9% Positive There Are!  Again, Remember All The Well Known Companies Who Are For Affiliate Marketers.

3. Build A Website

If, You’re New To All This, The Easiest Way To Set Up A Site Is By Using Word Press. If You Choose To Use SiteRubix, Through The Wealthy Affiliate Program, You Will Be Provided A Domain And Hosting. Then You Set Up Your Word Press Website.

I Wrote About This In My What Is Site Rubix Review, So I Won’t Repeating        Myself.                                           

4. Produce Quality Content

The Content You Create Must Be Relevant To Your Niche To Keep Your Audience Coming Back.  Write Interesting And Engaging Blogs And Product Reviews.

If You Are Building A Site That Has The Potential For Information That Will Never Age And Remain Useful For Your Audience, You Have The Opportunity To Create What Is Known As Evergreen Content.

Did You Actually Use The Product And Get Results? Then Share Your Personal Experience. Reviews Are A Great Way To Build Your credibility Online.This Can Be An Effective Way Of Selling Products To Your Audience.

 It Is Also Useful To Address Common Problems Or Questions Of Interest, To Your Target Audience. If You Have Used The Products Or Service, This Will Be Easy To Do. .

Another Way Of Producing Quality Content Is How To’s. Teach Them Something About Your Product Or Service By Showing Them How To Use What You Offer.                                                                                                                                                                          

You Can Tell Them How,  But Showing Them How Is Better.  Use Images And Screen Shots, Keep Your Audience Engaged. Then They Will Stay On Your Website, They Are Interested.



Directing People (Audience) To You Merchants Site With Affiliate Links.  Free Traffic, Paid Traffic, Organic Traffic, PPC?? There Are Many Ways To Gain An Audience. Especially These days.

There Is So Much To Be Gained By Using Social Networks Like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit. They Are Full Of Potential Followers And Consumers.

There Are So Many Ways To Get Free Traffic. Learn Them, One Way At A Time.  Then Start Applying Them.

Join One, Pinterest Or Instagram, Learn The Rules Gain The Followers, Then Repeat. These Are All Great Ways Of Becoming The Authority In Your Niche, Thus Growing Your Followers And Traffic.

Find A High Traffic Site And Write A “Guest Post” This Would Be Great. It Would Put You In Front Of Some High Traffic. It Would Be Best In A Similar Niche, And You Could Share Some Traffic From This.

Don’t Forget To Create That Email List

By Encouraging Your Audience To Sign Up For Your Updates. You Can Then Push Your Content To This Audience Via Email And Also Direct Them To Your Affiliate Offers.


Most Important,

Just Use Basic SEO Techniques.  Make Sure You Learn Effective SEO. Research Keywords You Are Writing About. Organic Traffic Is The Most Important Traffic Source For Your Growth Over Time. When Creating Content, Use Terms Relevant To Your Niche.

If You Have Money To Invest And Feel This Will Speed Your Growth, You Could Pay For Advertising. Invest In Google Adwords Or The Social Media Network, Most Of These Sites Also Have Paid Advertising.

6. Promote Products

Following All The Steps Above You Are Already Promoting Your Brand And Products.  Affiliate Marketing Takes A Little Time To Grow, Be Patient. Do Not Quit When You Are “3 Feet From Gold”.

It Is No Different From A Real Business. Most Businesses Do Not Make A Profit In Their First Year. It Will Not Take You A Year, Maybe Take You Several Months.

Just Keep In Mind, You Will Be Going To School, Then Working A Part Time Job, ALL AT ONCE!  All This By Following The Step By Step Lesson and The Applying This Lesson To Your Website.                                                                    

Do You Think You Would Like To Start A Home Business In Affiliate Marketing?

 I Highly Recommend  Joining Wealthy Affiliate, They Have A 14-Year-Old Global Community. The Community Is Active 24/7 (Global) Providing All The Help With Affiliate Marketing You Need In One Place. This Company is a leader in this industry!

Next Year You Will Feel Very Comfortable If You Keep at it. You, Will, Know How To Work At Home Online And You Should Be Seeing Some Income By Then Also. Commit For A Year, Start Learning Your Home Business Today. In A Year You Will Be Glad You Did, When You Evaluate Your Time Versus Your Income.

All The Best,


This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Please Read My Disclosure For More

What Is Site Rubix About? Website Builder Review

What Is Site Rubix About?

It’s About Building Beautiful Websites Using Powerful Technology. Then Learning How Yo Work Home Online Using The Website To Earn A Living. SiteRubix Can Take You To A New Level By Allowing You To Turn Your Passion Into A Thriving Internet Business.

Site Rubix is a Free Website Builder Powered By Wealthy Affiliate.com Which Provides You With Website Support And Help To Turn Your Site Into Something Profitable. If you Ever Tried Building A Website Elsewhere? I HAVE, You Run Into Many Problems Both Technical And Being New.

Stunning Websites

SiteRubix Is A Website Builder, That Has Taken All Technical Aspects Out Of Building A Website. Creating A Website With SiteRubix Allows You To Be Up And Running Within Minutes, It’s That Easy.

Your Site Comes Equipped With WordPress, A Free Publishing Software And Content Management System (CMS), Thousands Of Plugins And Templates Power This Simple Interface, Allowing You To Create Your Own Beautiful Fully Functioning Websites. I Call Word Press My Back Office. You Can Operate Your Site From Here Writing Content, Adding Images, And Links. Very Easy To Use.

Who Is It For?

1. Businesses

Most Businesses Use A Website Of Some Kind, It’s How We Do Business In This Generation. They Are Businesses With Other Activities Going On. They Need A Website That Is Easy To Navigate And Maintain. They Have A Business To Run, There Are Many On This List. I Like To Think Of The Internet As Our New Yellow Pages. We All Reach For The Internet When We Are Searching For Something. I See More And More Brick And Mortar Businesses With Websites Every Day.

2. Causes

There Are So Many Organizations Out There Promoting Some Kind Of Cause, Whether It Is A Cure For Sickness To Keeping The Water Clean. Then There Is Politics And Religion. With The Arrival Of The Internet, These Are Having A Global Effect.

3. Ordinary Folks.

People Who Have Interesting Hobbies They Want To Share. Some Family’s Have A Site They Share With Pictures And Celebrations Within The Family Structure.

4. People Who Want To Work Home Online.

A Lot Of Stay At Home Parents Have The Desire To Learn How To Stay Right At Home With Their Children And Earn A Living. I Think That Is How It SHOULD BE. The Retired Community Is Also Looking To Add Some Extra Income To The Budget. They Are Also Fascinated With This Computer Internet Stuff, Especially Those That Learn How To Use The Computer.

5. Affiliate Marketers

Wealthy Affiliates Gives You 50 Of These Free Websites In Your Membership Package And All The Tools Necessary To Turn Them Into A Profitable Website. Plus Unlimited Training And Support To Get Your Website Off The Ground! All The Training Is Step By Step Tutorials And Videos. You Really Can Click A Few Links And Have A Website Up And Ready In Minutes.

No Outside Cost

Everything You Will Need Is “Bundled” Into Your Membership! We Want You To Have The Tools And Training To Be A Success. It Only Makes Sense.

6. Promoting A Product Or Service

There Are Over 4 Billion People Online And Regardless Of The Topic, A Website Is A Perfect Solution For Promoting These Topics. Regardless of Whether Or Not You Are Interested In Affiliate Marketing.

The Membership At Wealthy Affiliate Provides You Will ALL The Training You Need To Make An Online Business Thrive. The Website Looks Stunning And Navigates With Ease And Efficiency.

You, Will, Have Access To:

* Training And Live Support

* A Website That Is Hosted By WordPress

* 2 Great Keyword Tools From Wealthy Affiliate And Jaaxy

* A Word Press Office(Back Office). Building A Website

Building A Website On Site Rubix Is So Easy…

I Just Built One And I Am Going To Show You How I Did. That’s How Easy It Is. I Love Gardening, It Is A Hobby.

Site Rubix Link<

Begin By Logging Into Your Wealthy Affiliate Account. Go To Your Site Rubix Link And Click it.

The Picture Below Is Where You Will End Up


We Are Going To Use Our Free Domain.You Have 2 Other Choices, Though. You Can Buy A Domain Or If You Already Own A Domain You Want To Use You Can. That Is Going To Take You To The Next Step.

  • 2:

    Choose A Domain Name For Your Website. You Can See I Put In mysecrestgarden.


Enter A Title. I Put Garden Seeds Plants With Tools And Tips


Pick A Theme, Choose Carefully Because One More Click And You Have Site! But Do Not Worry If You Are Not Happy With Your Theme. You Can Change It In Just A Click. I could have deleted this site, But for now, I won’t. I am a veteran organic gardener and Love it! I Will use it. There are 48 more websites with my membership.

Fix That Theme

Let’s Do It.

Go Back To Your WA Dashboard And Click Your Site Rubix Link. From There Login To Your New Site. To The Left Of Your Screen Under The Appearance Tab Click Themes.

It Brings You To A Theme Page With Your Theme. To The Top Left, You Will See A Tab To ADD NEW. Clicking This Will Bring To A Page Full Of Themes. I Did Not Like The Ones Presented, So I Searched Using The Term Garden. Follow Along Step By Step And Change To Your New Theme.                                                                       

Gardening Is My Loved Hobby. But Helping People Work Home Online, It’s My Passion. I Tried To Learn To Affiliate Marketing For Many Years. There Are So Many Of Us Trying To Make It On One Little Check, And It Is Not Working! People Who Want To Retire In A Couple Of Years And Not Struggle. If You Are One Of Those People This Could Be for You. But My Passion Is To Teach Affiliate Marketing To Others Who Have Been Scammed And Spammed To No Avail.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

All The Training Is Step By Step. Learning How To Make An Income From Your New Site Is Just As Easy. My Advice For Success. Follow The Training And APPLY What You Learn.


Devote The Time For The Next 90 Days, You Will Make A Lot Of Changes. Then It All Starts To Flow And Get Easier. Make it THROUGH THE CURVE Folks.

Today’s Technology

Some Of You May Already Have A Website. They Have All Come So Far In Website Building You Can Make One Anywhere That Quick. I Made One On Wix A While Back It Is Just As Easy As This One.

There Was One Difference,

I Never Clicked That Purchase Button. WHY? I Looked At The Prices And Decided Not To, It Was Going To Cost Me 20 – 30 $$ A Month. That is Not A Bad Price, I Was Not Sure How To “Work” A Website To Make It Worth The Purchase

If You Are Going To “Pay For A Site” Why Not Instead Pay For A Membership? Especially One That Has All The Benefits Of Being A Member.Other Than The Necessary Tools.

But MOST Important Comes With The Instruction Manual To “Show You How To Run Your Back Office, SEO ,And Plugins


Wealthy Affiliate Community

We Want You To Build Your Website Into Something Incredible, Something Beautiful. To Do This, You Need To Have Instant Support, Coaching, And Help When YOU Need It!

Get feedback on your website from experienced Internet entrepreneurs and build something that is an extension of your imagination. There is nothing better than having friendly people available to help you at each step of the way. You are not alone with Site Rubix and the Wealthy Affiliate community in your corner!

Then I Found The Best Training And Site Rubix And Forgot About it Until I Started Writing This Review. But, u The Money” When A Person Invest In A Product It Most Often Comes With An Instruction Manual. Why Should Your Website Be Any Different?

Site Rubix Overview

Owners: Wealthy Affiliate<
Website: SiteRubix.com<
Training: 10 out of 10.0
Support: 10 out of 10
Website Builder: 9 out of 10.0
WordPress Hosting: 10 out of 10.0
Success Stories: 10 out of 10.0
Price: 10 out of 10.0
Starter Membership (free) Requires a Wealthy Affiliate Account: Free, Premium ($49 month or $359 year)
My Overall Rating is a 9.9 out of 10.0                                                                      I looked For So Long For Help With Affiliate Marketing, I Was Ready To Give Up!

If You Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free to Comment And I Will Answer The Best I can.

Thanks Again For Visiting Do Affiliate Marketing.

All The Best


This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info Please Read My Disclosure For More Info

Ways To Make Money At Home – Work Home Online

There Are So Many Ways To Make Money At Home.


You Just Have To Be Creative. You Can Make A Little Bit Of Extra Money, Or You Can Turn It Into A Full-Time Income. Yes, Work Home Online Using What You Already Are Doing, Or What You Love For Extra Income.

Come On, let’s Think of A Few.

Build A Website          

It Really Is Easier Than You Think. Most Website’s These Days Are Fully Automated, So Even A Beginner Can Use Them. There Are Affiliate Marketing Programs For Almost Any Niche You Can Think Of.

Pick A Niche.

Don’t Be Intimated By A Niche. A Niche Is Nothing More Than A Group Of Like-Minded People Interested In The Same Thing. Nature, Pets, Self-Help. Child Care, And Products For Kids, Pet Care, And Pet Products, I Think You Get What I Am Saying.

Things You May Already Be Doing

    • Babysitting

      Many Parents Are Looking For Lower Cost And A More Home Like Environment For Their Children Instead Of Daycare. If You Have Your Own Children At Home, This Is The Perfect Alternative To Putting Your Own Children In Daycare To Go Yo Work.

      Check Your Schedule

      Before You Even Consider Babysitting, Look At Your Schedule. Is Babysitting Realistic? Or Are You Up To Your Neck In Activities With Your Own Children?

      You Don’t Need Any Special Training, Most Anyone Can Babysit. But, You Should Learn CPR Training. It Makes You More Attractive To Your Prospective Clients.

      what’s Involved In babysitting?

      Make Sure, You Have Contact Numbers For The Parents Or Guardians. Know Where The First Aid Kit Is, You Never Know When You’ll Need It. Think About How You’ll Keep Them Entertained, Find Out What Kinds Of Activities Their Child Likes And Plan Activities.

      Decide What To Charge?

      The Price Can Depend Upon A Few Things, Like How Many Children You’re Looking After, The Child’s Age. What Time Of Day Or Week? Will You Be Doing Activities With Them, Or Are They Sleeping? Use Your Judgment, But It Helps To Have A Starting Figure In Mind.

      Affiliate Idea:

      You can gain a lot of knowledge from your clients. Build your Site, You Can Have A Message Area With A Calendar For Your Local Clients To Schedule Important Dates To Remember Or Vacations They May Be Taking.

      Then You Could Have A Blogging Area On Your Site That You Could Blog On And Promote Affiliate Links. It Can Be Anything You Enjoy, Educational Toys, Or Books, Children’s Health Or Crafts, Anything.

      Read Children’s Books

      You Can Read Children’s Books, Write A Review About Them And If They Sell You Would Be Paid. It Doesn’t Get Easier Than That. You Can Affiliate Out Of Alibris Books, Walmart, Any Program You Can Interface With Your Affiliate Niche.

    • Pet Sitting/Dog Walking/Grooming

      Dog And Pet Owners Are Always In Need Of Someone To Walk Their Dog, Or Pets sit Overnight When They Have To Be Away From Their Pets. Some People Have Cats Or Horses That Need To Be Fed And Checked On. Or If You Have The Skills Washing, Grooming And Even Training Animals Is Another Opportunity.

      Affiliate Plans:

      Build Your Website, Narrowing Down Your Focus, Pets Is A Huge Niche. Maybe Just Dog Clothing And Toys. Yes, Pet Clothing Is A BIG Industry. I Once Had Hens, And My Friend Would Send Me Pictures Of Chickens In Clothing. LOL

    • Tutoring

    There Is Always A Need For Tutors, Do You Have Some Skills In Curriculum Courses? There Are Many Kinds Of Tutoring, For All Ages From Elementary To College Students, Even Helping Foreign People Learn Correct English.

    All From The Comfort Of Your Home, Or Find One Of The Many Opportunities To Tutor Online. Technology Now Allows Tutoring To Be Done Online Through Video Conferencing Over The Internet.

    This Also Opens Up The Global Community Because You Can Work With People Across Time Zones.

    Affiliate Way:

    If You Have Already Taken Your Business Online For Global Purposes. You Can Join Some Affiliate Programs With Digital Software. You Can Review And Write About What Is Working And Review Some Of These Products.

  • Crafting/Sewing

Consider This, You Can Make Handcrafted Items And Sell Them In Local Resale Shops Or Sell Your Handmade Products On Etsy.

You Could Sew From Your Home If You Are A Good Seamstress Doing Alterations For Clients. My Sister Built A Nice Income From Home Doing This All Her Life. She Actually Has A Shop On Her Property. Shop Owners Like Her Will Also Pay You To Sew For Them, From Your Home.

Build Up A Trust With Some Local Tailors. They Need To Know You Are Going To Alter The Clothing Properly. If you have a Sewing Machine, Make A Portfolio Of Your Work To Show Them.

  • Gardening

Another Great Way To Make Some Money At Home. If you grow Flowers, Herbs or Vegetables, You Can Sell The Extra. I Have Sold All My Flower Bulbs, And Extra Vegetables This Way Many Times.

I Have Sold Bulbs And Seeds Like This, Online. Using ebay And My Local Yard Sale Sites. While I Am Thinning And Cleaning Flower Beds, I Decide What I Am Going To Sell.

If You’re Already Starting Your Own Plants From Seed, Grow A Few Extra. If You’re Already Saving Your Own Seeds, Package Up Some Of Your Seeds. Sell Bulbs And Tubers If You’re Growing Plants Like Lilies Or Hostas.

  • Direct Sales

    Host Parties At Your Home To Get Discounts And A Little Cash, Or Become An Independent Sales Rep Yourself To Make Even More Money. Many Of Them Offer Online Shops That You Can Set Up Under Your Profile Name.

Some Of The Most Popular Companies Are Tupperware, Avon, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, or Thirty-One Gifts. There Are So Many Companies Selling Books, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Clothing(Leggings) …. Candles. This Is An Endless List!

  • Surveys

There Are Tons Of Sites Online That Pay You To Fill Out Surveys. I Can’t Tell You Much About This, Even Though I Tried Them A Couple Of Times. It Felt Like A Vicious Circle, All Of A Sudden, I Have Email Coming From All Kinds Of Survey Companies, And It Seemed Like So Much Information For Some Points, And A Lot Of Points Are Needed To Turn Into Cash. Just My Opinion.

  • Writing

If Your Good At Writing, There Many Writing Opportunities Out There On And Off-Line. You Can Get Paid To Write Blogs And Articles, For Magazines, Newspapers, New Letters for Large Companies, Or Even Other Bloggers.

Become An Affiliate, Bloggers Do Well In This Arena Because Writing Just Comes Naturally To Them.

    • Have an eBay “Garage Sale”

Open Up A Shop On ebay, It’s Free To Join, Take A Few Pictures Of Your Items And Let The Garage Sale Begin. Start By Gathering All The Things You No Longer Want From Your Home.

Everything- Indoor And Outdoor Furniture, Electronics, Housewares, Tools, Clothing, Toys Just About Anything You No Longer Use. Including Broken Items, People Often Buy These For Parts.


I Can’t Tell You How Many Times I Have Found Money In The Pockets Of Things In My Resell Pile. Put Some Effort Into It If You Really Want To Sell Your Things. Clean It And Check It. It’s The First Thing That People Are Going To Notice.

Buying Stuff From Thrift Shop’s And Reselling May Pay Some Bills, But It’s Also A Lot Of Work. Finding The Products Is Just The Beginning, They Must Be Cleaned And Checked And Ready For Sale.

Instead, You Could Use The Profit To Invest In Inventory. You Can Find A Reputable Wholesaler Or Drop Shipper To Invest In Some Products With. Don’t Feel Limited To ebay, There Are Many Places To List From These Days. One Of My Favorites Is Bonanza.

It Is Nice Though To Be Able To Set Your Own Hours And Come And Go On Your Income Goals Has You Please. No Matter What Platform You decide To Try Online.

  • Affiliate Marketing

You Make Money Online By Promoting Other Businesses’ Products And Services, And They Pay You A Commission. We All Know This, The Internet Is Here To Stay! All The Big Franchise Companies Want A Piece Of The Pie.

What Are They Doing?

How Are They Doing This?

They Are Growing Their Online Business Presence And Sales Using Affiliates. Go Online And Look. Walmart, Kay Jewelry, Amazon, Best Buy, Now Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page And Look Through The Info.

You, Will, Find A Link That Says Affiliates, Or Affiliate Program. This Is Where You Go To Get Your Affiliate Code And Find Out Their Policy And Payouts. Would It Not Be A Better Idea To Learn How To Start Something Now That Will Pay You Well Into The Future?

Affiliate Marketing Is My Favorite Way To Make Money At Home. You Make Your Own Time. I Would Say It Is Flexible Enough To Do Part-Time Around Another Job Until It Gets Going.

Most Successful Marketers Use Website And Write Blogs, Some Have A Single Squeeze Page And Build Emails List From It. There Are Different Ways You Can Promote Your Products.

When You First Get Started, It Is A Little Confusing. Not Hard, Just A Lot Of Little Steps. The Good News Is That When You Are Finished, A Lot Of Your Duties Will Be Automated.

It’s One Of Those Businesses That Grows With Time. That Means The More Consistent You Are, The More Your Followers Will Grow And Convert Into Sales Or Commissions.

When You Create A Website With Pages Full Of Content, They Travel The Internet Endlessly. It Also Means You Can Work Anywhere You Have An Internet Connection.


It Also Means Your Work Does Not Disappear After You Stop. After Your Business Is Established, It Can Operate On Auto-Pilot. This Is A Business That Works For You 24/7 So You Don’t Have too. You Will Be Able To go on vacation And Still Earn Income.


This Is What Is Needed To Be Able To Start Something That You Can Retire With, Having Residual Income Flowing In. All Those Commissions, No Matter How Small Add Up To Profit.

Wealthy Affiliates

Is The Best Training Platform I Have Ever Encountered. It Is A Global Community With Over 900.000 Active Members. The Site Is Live And Interactive At All Times, So Help Is Always Available. There Are Live Chats, Live Videos, Several Classrooms, Plus All The Tools You Need To Get Started!

You Will Not Have To Pay For Other Services. You, Will, Have Access To Websites, Domains, Keywords Tools, Everything You Need To Work Home Online Will Be Provided. While You Are Learning, You Are At The Same Time Building Your Niche Website And Learning How To Promote It To Make A Full-Time Income.

All The Best,


This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info.

MY Awol Academy Review

Welcome To My AWOL Academy Review

You, Will, Learn What I Know About AWOL Academy From My experience With Them, The Products They Offer, And About My Experience With Them.

Let’s Get Started!  The Products That AWOL Provides Are Training, Mentoring, And Their Affiliate Program.

Proceed With Caution

The Products Offered Here Come With A High Price Tag And Numerous Up-Sells! I Came Across AWOL In A Youtube Commercial. He Was Slamming Other Financial Guru For Flashing Their Shiny Cars And Selling Us A Pipe Dream!

AWOL Academy At A Glance…

  • Owners: Kameron George & Keala Kanae
  • Website: http://www.awolacademy.com/
  • Training: 3 out of 10.0
  • Support: 1 out of 10
  • Website Builder: NA out of 10.0
  • WordPress Hosting: NA out of 10.0
  • Research Tools: NA out of 10.0
  • Success Stories: 3 out of 10.0
  • Price: 0 out of 10.0
  • Starter Membership Price:  $39.95 Per Month
  • Up-Sells:
  • $99;  $297;   $997;   $997;   $3497;   $9997 One-Time
  • My Overall Rating is a Rating 3 out of 10.0

Who Is AWOL Academy For?

Someone Who Has A Lot Of Money To Invest. They Should Also Be Familiar With MLM. The Program Is Designed To Sell AWOL Academy’s Affiliate Program. Recruiting For Their Program, It Looks Like Multi-Level Marketing.

I Can Assure You It Is Also Not Easy To Sell The Average Person This Program.  The Average Person Just Can Not Afford To Invest Over 15 Thousand Dollars.

AWOL Academy Prices & Training

1. Pro Academy

  • $99
  • Beginner
  • It’s A Step-By-Step Program That Teaches You How To Create Sales Funnels. This Is The First Product Offered, The One I Purchased

2. Inbox Academy

  • $297
  • Beginners / Intermediate
  • The Basics Of Email,

3. Conversion Academy

  • $997
  • Intermediate / Advanced
  • Conversion

4. Traffic Academy

  • $997
  • Intermediate / Advanced
  • All About Traffic And Social Media It Doesn’t Have Training On How To Rank For Google Search

5. Masters Academy

  • $3497
  • Advanced
  • Online Marketing In The long Term And The Creation Of Wealth
  • Mindset Training And Wealth Strategies, Taxes Investments
  • Exclusive Techniques From The “Masters”
  • Access To Top-Notch Information From Top-Level Internet Marketers

6. AWOL Elite

  • $9997
  • Advanced
  • The Highest Level At AWOL Academy
  • Access To All The Training Plus, A 2-Hour Weekly Webinar
  • Mentoring From The Mastermind Group

    How I Got Involved With AWOL

    I Found AWOL On Youtube One Evening While Listening To An Audio-book. Youtube Works Hard To Deliver Ads Based On What You Watch So I See A Lot Of Affiliate Ads. He Is A Great Salesman And Caught My Attention.

I Clicked The Link You Know The One. Where They Get Your Email Address In Exchange For An Ebook. The Ebook Was Informative, Giving Me Just Enough Information To Attend The Live Webinar.

“The Live Webinar”

Here’s Your Clue I Wrote This Experience In My About Me Page, So I Won’t Bore You Repeating Myself. To Make A Long Story Short I Purchased The $99 Program They Offered Called Pro Academy.

I Started Doing The Training And Immediately Felt Disappointed. The Training Is Usually A Video They Have You Watch, Then They Ask You 1 Question You’re Supposed To Answer Before You Go Forward.

By The 3rd Video, I Was Becoming Insulted. I Have Been In Sales All My Life And I Can Tell When An Up-Sell Is Being Played Out.                                               

I’m Not  Stupid

How Many Times Are You Going To Teach Me The Same Thing? I Noticed All The Lessons I Had Gone Through So Far Where The SOS.

How Many Times Are You Going To Show Me The Same Old Stuff And Then Try To Up-Sell Me? How About Showing Me How To Make The Web Pages You Want Me To Analyze And Scale.

How Much Money You Got?

EVERY QUESTION They Had Asked Me So far Was All About My Money? I Started In The Fourth Lesson And Then Stopped To Re-Evaluate This Program. After This Video, They Want Me To Schedule A Call From A Coach.

No Thank You

All You Have Done So Far Is Ask About My Money. They Have Very Aggressive Sales Tactics And Will Burn Up Your Email, More Than 3 Some Days. They Have Recently Started Sending Me Text Messages, About Once A Week.

AWOL Academy Support

The Support I Was Offered With The Product Was Not Good. I Can Not Access The Product I Paid $99 For. I Have Sent 2 Emails Already, Asking For Help. They Told Me They Fixed The Problem. I Still Can Not Access The Product.

When I Tried To Get To My Product It Locked Me Out Telling Me I Have To Finish The Lesson. You know, The One They Want To Call Me And Coach Me. Coach Me Out Of My Money. This High Priced Product, You Will Never Sell Me.

AWOL Academy Affiliate Price

Here Is Your Sign!

The Commission Structure: You Sign Up For The Affiliate Program, Which Costs $39.95 Per Month. The Training They Provide Is All For Promoting AWOL Academy;

When You Get A Referral, You Earn 30%,.When The Person Below You Gets A referral, You Earn 3% Of This Purchase. This Is Multi-Level Marketing(MLM).

Call It What It Is …

MLM And Affiliate Marketing Kind Of Rolled Up In One. You Should Think Twice Before Joining AWOL. I Lost Quite A Bit Of Money With A Company Trying To Do A Similar Program. They Were Trying To Combine Drop Shipping And Affiliate Marketing Together.

Some Marketing Programs Are Just Not Meant To Work Together.

Benefits:?  The Only Way This Program Was A Benefit Is If You Are Trying To Help Others Avoid Wasting Their Money With Constant Promises Of Success. AWOL Wants To Upsell Their Next Package. So I Wrote This Review
To Warn Others Who Are Interested In AWOL Academy.

They Charge You 39.99 A Month For Their Affiliate Program! That sends up ALL my Scam flags. I Have Noticed The Training Based All On PAID Advertising. I’d Rather Be Taught How To Get Organic(Free) Traffic With Proper SEO Techniques And Creating Quality Content.

All In All, From Start To Finish The Training Program Costs You Over $15,000. You Can Tell By Now That I Don’t Recommend This Program Unless Money Is Not A Problem For You.


The Up-Sell Is Extremely High $$$. The Payout Structure Resembles MLM.  After I Joined, I  Did Some Research And Found Out The Course Was Originally Called Project A W O L. They Got Into A Legal Dispute With Another Company And Changed The Name To AWOL Academy.

My Final Opinion of AWOL Academy

I Do Not Think AWOL Academy Is A Scam. I Do Believe They Have An Extremely High Up-Sell!  High Enough To Offer You Financing With A Very Aggressive Sales Team.  Then They Want To Charge You For Their Affiliate Program.

The Best Affiliate Training Programs I Have Found Have Offer You A Free Trial To Join. Most Of Them Also Have A Basic Training Platform, Some Of Their Training Is Hard To Follow, Especially If You Are New To Affiliate Marketing.

Many Have Great Affiliate Products You Can Use In Your Business AFTER you Learn The Business.  How Can You Build A Profitable Business If You Don’t Know How?  It Leaves You Discouraged, And You Quit.

Following The Courses, At The Best Affiliate Program, I Have Ever Found, I Finally Understand ClickBank. Now I Know What To Do With All Those Offers.

14 Years of Success

While I Was Debating If AWOL Was Worth Any More Investing, I Ran Across An Older Company.  I Have Learned So Much There I Never Left, And Forgot All About  AWOL Academy Until I Had To Write A Review In Training.

I Believe You Should Try My #1 Recommended Program For Affiliate Marketing Beginners.  They Have Taught The Necessary Steps Involved To Be A Success!

That’s My Experience With AWOL Academy. They Have Extremely High Up-sells. In Order To Succeed, You Have To Buy Into These High Up-Sells And It Is Going To Be Very Hard To Promote If You Are Not An Experienced Marketer.

Have You Made Money From This Affiliate Program? I’d Love To Hear From You. Whether Did The AWOL Training System Work For You Or Not. Feel Free To Leave Your Thoughts In The Comments Below.

All The Best,


This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info

Getting Started Affiliate Marketing

Do Affiliate Marketing

Are You Just Getting Started Affiliate Marketing and Having Trouble Finding Real Internet Affiliate Marketing Help? Someone to Answer Your Questions in Real Time? Not Having To Wait For Some email, sometimes longer than a Day. We Tend to lose Interest By Then.Just-Don't-Get-It

Don’t Feel Bad, You Are Not Alone. Like Most, Who Have Tried To Work Home Online You have only had Random Success. You Need To Be Making a Consistent Income To Be Able To Leave Your Job.

Have You Hit A Brick Wall?

You Just Don’t Get It! You Have Gone Over it Again and Again To No Avail. That Happens to Most Us When We’re Getting Started Affiliate Marketing..

There Are a Lot of Little Easy Steps to Perform, All of them can be a little Confusing to a Beginner. Once You Learn Them, Step By Step, They Are So Easy.

SO, If You Answered YES, I Will Show You How To Get Started.

Marketing MindsetStep-by-Step

The VERY FIRST Place to Get Started is Your Mindset. When You Are First Getting Started Affiliate Marketing It Is SO Confusing. You Have to Be Determined You are Going to get through Tough Spots.

Thoughts + Feelings = Things(Wallace Wattles)

Every Day I Get Up, and I Tell Myself Great Things! The Mind Believes What We Tell It enough, So No One Can Do This For You. I Used To Tell Myself During The Hard Day and Still Do, I AM AN AFFILIATE MARKETER. It Sure Can Change Your Mindset.Getting-Started-Affiliate-Marketing

Once You Get Accustomed To Your Business Task And Keep An Active Agenda You Will Be Fine. Make A Schedule!

That Is What Business People Do. Then You Know What You Have To Do And When It Has To Be Done. Be Organized.

Know Thyself To Be Thyself

Now That We Have Adjusted Your Mind, You Should Grab A Piece Of Paper And Go Find A Pleasant Place For Positive Thinking. Getting To Know Thyself. No One Knows You Better.

This Is YOUR Defense.

I Know Myself, I Exercise Every Day. I Also KNOW That If I Do Not Do Early In Day, I Won’t Do It. Know Thyself. Know WHEN You Would Like To Be Working And When You Work Best, So You Can Use This For Tour Benefit.

Right Now

Take -he-Stairs

Write Short Term Goals, Things You Can Achieve Easily, It’s Not All About The Money Right Now. You Are Going To Be Doing Some Massive Business Building And Training All At Once. When You Are Goal Setting Please Keep This In Mind.

I Will Tell You Right Now, You Are Not Going To Make 1000 Bucks A Month. Probably Not For 6 Months. It Could Longer Or Less Time. The More You Sow The More You Grow. In The Beginning, You Are Spreading The Word, You Could Say, Using Keyword Rich Content And Affiliate Links.

It Takes Time For The Journey To Happen.

I Would Love To Share This Blog With You. It Was Written By Kyle, One Of Our Founders And The MAN Who Does 90% Of Our Training.
He Is An Active Founder Kyle, And His Energy Is Spent Keeping Us Scam And Spam Free. And Then He Handles All Our Little Conflicts.                                                                                                                                                                                              For The Most Part, There Are Not too Many Of Them. For The Most Part. Just Click The Link, If You Would Like To Read What This Affiliate Journey Normally Looks Like.                                                                              Journey-Ahead

You Should Have On Your List Of Goals


You Have 2 Things You Need To Think About And invest In Every day.

1 Training Learn The Steps You Need To Take In The Right Order.

2 Building(Applying). Now You Have To Take What You Learned And Start Using It RIGHT AWAY!

Look At Your Goals.

If Your Goals Say You Want To Earn, Even 500 A Week The Goal Of Your Time To Invest Better Match! Nothing Is Free, You Have To Do The Work.

A Successful Business Online Requires A Few Things…


This Really Is The First Step Getting Started. This Is A Real Business, And It Takes Time And Commitment Learning It Successfully. If You Treat This Like A Real Business It Will Become One.

How Much Time Can You Commit?

If Your Answer To This Question Is As much as I can. You Are Already Setting Yourself Up For Disaster.

Don’t Be Offended. It Happened To Me

I Started Off With Unclear Goals. It Just Does Not Work! You, Will, Have Days When You Are Tired, Or You Get Stuck On A Step, And It Won’t Get Done.

Once You Start That Habit, You Are In Trouble. You, Will, Find A Reason Every Day, For Things That You Have To Do. So, If You Give Your Schedule, And Goals Some Thought You Will Already Know.
How Much Time You Have Allotted For This Program.

Now If You Have Decided You Can Commit To Learning. Let’s Go Forward.

Being Flexible

Being Flexible Is The Greatest Part About Working At Home Online. You Can Make The Schedule For Working And Training Work With YOUR Lifestyle. The Internet Doesn’t Have A Bed Time, It is Global. This Is So Flexible I Actually Put It Down For Months. I Paid MY Annual Membership Knowing I Would Be Back Soon.

Knowing Your Habits, And Setting Your Goals Will Help You Find A Flexible Schedule To Fit This In. With A Little Time Management To Keep Your New Schedule, You Will Progress.

While You Are Learning You May Try More Than One Method With Your Marketing Strategies. Be Flexible, Take Action When Something Is Not Working. There Is More Than One Way Most Times.

Training And Help

I Love Having Live Help When I Get Stuck, Don’t You? It Saves So Much Time And Frustration. Show Me How Don’t Tell Me How.

Training with the Videos you are able to go back and forth, applying your new knowledge. Videos and live chat Works so Well When You Get Started Affiliate Marketing You Will Find These Useful To Have.

Nothing Frustrates Me More Than…Not Having Anyone To Get Help From When You Are Stuck.Ever-Feel-Stuck?

Please, Before You Commit To Any Training Find Out What Kind Of Support Is Available To You. What Are They Going To Charge You For This Training?

BE Full Of Questions, I know I Was. Make A List When You Think Of Them So You Can Research Them Later. You Will Also Need A Few Tools To Operate Your New Business. Find Out If They Are Going To Provide Any Of These Business Products.

What Do I Do Now?

WHICH WAY DO I GO?Which-Way-Do I-Go?

Finding A Niche.

There Is So Much Flexibility Here, You Can Actually Earn An Income Writing About Things You LOVE! It Is Also What I Would Recommend. Pets, Kids Toys, Makeup, Books. You Are Going To Have To Be Writing About This Niche And Researching It Constantly. In Other Words, It Is Going To Be In Your Face Every day. Something You Like Or Are Interested In Is Helpful, IT Also Makes Writing Fun!

Is It A Scam?

I Could Write an Endless List, it Grows every day Of The Companies Jumping Online and Looking For Affiliate Marketers.We All Know The Internet is Here To Stay and Growing. There are Close to 4 Billion People Online Everyday.

This Is A Screenshot I Took Of How Easy It Is To Find Well Known Companies To Affiliate With. Some Popular Companies, Not Scams. Look At them Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Best Buy, Weight Watchers, Cosmetics, Even Walmart.

I  Belong To A Directory Called Rakuten. They Help Me Partner With Almost 2000 Well Known Companies, Walmart Being One Of Them.

 A Scam? A Website?

NO! It Is A Fully Functional WordPress Website With All the Right Tools (Back Office) To Operate With Ease…This Really Is The Best Way To Grow A Following Of Clients.SiteRubix-Website Builder

If You Want To Make A Successful Online Business, You Need A Website. You’re Going To Miss Out On A Lot Of Potential Income Without One.

The Fees To Sell On Other Online Sites(ebay) Are High, And There Is So Much Competition All In The Same Place. Sometimes You Had To Sell High Dollar Products And Make $2 Profit. Really?

You Follow Me?

The Good News Is,

Building Your Very Own Website Is Easy. In A Few Clicks, You Can Have Your Own Website Up And Running. It Really Is Fun, Making It Your Own, You Can Do So Much! There Are Thousands Of Styles For Websites, Depending On Your Interest.

Yes, In A Couple of Minutes Without Spending a Single Cent.

So Where Did I Get Help And A Website?

Help Me Out 24/7/365Wealthy-Affiliate -ABout-Us

Help. After 8 Years Searching , I Had No More Trust Left. What I Did Have Was A Lot Of Knowledge Of What Had to Be Taught.

Now, If I Could Just Find A Company With A Free Trial I Could Look Through It Before I Invested. I Would Know If They Had What Was Needed To Do Affiliate Marketing.

Then One Day I Ran Across Such A Company, Wealthy Affiliates. I Have Been There Ever Since. A Global Community, And One That Never Sleeps.

Whether You Are Located In North/South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Or Australia, You Are Going To Be Able To Connect And Communicate With Fellow Entrepreneurs 24 Hours A Day.

The Best


They Offer A Free 7-Day Starter Program Membership With 2 Free Websites. Free Training To Set Them Up Is Included, Something Competitors Don’t Offer.

Free Premium Members Are Allowed 50 Websites. You Can Create Websites Just BY Following Along With The Training And Can Have Several Different Niche Markets.

The Entire Site Is Dedicated To Helping You Learn, Filled With Thousands of Helpful Articles, Videos, And Information. Full Classrooms Who Are Using Live Chat And Live Video For Training. This Company Has ALL The Training Tools Available To Help You Achieve Financial Success!

Be The Change You Want!

Fake it Till You Make It

What is Stopping You?

There Has To Be Some Reason Why? I Would Love To Hear What Is Stopping You (leave a comment below).

Maybe I Can Help You. Perhaps, You To Have Been Exposed To Many Making Money Online Scams. I Can Change That Today And Get You Pointed In The Right Direction. With Training And Help You Will Be Well On Your Way To Financial Success.

Think Of It This Way.

You Are Going To Learn A Lot Here, Sometimes Your Head Will be Full of Questions. Through The Training, Self Motivation And A Huge Global Community Just Waiting To Help You. You Can’t Help But Succeed.



AND ME! Yes, I Come Attached To Your Membership, I Will Be Your Mentor. We Are A Pay It Forward Community, And We Really Do Help YOU! As Soon As You Join, I Will Be There To Greet You.                                                                                                              I Will Send You A Message From Wealthy Affiliates To Let You Know. Then I Will Follow You In Case You Need My Help.

Set Up That Profile

It Helps You, And It Helps Everyone Trying To Help You. You Understand How Hard It Is To Relate To Those Dummy Profile Head Figures. We Don’t Take You, Serious, If You Do Not Set Up A Profile.

The Truth Is?

You’ll Never Know How Much Of A Success You Can Be If You Don’t Try. With The Free 7-Day Trial, You Have NOTHING TO LOSE!

Membership Price:Join-Us

Price: Starter Membership, $0 (Join Here)

Program Premium Membership, $49/Month or $359/Year


After You Set Up Your Account I Will Automatically Give You 59% Off Your First Month. Then I Will Prove To You How Easy This Really Is.

Then What?

Personal Help From Me 🙂 And The Global Community Over a Million Users Strong. Live Chat Supports, Ongoing Topical Discussions, Training Everywhere! Video Tutorials, Certification Courses, And Live Training EVERY Friday.Global-Community

PLUS Your 2 Free Websites

A Fully Functional WordPress Sites Ready to Make Money Online. All This Free To Get You Started..

No Credit Card Required

You, Will, Not Find Training And Support Like This Anywhere! There Is A Premium Membership You Should Consider After You Feel Your Way Around And Are Ready To Commit.

Got Internet?special-offer

What is going to happen to you when you get Help and Apply The Knowledge? You’re Going to Have a Profitable Business That Can Be Run From Anywhere You Have Internet.

All The Best,



This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read My Disclosure For More Info

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